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  1. I've been talking to the seller just to see what he will admit to.
  2. looks pretty legit to me. I was starting to think that maybe mine was fake. ;-)
  3. If you bid at or over the reserve, ebay will automatically raise the bid to the reserve price and the reserve is met .
  4. This is horrible. I have noticed a trend on CAF of being contacted to sell and the buyer doesn't have 1 piece in their own CAF gallery.
  5. I think pulling Bruce Wang is a mistake. It's too late too hide it now.
  6. started getting commissions in the early 90s but didn't really start collecting until 2005.
  7. Being able to turn off the sold items would be great. Right now everything on the home page of your site is sold. It definitely shows that things are selling. Looking forward to making my first purchase from you very soon, Felix. I just hope I'm fast enough when the art I'm interested in drops.
  8. Yeah I hate having to look through sold art to see what is actually available for sale. Either remove the sold art or have a separate section on the site for sold art.