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  1. Thank you. I will do my best to get them out but if I cannot then I will refund money. I sold a bunch of big books yesterday and got them all out except one where I encountered difficulties shipping to the UK.
  2. Hi and thanks for looking. I had a big sales thread yesterday and will add a few books today. As an aside, if you have an interest I wrote a thread about COVID-19 here. The most important points of the thread are recommendations to wash your hands often and observe social distancing, which I described in the post. First in the thread or via PM gets the book. These prices I believe are significantly below current market values, as was the case in my thread yesterday, especially for the raw books. Use standard PayPal for payment. A couple of issues with this thread. There is a chance I will not be able to get it to UPS in which case I will refund your money. Reasons I would not be able to ship the books are mostly if UPS closes because of COVID-19. I should be able to drop them off tomorrow. I will pay for and insure the shipping (overnight.) And no refunds on slabbed books. The raw books buyer can return it if there is obviously something wrong with the book that was not advertised (i.e. if I misrepresented the book.) But you must let me know the day you receive it, when you first inspect it. Also, I found out that PayPal doesn't like it when you pay more than $5000 in a single transaction, so for large sums please split the total so each transfer is < $5000. That being said, lets get this started! Captain America Comics #1, slabbed CGC 6.5 Signature Series Restored MP, signed by Joe Simon. This copy was hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC during an exhibit on how superheroes influenced fashion. Certificate of authenticity signed by Metropolis Collectibles accompanies the book. Asking $28,500. All Star Comics 8. REMOVED FROM SLAB. Formerly CGC 4.0 Label will accompany the book. Asking $28,500. Police Comics 1. REMOVED FROM SLAB. Formerly CGC 5.0. Label will accompany the book. This copy was used as the model grading example for 5.0 in the Overstreet Guide for Grading Comics. Asking $7950. Payment via PayPal. Feel free to make offers! Thank you for looking!
  3. Wonder Woman 1 CGC Qualified 4.0. 8th wrap married. Asking $5995. This is cracked from the slab. Label included.
  4. Marvel Comics #1 out of slab. CGC Universal 0.5. Missing back cover, last few pages missing a piece, affects story. This is cracked out of the slab. Asking $9995. Label is with the book.
  5. Fantastic Four 1 raw good. Signed on 1st page by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby $4595
  6. Hi and thanks for looking. Although I have not been active lately on the boards, I have bought and sold books throughout the years with no issues. Feel free to contact me via PM if you have any concerns. Usual rules apply. No HOS. First in the thread or via PM gets the book. These are slabbed so no returns. Journey Into Mystery #83 CGC 4.0 OW/W. Asking $5500 SOLD Mister Mystery # 12 CGC 4.0 OW/W. Classic injury to eye cover! Asking $4200. SOLD Payment via PayPal. Feel free to make offers! Thank you for looking!