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  1. I can’t find this book on the ComicLink site. Can someone post a link to it?
  2. #7 was my first and only one for many years. For the reason you mentioned- I could spend that money on comics instead! I can’t imagine how many times I read that. I no longer have my copy. I don’t know why I would have thrown it out. Probably in my later teen age years when I stopped collecting.
  3. Believe me- in 2019 there is nothing in any of the first year issues of Playboy that a teenage boy would even look twice at compared to what they see every day on television, magazines, and the internet. And there are no fold outs! The "centerfold" consists of a one page nude photo. A few scattered other photos throughout the magazine along with lots of cartoons involving sex. And lots of Ray Bradbury, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, even Boccaccio's Decameron.
  4. I have one more! This is a great piece of popular culture memorabilia. You can read Playboy and Mad magazine and it seems like they came from the same place. Both really smart, funny, culturally important. Playboy devoted many pages of its early issues to serializing Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Unlike the early EC’s, though, Playboy gave him credit for the stories!
  5. From bound volume likely kept at Timely. J.H. Compton worked as an editor I believe at Timely. Others have posted on these boards photos of MMC’s from the same bound volume.
  6. I agree- I did not really think much of the cover and I'm sure I did not know anything about the artist or associated comics. And that is still the case. It was all Marvel and DC for me, mostly silver age Marvels. At the time (I was in elementary school) the cost of the guide (probably around $5-10) seemed like a huge amount. I don't think I ever bought a new one until 35 years later when I re-entered the hobby. Any time I found a bookstore I would go in and check out the price guide. And, actually, I still do! Just did the other day, in fact!
  7. My first- I can’t even imagine how many times I read through this.
  8. I purchased this when I returned to collecting around 2007. At the time it was a HUGE amount to pay for a comic. I remember buying it in the for sale section on ComicLink - not from an auction. I have since spent more than this on a book but this was the first big purchase for me. When I was a kid I could never imagine owning a copy of Plastic Man’s origin! And I did crack the slab to read it!
  9. My neighbor while growing up worked at a distribution center and would give me remainder comics.