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  1. Well I'm sad to say my personal situation has forced me to part with many of my favorite books. Many of my early Fight's and other books are on HA next week and over the next few weeks. The best of the bunch will be in the next sig auction. It is what it is and I know there will always be more books to chase later in life. I do hope these books find a good home.
  2. Although to be clear, some books with color touch or glue still get a CGC blue label. Hard to understand all of the nuances.
  3. As I've been going through my collection, it seems I tended to pick up more early Fights than the other titles. Here are a few of them...
  4. Indeed they are. Now I'm seeing my picture is blurry which is stupid. I took individual pics.
  5. Ok, here are some earlier Rangers. I do apologize that I don't have a scanner and have to take pics by hand. And before anyone mentions it, I KNOW that busting these beautiful books free of their cases would get ride of the glare. Don't even say it. I will say that I have enough raw FH books to keep me busy.
  6. Awesome books! And yet another example of a book printed early in the run and the other later in the run. I'm learning that FH reds are pretty rare animals.
  7. And a few more wonderful Zolnerowich covers...