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  1. Awesome news. Can't wait to see it in person. Thanks.
  2. Guilty as charged. Sorry Rick. I am curious to see if the colors look as good in hand.
  3. Bought a sweet Strange Mysteries #1 from Greg and all went very smoothly. Great communication and the shipping was fast and secure. Would definitely work with him again. Thanks!
  4. I've bought books from Scott on a couple different occasions and everything has gone very smoothly. Great communication, books were packed well and shipping was very fast. Would absolutely work with him again. He's a great guy and seems to genuinely have a love of collecting rather than a focus on making money.
  5. I just felt like these ladies needed to meet...felt awkward otherwise.
  6. I've looked at this long enough. I will take it.
  7. Picked these 3 up on ebay on a BIN from the same seller. Think I might have gotten a pretty decent deal. Especially since the SA is the Bethlehem copy and the Flying Saucers is the River City copy and neither of the pedigrees were mentioned in the description. Oh, and they're all old labels which is the best.