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  1. dannyboy

    Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Going through pickups from the last year plus and here are my Jo-Jo's and Zoots...some of these books I just have to go after even if I already own it. Just can't help it.
  2. dannyboy

    The Cosmic Aeroplane Pedigree Thread

    Picked this one up on the boards...
  3. dannyboy


    I'll take this.
  4. dannyboy


    I'll take this.
  5. dannyboy


    I'll take this.
  6. dannyboy

    Fiction house anyone?

    @Robot Man You stole my thunder! I was just thinking I needed to post some group shots of recent pickups and then look at you. I kid of course. Amazing books you have there. I was thinking there should be a GAA...like AA but about Golden Age books. Hi - my name is Dan and I'm addicted to GA books. In the last year or two I've picked up maybe 150 Fiction House books. Actually probably more since I'm sure I've traded/sold a few of them. In any case, I'm taking inventory and figured I'd send group shots of each title. They're not set up in chronological order - so if you need that I apologize. You're going to twitch a little bit. Here are the first two smallish sets. Wings and Fight.
  7. dannyboy


    Ah hell...I’ll take this.
  8. dannyboy

    Fiction house anyone?

    These lovely books just showed up...the 6 is a 5.0 and the 16 is a 6.5.
  9. dannyboy


    I'll take the Rangers 14 and the Zoot 11 per PM....thank you Rick! Dan
  10. With CC and CL both having monthly auctions AND event auctions 3 or 4 times a year AND HA having weekly auctions AND event auctions...it's just a lot - not to mention all the other sites. No one wants to put their top bid in early so they wait. And then they miss the end of the auction for whatever reason. HA is much better at keeping potential bidders in the loop and their site is just so much superior...but consignors get a much lower percent of the dollar with them. And while all of the above will advance roughly half of the estimated value (I have to say here that HA wanted to give me half the guide value - I couldn't even reply I was laughing so hard)...but it still takes months from sending the books to the company until actually getting the final check from sales. All that said, selling on the boards seems to be the best thing for all involved.
  11. I simply shake my head in disbelief at all of the rationalizing and debating about what should and should be counted in the cost of a comic. People, please. I pay an amount for something. It's what I paid. It doesn't matter to a purchaser if the money goes to a company's rent, a company's salaries, to the actual owner of the consignment, to the state collecting sales tax, or anything else. How is this confusing? If I am willing to pay $1000 for a comic book, then that's what should be reported. What I paid. To arbitrarily lessen that amount because some piece of the $1000 is going to a tax collector makes no sense. It MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. If I'm willing to pay $1000 for something, then that's what it's worth to me. There is nothing more to discuss. If GPA portends to report what comic books have sold for, then they should report what they sold for and not some arbitrarily reduced figure. This really isn't complicated. The American culture of adding sales tax at the register has contributed to this nonsensical discussion. We think of the "cost" of an item and the "tax" on the item as separate entities. It's really a brilliant piece of PR by the state. Notice when you buy a candy bar in the UK that's advertised at 2 pounds, lo and behold, you pay 2 pounds at the register. Not that they don't have sales tax - it's just included in the advertised price. I guess we should just deduct the buyer's and seller's premiums as well from a GPA reported sale since they're not the amount you're actually bidding. And if you're not accounting for the premiums, the sales tax, the shipping, etc. when you bid on something at HA or elsewhere, well....you know what they say about a fool and his money.
  12. dannyboy


    I'll take this.
  13. dannyboy

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Just really really wanted this last night....SO excited to see it in hand...