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  1. Even with prices going as bonkers as they have on so many issues and titles, I feel like a lot of the FH titles (Jungle, Jumbo, Wings, etc) haven't been a big part of the run-up. Which is why I'm scooping up as many as I can before they get out of my budget.
  2. Picked this up in the Clink auction. Haven't got it in hand yet but so very excited to see it in person.
  3. This. I’ve posted on this before. I’m not claiming it’s the intent but when ma and/or pa walk into a comic shop and get handed a very professional looking price guide...well, from an outsiders view it’s a scam in progress. This upsets me a 1000 times more than simply “not accurately keeping up with the market”. Although that’s annoying too.
  4. Oh my. That is beautiful. You don't see Jungle 1's in the raw so that's even cooler. The details on the lion are inspired. I have a hard time looking at anything else. Congrats!
  5. Yes indeed. That particular book has grown on me over the years so I was even more surprised and happy.
  6. Not a new book but one I thought had long since been sold/traded. One of my dad's original pickups. Found it amongst a bunch of incomplete books I was digging through.