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  1. dannyboy


    I'll take this.
  2. dannyboy


    I will take this.
  3. dannyboy


    I'll take this.
  4. dannyboy

    Aaarrghh....I knew it was coming

    Yep. I've been paying it for at least a year now in CA. 9% can be a pretty penny on some of those purchases. Seriously, the least they could do is include it in GPA data.
  5. Appropriate to post this recent acquisition...not 9.8.
  6. dannyboy

    WTB GGA Fiction House/Fox Feature

    Bump...c'mon people. I know you got some of these. Take my money and go buy that book you're dying for...
  7. Looking for higher/high grade of any Wings, Rangers, Fight, Zoot, Jo-Jo, Jungle, Jumbo, etc. Would LOVE a high grade Jumbo 82. I have money to spend so please don't be shy. I have most of the classic covers, not that I wouldn't want more, but other examples of these books are more what I'm looking for. Slabbed or raw. No restored copies please. Thank you very much in advance. Dan
  8. I’ll take this.
  9. dannyboy

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Recent acquisition that I haven't posted...Bethlehem copy
  10. I'm going to post this in precode but since we're on the subject...this is a recent acquisition...Bethlehem
  11. That sounds about right.
  12. I completely forgot to put the MTs on my watch list and now poof! they're gone. Can anyone tell me what the 19(s) went for?
  13. dannyboy


    I'll take it at 10% off.