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  1. Wow... I mean, I can get the run up in issues 1 and 2, especially considering the print run. But this book, just like issues 4,5 were up to 60K print run already. So supply is definitely not an issue. Is the demand for Caseys first appeance REALLY that much higher than say April's first appearance in #2? Raphael is a classic cover but the cover to #4 (which came out as roughly same time) in particular is no slouch either. In ranking by 9.8 values, seems that this book is basically just behind issue 1st print and around 2nd print, then ahead of everything else (issues 2 and so on)
  2. Yes it does. Was gifted to him by Dooney. Pete doesnt sell art as is, no way hes selling a gift. So I'd say zero chance we ever see this come to light, unless through family estate way down the road. But I agree, itd do crazy well at auction.
  3. 1st I've seen of one of those, pretty great stuff there
  4. $500 price drop on just about everything remaining!
  5. Yup. I would love to get a graded sealed NES Turtles 1 game. I have a nice cib but slabbed one would be cool for the collection and display
  6. I do wonder how many NES Turtles fans/collectors actually know that it's also the 2nd print of TMNT #4... And then care enough about that info to drop serious coin on a graded copy?
  7. If only there were a cookbook out there to answer all your questions...
  8. Good question. I haven't submitted myself yet, these are ones I've just bought already graded. And Fugitoid was also a big time favorite of mine, frequently getting captured and saved by the Turtles in playtime sessions. That loose figure of him, along with the rest of the loose seen, are all my original toys. Was actually surprised to see how many of the accessories I managed to keep through the decades! And yes, I love that cel too, especially the big pizza. Have a few of the season 1 - 3ish cels on the walls around the room. Here's another shot of some of my figs and vehicles I t
  9. So I'm watching the Ravens Bills game and finally got around to finishing up a couple of Mega Bloks sets that I've been meaning to build for a while now. Made a few tweaks, and was actually able to combine them into a nice scene. There's tons of cool details, like the Fugitoid wanted poster in the wall, but the coolest has got to be they came with fingernail size copies of TMNT 1 and Raphael! So for all you completionist out there...
  10. Hey guys! My plastic crack of choice is generally TMNT flavored and it's great to see some fellow Turtle lovers out there. Here's a fairly recent display pic to give an idea though I've added a few more AFA to the collection of late. Been having a lot of fun recollecting the figures from my childhood on card again
  11. No original artwork here. This process was used for some of the graphic novels where they colorized the original black and white stories and added some backup stories. Different publishers used slightly different processes and I've seen many slight versions, but the take away is that there are no original pencils or inks on any of that materiel you've posted. They are neat parts of the publication process and have some historical value, but nowhere near what the originals would fetch.
  12. Ha! Yes please post pics regardless how they come out!
  13. How about another vintage toy to start the new year? RAY FILLET Another great character heavy in the bathtub play sessions. In truth, I didn't have this 1st edition version seen but as an adult I can be a bit more picky. So there were 5 versions of this bad boy. These different printing show the gradual realization that Playmates made that making this color change Toy was expensive and so ultimately they took that feature away. - 1st version = "Awesome Mutant Color Change" starburst, Purple Chest with Red V. This is my AFA figure below. It let the kids know on the front and ba
  14. Purty book! That's basically the grade of book I'd like to get...if only I could find someone who would accept payment in ART!
  15. It's actually a good point. While the assumption is that he made those additional 10 around 2012 sounds like its possible he actually did so earlier. And Kevin definitely sold Gobbledygook sets himself around that time frame and beyond. I'm not saying Kevin would intentionally do such a thing (everyone who has met the guy can tell you how genuinely nice is and how much he loves his fans) but it's also true he has people sell his items for him. Is it possible something could have been mixed up at some point, especially with how close in appearance the printings appear to be...? Of all peo