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  1. Just added a couple pages of early Turtles art for sale at the top of page. Thanks for looking!
  2. Thanks a bunch! Now to just find a copy... Fingers crossed for me folks!
  3. Anyone know what 7.0 - 8.0 are fetching? So I can prepare the old piggy bank...
  4. You and me both! Really hoping to get one soon
  5. Sold my first print a while back and have the itch to get one back. I can pay outright or I have a 9.6 SS 2nd possibly for trade if interested and early turtles art as well. Hit me up!
  6. I have a 2nd SS 9.6 that I love but, been wanting a nice 8.0 for a while now, so need to find one soon before thangs get too nutty! So awesome to see this book doing so well.
  7. A couple Valentines back, I gifted this original art to my lovely (and patient!) wife, so in that vein Happy Valentines everyone!
  8. If I'm in the market for a Silver: 1. I don't want one I'm so uncertain about 2. Gotta have the sigs and number That would be like getting a Gold without a sketch... Sure it's a Gold but that sketch is major part of makes it. Just my
  9. It's been a number of years, but the one time I bought a framed item from Heritage it also did not have scans/pics outside of frame. Piece arrived framed as well...which I promptly removed and threw out. Thankfully no issues with the art.
  10. 9.6? Bah... Dude, how cool is that? Never seen this one before. Love it!
  11. Finished up 2019 with a classic inside cover piece! Feel like I've seen this countless time so super happy to add this to the ole collection. Happy New Years everyone!
  12. Another piece is now on hold, just one piece remaining. Nothing says Christmas quite like a Shredder painting so drop me a line if you'd like to pick it up!