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  1. Do we know print numbers for these versions?
  2. A couple of my old pages, they look great!
  3. When that 9.8 was originally listed it was at it's at 150. Better hurry up if you're interested, at this rate itll be 175 by tomorrow!
  4. Nice! I want get one in that same grade as well. And also a 5th print. Just to have 2nd - 5th in 9.6 condition.
  5. I just knew it had to be a VERY good reason for you to part with this gem. Good luck with that "real world" purchase!
  6. I owned that cover years ago. Was very cool in hand, just at these actual Gooks are. When it sold at auction, it went for a fraction of what it moved at privately...
  7. Oh yea, another great example. Gotta get me one
  8. How freaking cool is this?! Gotta get me one of these licensing pieces one day. Super congrats!
  9. So a little extra on those Golds from back in the day... Those 2 were BINs that were snapped up instantly by the same buyer ( a member here actually). I remember it was on a weekend in the morning. The seller accidentally relisted one of them shortly after...which I hit the BIN on not even knowing about the previous 2 BINs. Woohoo I won! Umm, not about a half hour later I get a phone call from the seller (ebay used to allow that sort of thing back in the day) explaining what she did and that she would be refunding. At that time, I actually already owned a separate Gold so
  10. New art day! Pumped to have a video game cover in the collection...painted on canvas like a true masterpiece! And on the toy front, recently welcomed these two troublemakers into the collection as well.
  11. Yes, Kevin is actually flying down to Sarasota today!
  12. Wow. So a Hulk 181 9.8 hit 60K recently... I had no idea that the demand for Cerebus would hit such levels.
  13. A couple more 10 Backs into the collection... 5 down and 5 to go!
  14. It's an interesting discussion but I don't think you could get a 4.0 for 8K...I have a friend who recently bought a 5.5 for 13K. I personally was in that position myself recently, of 2nd 9.6 or a 1st, until I was able to trade a page of art for a 1st print. I'd owned a couple in the past but had sold them through the years and kept my 2nd print SS 9.6. When I decided to get a 1st, I realized there was no way I could covert my 2nd print into anything of the kind of grade I'd want in a 1st. Low grades of these are scarce as is but that all black cover would likely REALLY accentuate the flaw