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  1. Well, I didn't pick up that issue 7 splash, but I did get a couple Return to New York pieces recently, and posted one of them up.
  2. Smokes!! What a killer piece and excellent frame job. That's cover quality... Congrats!!!
  3. Alright folks, let's do a whopping price drop bump of $700 off each piece above! Send me a message if interested, thanks!
  4. I'm one of those 80s kids who fell in love with the TMNT via toys and the original cartoon. Discovered the comics much later in life. Old school Eastman I MUCH prefer over the newer style, which for me all looks very samey to me and stiff. The partnership with Peter Laird obviously shaped alot of those eafly years as well. And no hes not likely going to win any awards, but he had talent, could write and layout stories, and (something many may not know...) could paint as well. Outside of the New Age #1cover (which Laird did some pencils/inks on) the attached are all Eastman pencils, inks, and paints, sometimes acyllics, sometimes airbrush. NEW AGE COMICS #1 RPG Cover 1984 First Painting (first red bandana) Can only get photos of some of the larger ones.
  5. Doing some quick fundraising. Just as last time, Boardies can get a discount off My EBAY Store pricing below. Raphael #1 Page 10 1985 Roughly 8.5 X 12 Duotone Art Board All Eastman & Laird art SOLD Just a terrific page featuring Casey Jones in his first appearance issue battling Raphael. Two recent Clink auctions (including in last months) for pages from this book have fetched $5900+ My need for quick fundraising can be your gain! Issue 11, Page 25 1987 Roughly 8.5 X 12 Duotone Art Board All Eastman & Laird ART $3800... NOW $3100! This splashy page features Raphael in all 8 panels standing guard on the rooftop. The Turtles had just had a terrifying run-in with the Shredder and the Foot Clan and Raphael was not taking any chances being caught unawares. Simply a stunning page! From the acclaimed "Return to New York" storyline issues 19-21. Layouts Eastman Pencils Lawson, Inks Laird in duo tone art board. Signed by Eastman Issue 19, Page 18 $1700... NOW $1100! Turtles + Foot Soldiers + Sewers = TMNT Gold! You might be able to find 1 or 2 of these elements in a single early page, but rarely all 3 or at this price. The details are wonderful. Laird famously said of this issue that it was "brick hell." Jim drew so many panels with hundreds of bricks in them and I felt obliged to ink them all in. That was a LOT of bricks." Simply a wonderful and highly detailed page. One of the earliest Shredder paintings. Roughly 8X11 on art board. Pencils/Inks/Paints Kevin Eastman 1985. Later at a local con in Worcester, MA both Eastman and Laird signed the piece. $2900... NOW $2200! Printed in black and white in early ad and possible some other comic mags, this piece was ultimately used as style guide for the Shredder Dark Horse lead gaming figures (the first Turtles "toys" before the late 80s cartoons/toy boom) I have some more material up on My EBAY Store that I'll update this thread with later so feel free to poke around and let me know if something catches your eye. I'll end the sale once I meet my goal. Payment plans acceptable as well. And if you'd like all 3 of the above, you buy the lot for 6K. Turtle Power!
  6. As long as people keep buying, he'll keep making...
  7. How cool is that?! Just an awesome piece and a great framing job to boot. I'm sure it looks even more amazing person... These painted pieces always do!
  8. Wow, so happy for you! And two complete stories?! Artwork looks amazing. Enjoy the moment!
  9. Kevin Eastman. Prelim from Issue#1. Neat little bit of history, in the final issue 1 of this page they accidentally misspelled "Michelangelo"... But here in the prelim, they got it right!
  10. Wow... I've always been struck by the relative low prices for the rare Turtles books and OA in relation to other properties. So while I'm not particularly surprised overall there's finally been an upward trend (in both the books and original art) , I am surprised by the speed this jump is happening. I mean, the Gold I can understand there's only 10. But theres plenty of #1, even in 9.8, that surely can be had for less than then these last few bids. Fun to watch though!