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  1. So final hammer 58K for the Gold and $8100 for the Silver...surely these numbers will bring more to light. Pretty cool seeing TMNT command such numbers.
  2. Hmmm... So it sounds like it's rarer to have a sketch with the actual correct year on it!
  3. 50K for the Gold now and $7200 for the silver with 3 days to go...
  4. Yeesh! Still would love to own this book someday, but definitely shooting for a much lower grade...
  5. I know back when I was completing my run, the Gold was simply a myth but still my dream book. After landing one of them it was super cool to have it next to the Silver and Common and felt like an amazing accomplishment. For me, it was the rarity of it. Just like with the Gooks. I never cared for any of the fake Gooks, tmnt 1, etc. but trying to find 1of 10 Golds was really the only draw as like you said, the content is not particularly special (esp. Since you could get the exact same in a common $5 white...). And the rear art is great but again, much better early art out there. Somehow this made the echelon of top book and has been that way for years... 30K+ and even 6k for the Silver is bananas. I always feel like tmnt is this niche little thing with just a few of us weirdos... But with a variety of books, art and now sealed video games reaching 4 and 5 figures fairly regularly its clear that the collecting audience is much bigger than appears.
  6. Thanks guys! And yup, would have of course prefer if it'd been signed in the margins like they normally do but this was such an iconic piece, THE image of Shredder in my eye, that I had to get it. And won't be getting every page from 10 that's for sure!! Honestly still shocked at having 5 of them. I would have been happy with any one of them so if I never get another ill be more than content. But, doesn't hurt to keep an eye open, just in case...
  7. Early Eastman & Laird TMNT Splash! More info on CAF, super excited about this one
  8. I agree! And here's another pickup from Issue 10
  9. Thanks! And yes, my thoughts exactly. The page and movie both have that same feel. I really love these Turtles vs the Foot pages. I have one more page from this issue I need to scan and put up.
  10. Big Congrats!! Such a fun issue, really like that page with the cityscape as well. Great pickup. I need to scan my most recent additions as well, maybe tonight if I get a chance. Enjoy my man!
  11. That would be in 1987/88 when the toys and cartoon first came out. To help the kiddies better identify between the turtles. In the comics would remain red, outside of the 1988 Archie comics (which were at least initially based on the cartoon so makes sense would have multi colored bands as well)
  12. First the Duncan, now this're on a tear!
  13. Awesome pickup Adam! I dig Duncan's style as well