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  1. Those packs are AMAZING. Thanks for the details!
  2. I have an image of that one showing Animaniacs #16 and Pinky and the Brain #4
  3. Here's a 3-pack that shows some relationship between DC Universe issues and WB Reading logo issues. But it doesn't have any labeling to indicate how/where/who distributed and sold it. The middle issue might be the Superboy #0 Zero Hour issue.
  4. Those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I've never seen one of these in person, so I didn't even realize that any of the old DC 4 packs had a cardboard header. Have you identified the issue numbers of the comics inside these packs?
  5. Cool, that's a new one to me. What's the middle comic?
  6. I think I've seen this pack before, it apparently contains Ghosts #10, Weird Western Tales #15, and Weird Worlds #3. But I've not seen the other side of the pack to know which comic is visible. Care to share another pic to show that side?
  7. Here are my ideas: 1. Thor 337 4. Predator 1 (first Dark Horse app) 5. Usagi Yojimbo 1 8. Sheena Queen Of The Jungle 3-D (double cover) 10. Batman 635 11. TMNT 4 (second print) 13. Marvel Spotlight 28 14. Avengers 196 16. Daredevil 9 (first Echo) 18. X-Men 129 1. ASM Annual 1 3. Fantastic Four 49 6. Terrors Of The Jungle 17 (LB Cole cover)
  8. We should start a "What's not HOT on ebay now" thread, it would be easier to keep up with the market that way!
  9. Yep, that's must been what I meant. That first post from 2017 was great. The rest of the thread? Meh
  10. I figured it was more of a curiosity type find, rather than a "help me retire early" kind of find.
  11. For posterity, I'll post this Superman #404 in the correct thread along with Get Marwood & I's helpful commentary on this issue. Also maybe this post can give this thread a jump start. It's no surprise I stumbled into the Marvel thread what with this DC thread having a 4 year gap since the last post!
  12. Cool info, thanks for the explanation (and directions to the correct thread! ). So apparently a comic retailer was ahead of the price increase curve. I agree, why wait for the publisher to do it?
  13. Is it unusual or common to find a pence sticker on the cover like this? I didn't see anything in the indicia to suggest this is anything other than a US version with a sticker over the price. I don't know much about these, but figured this is the place to learn more.
  14. How may of the WB Reading variants are there? I've seen Pinky and the Brain #s 4 and #5.