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  1. Thanks for updating the lists! I've not noticed that there's a version of that pack specific to Toys R Us. Here's the more generic pack of the same 3 comics that was probably available everywhere else, and another version that's on a card that looks very similar to the Toys R Us version but instead says Lionel (and the back has different text and isn't glossy yellow)! There's even a fourth version of this pack that doesn't contain "no month" variants. The packs were proliferating in the late 80s!
  2. A few more of the early '80s "no month" issues Blackhawk #252 Detective #519 Batman #353 It surprises me that I've never seen a pack containing these comics and that Bellrules mentions he has seen only one. The late 80's packs are common. Where are these earlier ones hiding? Updated list: Batman #353, 357 Blackhawk #252 DC Comics Presents #51, #54, #55 Detective #519 Superman #377, #379 World's Finest #289
  3. Here's an example of a Western Publishing prize inside a Comic Pac!
  4. Nice finds everyone is posting! So the list has grown to the following: Batman #357 DC Comics Presents #51, #54, #55 Superman #377, #379 World's Finest #289 Here's confirmation of the World's Finest #289
  5. The question of whether certain packs were Whitman packs was raised just above by Brock. That chart was part of my response to that post that questioned whether the packs labeled "Comics", Comics Pak, or super-hero themed packs were Whitman packs. Proving the negative, that no one else distributed these comics, just isn't going to happen absent a clear, iron-clad, date-specific statement from Marvel or Western claiming that Western/Whitman was the sole distributor. The closest we have, which isn't bad, is Jim Shooter's statement that the fat diamond versions were developed specifically for Western Publishing and its Whitman bagged comics product line. I haven't seen any evidence that Marvel sent these comics through any distributor other than Western, but if it appeared that would also settle the issue.
  6. I don't disagree with anything shown in this chart, seems correct to me.
  7. There's no question that the "Comics" and super-hero themed packs are from Whitman. Probably a majority the superhero themed packs actually include the Whitman logo, as seen in this example that contains the next three Spider-Man issues. I think the Comic Pacs were Whitman as well, I seem to recall that some of them included prizes that included the Whitman name on them (many prizes weren't Whitman specific but were Marvel or currency, but there were a few) but can't find any pics to confirm this. Anyone have such pics?
  8. Let the search begin! Tried a few web searches for Walgreens packs, but nothing yet...
  9. By the time the comic was published, it might not have been timely to call it a "preview". But I'd have just omitted that word and left the blurb there to highlight the additional content!
  10. Great observation, however the He-Man insert is actually included in the no-month comic.
  11. Good summary! Regarding the "only distributed by Whitman" phase, I would highlight that there exists ample evidence that comics such as these were distributed by Whitman, for instance the sealed multipacks and catalog/advertising etc. However it's harder to prove the negative that they were NOT sold to other distributors.
  12. Some will say yes they are, some will say they aren't. I'm going with yes they are. Nice copies, I need upgrades of some of those if you decide to part with any!
  13. Did some web searching and I've found mention that one multipack included World’s Finest #289, DC Comics Presents #55, and Batman #357, all from March 1983. So perhaps Superman #377 and DCCP #51 were from another pack.
  14. Looking for info on any DC "no month" variants from the 1980s. Anyone have a list or other details? Or images of unopened multi-packs? My curiosity has been piqued by identifying that I have this Nov 1982 DC Comics Presents #51 missing the month on the cover. There's nothing special noted in the indicia, plus the ads inside the front and back cover, and the back cover ad, all match the regular issue. The absence of the date info looks similar to the 1987-ish Wonder Woman and Superman no month variants from the trading card multi-packs. I don't think that I've ever spotted any early 80's multi-packs that include DC Comics Presents issues. Also interesting is that it's from the same date as this Superman #377 comic and very close to the Batman #357.
  15. I've not seen any hint of the June 1980 issues in a multipack. If they show up, I doubt I could afford to add them to my collection, but I'd enjoy seeing them and would be happy for that.