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  1. legend has it that OAK had some compromising photos of Farnsworth Wright: which is why his WT novels garnered 4 covers each...
  2. I've got 13 pages to go in this way beyond fabulous tale from 1890.
  3. I (too?) have recently ramped up my opinion of Enoch Bolles, and I had already thought of him as one of the masters of GGA. The selection of his work in "The Art of the Pulps' book I got last month led me to further searching online. Ou La La. Since 'Legendary Ladies' are a thing of mine I'm particularly fascinated by his 1933-1934 Bedtime Stories cover run. I will admit that I'm not aiming to acquire the pulps -nice e-images fit my budget better... Here's a couple from the run that I have happily copied from the wondrous web... If anyone's got any - I would be pleased by the posting thereof - thanks and cheers - Pat