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  1. Here's my old raw copy of ASM 2, it was tough to get back in 1990 I think it was, from World's Finest if I recall right.
  2. Still got that 9.2 #50, er... 9.4? I recall that, it was very nice before the regrade.
  3. Dr. Doom, he was in FF 5 first, and then popped in ASM 5.
  4. Crack out those big keys and enjoy them raw. I loved handling my AF15 before I sent it off to have Stan sign it. The experience of the real comics are worth it for true collectors. I didn't collect as an investment, it was the experience for me. If you have to get them regraded, maybe one will jump a grade, and pay for the grading costs. Look them over closely, if one or two might have a chance, I'd pop them all out and enjoy them until you are ready to sell.
  5. Like this, my old copy I sold in 2012. I didn't know that issue would blow up so much, I had a 9.8 before it which was an old label 9.6, so perfect I had to resubmit it. That was always a favorite issue of mine. Finding them with a centered wrap was very tough to do, I hated the white spine edge/wrap.
  6. Thanks Dan, that was the toughest part in the end. BTW, how's that 9.6 # 101 doing I sold you after selling the 9.8? I really liked both of them, the 9.8 was just too much to keep when I lacked several early issues. It was not long after when I got a line on the #3 and 4, which I bought after selling the 9.8 book.