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  1. I used to visit my grandparents in North London and had an Uncle who lived next door who was a bus driver. From the age of 5 (1968), whenever I visited he would pick up a couple of american comic books on the way home from work to give to me. They always had either Batman or Superman on the cover and invariably Neal Adams cover art. They seemed so exciting compared with British comics (the glossy covers and groovy adverts). I could'nt buy them myself because of poor distribution and lack of continuity. I was out of the hobby from the age of 22 until I dug out piles of books from my parent
  2. In my limted experience, the seller had to reinstate the buyer financially and then claim back the loss from the shipper or postal service after a set amount of time. The buyers details would be included in the claim.
  3. This would be my advice if you plan on keeping the book long-term. Sorry for your loss.
  4. Anyone got a Deadman Omnibus on the way? Bit difficult to order without knowing what it's going to look like in hand.
  5. A seller that has 'CGC IT' in their description would put me off even looking at their listing.
  6. The only reason I picked up this book was because of a very short TV ad for it - with the promise of a 'free' Spider-man mask..... Little did I know that a week later I'd be struggling to try and put a square paper bag over my head................
  7. Nice books ...................can you tell what the pages look like - shiny/glossy or matt? Thanks.
  8. .....obviously don't air the books indoors, but point taken - get rid.
  9. .....really all you can do is shake out any particles from the books and then air them. Air them for a few days or even a couple of weeks. Fan the pages if you can. If after that you still get a reaction, then bin them. Your health is too important.
  10. My slabs go into crystal clear polyprop resealable bags......sorted.
  11. CGC label states - "Proper storage is essential to the preservation of your comic book. Extremes in light, temperature. moisture, vibration, temperature changes and other environmental changes can contribute to the deterioration of a comic book sealed in a CGC holder. For maximum protection, keep your CGC certified comic books in an immobile, dark, temperature and humidity controlled area."
  12. If I was in your position (and I'm never likely to be) there is absolutely no way I would be communicating with the seller through ebay....