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  1. My earliest recollection of a Denny story ...............RIP
  2. In 25 years time I see.......lots & lots of Newton Rings
  3. .......of course it's not a personal attack. Any business should be grateful for positive feedback if they value their customers.
  4. I don't see any reason not to open it.
  5. .....I don't collect many modern books, but I like this one
  6. ........and sometimes I have to scratch my head at some of the excuses that I receive from sellers who want to cancel my ebay auction wins.......
  7. I don't think the front cover is very conducive to signatures. If it were my book and I absolutely had to get it signed - the signature would go on the back cover.
  8. I know it's an AF15 but really, such a beater, I would'nt have it in my collection at any price. In fact I'd prefer a reprint. Interesting post though....
  9. I remember first using mylar Archives for my Wolverine #1 back in 1982.....