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  1. If your bags are not crystal clear I would send them back and get a refund. Sounds like a dodgy batch. Or buy elsewhere.
  2. I picked up the first lot of Firestorm books back in the day. I thought they were great.....
  3. Also, I'd never wear my Christmas Party jumper to a comic con!..........
  4. Sadly no, it's a generic photo, the only one I could find of Westmonster Halls. If you look closely you can see New Mutants for sale so the photo may be 1983?....
  5. first also (the only one at the time?). Went in 1980 or 1981? Pretty amazing back then as I'd never seen US comic back issues before. I'd just started work and so had a bit of pocket money, mainly on the lookout for Adams and Wrightson books which I'd remembered from the late 60's early 70's. It was here I met Martin Kravetz (Mega City Comics) who set me up with my first subscription. I think he was working from home back then. I also remember picking up an EC Library as they'd just come out. I still have a few of the books I picked up that day - as below,
  6. I used to own a CGC 10 book, but I accidentally breathed on it and it turned into a 9.9
  7. The trailer was soo darkly lit TBH I could'nt tell WTH was going on.
  8. ......understatement alert!!.........
  9. This brings back some memories. I was at College and at lunchtine decided to wander into town. Went into a newsagent (or paper shop) and spotted this book on the shelf. I'd just got back into collecting and recognised the Miller name on the artwork. I paid 15p for the book......................
  10. Awesome! seem to have most of the titles.....