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  1. For shipping you choose how much £ cover/value you want when you select a price. Max weight for printed papers is 5kg.
  2. Yes, Printed Papers. I do remember writing 'Printed Papers' in large letters on the outside of my shipping package.
  3. .....was fortunate to meet Bernie at the London Con in 2012.
  4. ........and without Stan the Marvel Age of Comics would never have existed, as we know it and, the worldwide popularity of Spider-Man which began in the 1970's with successful launches in the UK and also a version of Spider-Man in Japan.
  5. I've always loved Kirby's art. The only thing I will say is that it became a bit too ubiquitus back in the heyday of Marvel and reading some DC books was a nice alternative at the time.
  6. It's not black & white. Lee was Marvel's primary creative leader for two decades, something that (for some reason) you seem unwilling to acknowledge.
  7. A hatchet job review of a hatchet job book........pitiful.
  8. I don't think that's true, certainly not by me anyway. However, after looking at several reviews for this book the one comment that seemed to sum up the consensus was, "There is a nasty tone throughout the book which will become glaringly obvious to objective readers, but appeal to, and reinforce the views of those who want to believe the worst."........
  9. DC 100 Page Super Spectacular #4