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  1. I suppose you could get some paper or card the same thickness as the tattoo insert and do a cutout. Then insert the sheet around the tattoo insert so the whole page is even?
  2. So to clarify, you're saying that pressing can damage a book, not does damage a book?
  3. What damage does pressing do to books?
  4. I actually can't believe a friend is asking this question
  5. .....if a piece of paper were, for example left in the centre pages, I doubt very much it would have any effect on the resultant press job?
  6. I would definitely remove m-paper from your books before attempting to press them. By leaving them in you would be adding an extra variable to the process IMHO.
  7. Not sure about this one. My newspaper says "The violence will get on your Wick" and "Fight scenes turn into lifeless spectacle in this ugly franchise". Seems more like a video game than a movie?
  8. stated ad nauseam, the GSP is a money making scam that rips off international buyer's by preying on the insecurities of US seller's. It is nevertheless still in widespread use.
  9. Could be a cracked out PLOD. Seller's vague on resto. Asking buyers' to judge the book by looking at the photos. Very risky outside of a slab IMHO.
  10. The only designation that would be useful to me would be a big letter 'P' on the cgc label to tell me whether the book's been through their in-house pressing service or not.
  11. .......I think it's obvious to collector's whether a book has eye appeal or not. I certainly don't need a second opinion. Paying for a second opinion seems ludicrous to me.
  12. landfill?........surely they'll be recycled, no?