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  1. The cover I remember first, from 'back in the day'
  2. .....currently in the confused phase, due to pressing, scs and wacko prices.
  3. .......I agree. The implied controversy is overblown IMHO. Oh the irony, if Joaquin Phoenix were to win Best Actor at the next Oscars.
  4. Before I joined the boards, I couldn't understand why anyone would buy a comic book for more than $20. Now, I can't understand why anyone would buy a comic book for more than $1000.
  5. Someone told me yesterday that CGC might be at MCM next week?
  6. I love early Bronze Age 9.2's High grade book without the nosebleed price.
  7. ......I've never read so much BS in my life.
  8. I'm sure there was a brief TV ad in the UK for the first issue of Spider-man Weekly, which caught my attention and prompted me to buy it? I can't be certain?
  9. .....first book (I can remember) being bought for me, followed by the first book I bought with my own money. Who could resist a free spider-man mask AND the startling secret of FOOM!
  10. ...I would go to a bespoke framing shop for your book. They have the expertise in this area and prices (in my experience) are very reasonable.
  11. .....when you store a comic in a mylite2 it's not meant to be air tight. The folded flap is meant to allow the bag to breath, even if it's taped down.
  12. Agreed, but more variant madness on the way, I'm guessing.