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  1. If someone want to sell his or hers. I would take it.
  2. Hi, Iam looking for A Miracleman 1 Gold Edition signed by Alan Moore from the San Diego comic con. Rather a non rated in great condition. Just show what you got and we can talk about the price or a change. At least it should be easier to get than a v for Vendetta cgc 9.8 signed by Alan Moore.
  3. Ok. How about Miracleman 1 San Diego Gold Edition signed by Alan Moore. Someone want to sell that?
  4. A finders fee? They will get paid for comic. That they already have. Why should there be a finders fee?
  5. actually only v for vendetta. But we can give it try. I have already Yuggoth Cultures and Providence. Ok thats not too hard to get. But a Watchmen, Miracleman or even a League of the extraordinary Gentleman wouldn't be bad either. Just show what you got?
  6. nope he doesnt have anyone left. So if someone still want to sell it?
  7. Thanks man. Too late like always.
  8. hello some of the v for vendettas left?
  9. Hello, I want to know if someone selling this comic V for Vendetta CGC 9.8 signed by Alan Moore. Thank you
  10. Thanks man. How much did you pay for it? Or what is fair price?