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  1. Sorry those scans weren't supposed to be on there yet - I'm debating getting it graded
  2. I'm thinking this is at least as high or higher than this 8.5 example https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/fantastic-four-annual-6-marvel-1968-cgc-vf-85-off-white-to-white-pages/a/121909-11724.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515# based on the defects on that copy compared to mine especially the large ding on the bottom left hand corner. Debating whether I should get it graded or sell it raw Opinions appreciated!
  3. FF Annual #9 9.2 gorgeous copy very slight 2mm crease bottom right corner which breaks color and slight impact dent near invisible girls head on right side. $20 FF Annual #8 Front cover is a stunner - but the back cover has a scuff mark which drops this to a 7.0 (White pages) $15 FF Annual #7 (Copy #1) 4.0 - tear bottom left corner (This copy is not from the same collection but thought I would throw it in here) $7 FF Annual #7 (Copy #2 from same collection if that matters to anyone) 6.0 $15
  4. Fantastic Four Annual #18 (1984) beautiful except for a 5 inch scratch/cut on the back cover $1 Fantastic Four Annual #17 (1983) 9.4 with a slight pressable defect $4 Fantastic Four Annual #16 (1981 - Where's 1982? I don't know!) 9.2-9.4 ish can use a back cover cleaning DITKO CLASSIC COVER! (Well I'm calling it that Dragonlord $9 FF Annual #15 (1980) 7.0 $3 FF Annual #14 (1979) 6.5 (Abrasion under Things head on cover) $2 FF Annual #13 9.2 White pages $10 Fantastic Four Annual #12 (1977) 8.0 $5 Fantastic Four #11 (1976) 9.4 very slight abrasion under "50c" price and above the word "ALL" Very nice copy $15 FF Annual #10 (1973) 7.5-8.0 $20
  5. Original owner FF Annual run coming up next (except #1 which is away getting a spa treatment)
  6. I think an 8.0 due to that larger crease on the very bottom left hand corner.
  7. 7.0 nice book! what else you got in that attic?! Photos of stack of books in the attic please
  8. I made a mistake - both the staples ARE attached.. it just looked like it wasnt
  9. Marvel Super-Heroes #18 6.5 condition (slight rust on staples with some migration - I'll post a closeup photo shortly - Gorgeous copy presents well! Asking $200