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  1. Just selling the one book - 14 day returns OK Paypal or Venmo USPS Priority Shipping $9 anywhere in USA PM's ok but first wins Feel free to send me an offer. Will try to add some detailed photos soon Amazing Spider-Man 361 9.6 with a pressable stab at 9.8 - very slight spine creases which don't break color Carnage Asking $375 or best offer -
  2. Some days your yard sale finds are just so so ....and then there are days like today. What a flood of memories seeing these brought - going to the local drugstore in my home town in Maine with my brother when I was about 8 back in the early 70s and watching him buy these books sold with the very clever use of Frank Frazettas artwork on the covers.
  3. Marvel Spotlight #28 4.5 Creases on bottom right and creases along spine which break color $50 or b/o Thor #337 9.0-9.2 Green distributor ink on top $90 SOLD
  4. I think we should all take a 3 minute pause and reappreciate this skit
  5. New Warriors #20 CGC 9.8 $35 or best offer X-O Manowar #22 9.8 Highest existing grade $35 Harbinger #28 CGC 9.8 $35 Batman Adventures #30 9.6 CGC $29 Batman Adventures #2 CGC 9.6 $35 Eternal Warrior #13 CGC 9.8 $35 Quasar #32 Printing error variant CGC 9.4 1st app of Korath $45
  6. Doom graphic novel/paperback Very fine 2002 $5 9-11 Emergency Relief Graphic Novel Very Fine $5 Jack Kirby's New Gods Graphic Novel 5.5 impact wound on bottom right corner $7