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  1. Opinions appreciated! This was picked up from the original owner last year. Unfortunately has a stain of unknown origin on the inside front cover.. wonder if this can be removed somehow (without scissors)
  2. True - Jim Warren and his smutty "After Hours Magazine" can attest to that. Good luck Mark
  3. Dammit I knew I would have to join a Star Trek forum thanks
  4. Anyone who can find what episode of Star Trek voyager this was in gets two free pizzas delivered to their house ! I’ve gotten an update - my friend said the guy said his son worked on “the Star Trek set”
  5. My friend bought these off craigslist (just to have chairs to sit on at her dining room table) there were four of them. They were all covered. The man that sold them to her made some comment like “my son said they may have been on Star Trek” And she just laughed it off. She then called me and told me what he had said so we started doing Google searches and then one of her friends found the photo below this one of Jeri Lynn Ryan - (But the backs look slightly different to me) Any Star Trek experts out there?
  6. sorry if this has already been posted but.. I guess there's another few 9.9's out there.. this makes 5 according to the census.
  7. PS - Donations for the site can be sent to david@humbleroots.com if anyone wants to help with hosting haha I put this site up 10 years ago or so and I am doing it for the benefit of comic lovers everywhere free of charge.. I think I've paid about $1,300 so far in development costs and hosting at $12 per month
  8. OK - www.stolencomic.com is back up and running - thanks for letting me know and sorry for the downtime!
  9. Thanks for posting this! I just have to pay my hosting bill !! haha i didn't even know it went offline