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  1. I think 9.9s are a perfect book - yet with a small printing defect. The “puff” in the top left corner could very well be a printing defect (the only “defect“ allowed in a 9.9 is a printing defect - a 9.8 by definition must have a flaw created either after the printing process .. or a printing defect so large it is counted as a flaw) That small blemish in the top left corner could be something that is there in addition to the original book, perhaps due to the cutting / trimming process during printing and it was just cut slightly wrong It is something that is there in addition to the entire original comic - but it’s just a hunch. If I look really really closely at the image of the book from 2016 I do see a very slight blurry bulge in that corner. I think we’ve all seen some books that have extra paper which wasn’t trimmed properly - usually it’s on the interior pages anyway just a thought
  2. My brother Alan Bull (who primarily works as an oil painter and has a shared history and love of comics with me) just found a comic he started in 2005 and had misplaced - and I wanted to share 😂 (my brother was about 41 at the time ) for people from Massachusetts or familiar with the area this was inspired by the mills in Lawrence on the river.
  3. Werewolf by night #1 starting at 1 cent! Probably adding other raw bronze and silver age books throughout the day if I finish cutting the orchard in time! https://www.ebay.com/str/IVEGOTNEATSTUFF?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  4. Price drop on FF Annual #2 to $240 Price drop on #3 to $90 Price drop on #4 to $15 Price drop on #5 to $50 BUY ALL 4 (#2, 3, 4 and 5) for $350 including shipping! If nobody buys within a couple hours I'm moving to eBay (assuming nobody has bought one of them individually first that is)
  5. OK not my house - but the grocery store up the street (I live on Long Island). I trade comics with the butcher in there (One time I traded some Thor comics for a nice side of beef or something lol) anyway...a couple years ago we are standing there in the meat isle blabbing about comics and a nice woman over heard us and said "Are you talking about comics? Oh... you should talk to my husband - he is in the industry" and she disappeared around the corner into the cereal isle while my friend and I exchanged "this ought to be interesting" glances and a few moments later produced none other than one Chris Claremont. We nearly puked with excitement and disbelief and had a great chat with him. ( I guess that must have been Beth Fleisher who introduced us) The funny thing was, we were talking about his X-Men era right before she came up to us.
  6. Comics Out of the Vortex #1 CGC 9.8 Highest and only graded copy $75 or b/o Nexus: The Origin #nn Dark Horse Comics CGC 9.8 Asking $75 or best offer DC versus Marvel #1 Newstand CGC 9.8 $60 Spawn-Batman #nn CGC 9.6 $45 Superman: The Wedding Album #1 (Collector's Edition) CGC 9.8 $55 or b/o
  7. 90% of these are from a nice collection of books I purchased in Maine a few months ago. They are mixed and in no particular order because thats how the collection was - mixed and in no particular order! (i.e. a jumbled up mess of books which seem like they were purposely assembled in non-alphabetical and non chronological order so one can't easily find any key books so as if to throw off ones keen senses as to the collections value - you know what kind of collection I'm talking about ) Venmo or some "fee less" payment method preferred. Any order over $100 gets FREE Priority Mail shipping - otherwise asking $8 for USPS Priority anywhere in domestic USA - $11 for HI or Alaska 30 day returns are no problem! (Buyer pays return shipping) PMS are OK but first on the thread wins Back cover scans available upon request! Almost all have White pages *********** First up - Fantastic Four Annual #23 9.8 $100 Iron Man #200 CGC 9.4 Tony Stark returns as Iron Man $40 Iron Man #212 CGC 9.6 $35 Iron Man #215 CGC 9.6 $45 Danger Girl #1 1st full appearance of Danger Girl team $45 X-Force #11 6th app of Deadpool 1st app of "real" Domino $50 X-Factor #43 CGC 9.6 $35 Power Reflex Preview #nn CGC 9.4 Highest and only graded copy $45 The Incomplete Death's Head #1 CGC 9.8 Doctor Who appearance $35
  8. Ha exactly I agree with you. I’m looking on heritage auctions at a bunch of 9.0 examples and I keep comparing them to mine thinking mine looks as good but definitely as good or better than the 8.0 examples but who knows I might get a 6.5 for all I know. 9.4 would be nice... and if I get that I’m going to ask Natalie Portman to leave her husband for me - because the odds of success are the same 😂😂
  9. Fantastic Four Annual #6 I'm sending in to get graded as I think it has a stab at a 8.0 to 9.0 but I'm probably way off Here are the scans anyway
  10. Fantastic Four Annual #5 SOLD 7.0 nice copy (Note : that isn't a stain on the top right corner even though it looks like it - its some slight abrasion) $65 or bo SOLD
  11. Fantastic Four Annual #3 6.0 - suntanning and could use a nice press $125 or b/o SOLD Fantastic Four Annual #4 5.0 Date stamp on back cover $20 SOLD
  12. Fantastic Four Annual #2 5.5 condition - 3 interior pages toward the back have a 1 inch tear on right side Asking $290 or best offer SOLD
  13. Sorry I was taken away from the office unexpectedly (my dog dropped a wet frisbee on my lap) I hope to post more in a bit
  14. ha I was thinking of this cover when i took that picture but I didnt have a gun handy
  15. ..and now with the price of oil in the crapper, I wonder if bag prices will go down even more
  16. Sorry those scans weren't supposed to be on there yet - I'm debating getting it graded