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  1. Auctions end tomorrow including several highest graded and 1 single highest graded! http://www.ebaystores.com/COMIC-BOOK-MADNESS
  2. I’m around a bit. Trying to load up my website though, and my kids are 10 & 13 so that keeps me hopping, and a lot of the people that I used to love talking to are not around much anymore. Still love the boards for the info that is shared
  3. I suppose I've sold as many high grade books over the past 25 years as just about anyone. I start specializing in high grade books because it was what I liked. I always wanted to have a book that looked as nearly like a brand new copy, fresh from the stand, as I could get. I think it is primarily a reminiscence of childhood and the thrill of getting those books for the first time. And frankly, many high grade books are just beautiful to have and to hold. I would always rather buy a collection of high grade books than sell those same books. I think many of us share the same thrill of finding a beautiful book that looks untouched.
  4. Very nice copies of some pretty nice books. Click the link to take you to the auctions. Thanks for looking! http://www.ebaystores.com/COMIC-BOOK-MADNESS/_i.html?rt=nc&LH_Auction=1&_sid=462329&_trksid=p4634.c0.m309
  5. Already posted but here are some of the images. I also had jla #92 and superboy 225. Turns out I was a Neal Adams fan before I knew who he was.
  6. Just need a Kang time slide movie to reset the characters to younger people. Thought they might do that in endgame with the reality stone.
  7. There’s enough message in the world. Especially Hollywood type of message. I’ll take the entertainment and leave the message to someone else. Someone might want to remind Marty, that these films are based on comic books
  8. I've always thought the best Spider-man issues are those where Gil Kane penciled and Romita inked them. Just check out the layouts in ASM #90, just fantastic. I'll give this a go. Spider-man - Kane/ Romita followed by Romita Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Superboy, X-Men - Neal Adams Basically any horror stuff - Bernie Wrightson and Neal Adams Warlock, Captain Marvel, Superboy and the Legion - Jim Starlin Daredevil - Gene Colan followed by early Frank Miller Avengers - George Perez, Byrne Fantastic Four - Buscema (sorry Jack) Captain America, Hulk - John Romita X-Men - Jim Lee misc - Love Alan Davis, Farmer combination - Justice League the Nail was spectacular. Splash pages were amazing, reminiscent of ASM Ann 1 for splash greatness, really fond of Alex Toth stuff, Rich Buckler during the 70s was very good on most of what he worked on, early Sienkiewicz Moon Knight rocks, probably much more, but this is what comes to mind.
  9. Haven't updated this in a while. Probably a few hundred books since my last post, but here are some of latest listings. To check them all out, click the link. https://www.dalerobertscomics.com/c/new-arrivals