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  1. I don't really like to do this, as I am typically very understanding that sometimes things come up and someone might have trouble paying. However I have received no contact since the end of the thread, so acknowledgment of receipt of invoice. He took 3 books in my thread, Web of Mystery #24, Planet #28, and Venus #10. As he has not responded, I am nominating m2ak1 for the probation list.
  2. Heard yesterday that this had done so poorly that they were actually renaming it Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. Wish DC could get their act together. While some obviously enjoyed it, they should try to make a movie which will appeal to a much wider audience. Still hopeful for the new Wonder Woman movie. Thought they had done Superman and Wonder Woman right. New Batman movie trailer looks terrible. Can't believe we are going back to the armored Batman...….
  3. I will be there at booth 1119, same spot as always. Stop by and see me!
  4. Been adding lots of new books over the last few weeks. Not going to post all of the pictures, but here is a nice sample. Lots of nice raw books too! Now over 5500 books on the site! DRC New Arrivals!
  5. Hi guys, Another 17 magazines up for auction! All with low starting bids and no reserves! Some Eerie Pubs, Warren, Skywald, and Marvel Mags. All high grade, many 9.4, 9.6, 9.8 some highest certified! These auctions end this coming Sunday night! Check them out here. DRC CGC Graded Magazine Auctions
  6. Smooth and easy transaction. No problems at all. Thank you. www.DaleRobertsComics.com