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  1. CGC 9.6 & 9.8 bronze age added to the site! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  2. Hey, I've just started 20 more ebay auctions featuring some great pre-code horror issues! Some really cool stuff and some of them are really tough. Take a look! http://www.ebaystores.com/COMIC-BOOK-MADNESS/_i.html?rt=nc&_sid=462329&_trksid=p4634.c0.m309
  3. More pre-code horror on the site. Click the link to see all the pre-code horror on the site. https://www.dalerobertscomics.com/c/pre-code-horror
  4. New bronze age CGC books on the site this afternoon! All 9.8 or 9.6! Several highest certified! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  5. I will again be running a Holiday Sales thread this year. I am thinking I will begin listing books on Monday night Dec 10th. I've been saving up books for the thread throughout the year, and there will be lots of keys, lots of high grades, lots of bargains, and books from Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age. I will be posting preview pictures closer to the date of the sale. Hope to see you all there. Dale Roberts Comics
  6. Yessir! Probably won't be quite as enormous as in the past, but we'll see. Lots of good stuff saved up from the past year.
  7. Some new pre-code horror issues up on the site! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  8. Original owner Picture frame Marvels added to the site! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  9. New books on the site over the weekend! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  10. Hi all, just started 20 pre-code horror auctions including many high grade issues of some tough books. These auctions end next Sunday night 11/11. Check them out http://www.ebaystores.com/COMIC-BOOK-MADNESS/_i.html?rt=nc&_sid=462329&_trksid=p4634.c0.m309
  11. I think you are making assumptions that aren't justifiable. The soul stone worked on its own, acting exactly as it did in the comics. The reality stone worked on its own. There is no reason to think the power stone only grants power for destruction. Its an infinite source of energy which can be used for anything from creation to destruction and certainly for strength. That is why he got it first. Because he would need the power to get the other stones.
  12. I don't believe this is correct based on the comics. The power stone grants tremendous physical power. In the Thanos quest, the person who had the Power Stone enhanced his own strength while in battle with Thanos to the point that he destroyed an entire planet and was forced to give Thanos the stone to rescue him from being trapped in space.