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  1. As much as I would benefit from the perception of this being true, I haven’t seen any evidence of it. I’m still finding lots of good books. The sources may change but the books are out there.
  2. The first books I remember buying were Amazing Spider-man 90,93, superboy 175,176, detective #413. Might have been others but I was 4 or 5.
  3. Been listing raw books all week, plus a couple of slabs. Lots of high grades including some incredible Superboy and the Legion. www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  4. Here are a few other books that I listed right after I got back from San Diego Comic Con www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  5. Lots of books added to the site over the past couple of weeks. Now over 5000 books listed on the site. All of the raws have been carefully and tightly graded. Take a look at www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  6. Lots of new books on the site over the last week! More coming this week. www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  7. I've added a ton of CGC and other certified books to the site in the past few days! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  8. Hey, I'm 5'11" and pretty much a regular dude. I wish the show coordinators could get together and work out schedules, it would benefit them all from a guest and exhibitor standpoint, but I don't think they care that much.
  9. Not at all true. I simply sell much more at Megacon. Same with Greg and Bob. Kapelka now lives in Florida so not practical for him to choose Detroit over Megacon. That being says, I love the Motor City Show and hope to be exhibiting next year as the dates are not in conflict.
  10. Dale Roberts Comics will be at booth 4007. We have tons of Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze and lots of CGC certified books, including keys. Be sure to stop by the booth. www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  11. So what? His design for Spawn was clearly based upon the Prowler from Amazing Spider-man #78,79, 93.
  12. After several weeks on the road, I'm back listing books on the site again. Check them out! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  13. More books on the site! Many single highest graded and highest graded! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  14. More CGC Certified books on the site in the past couple of days including many single highest certified Charlton horror issues, all with white pages! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  15. High grade Charltons on the site! Many single highest or co-highest certified copies! And more coming tomorrow! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  16. More books on this snowy winter morning! If you are snowed in, this would be a good day to check out www.DaleRobertsComics.com