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  1. Titles says it all. Auctions end next Monday night the 7th! Some very fun stuff here. PULPS AUCTION!
  2. Several hundred books added in the last couple of weeks. Here are some highlights. Many more added as well, including a TMNT #! CGC 8.5 which has already sold! Many more books to be added tomorrow and next week, including more keys! www.DaleRobertsComics.com
  3. Very well said. I agree there are no perfect answers for every one and every situation. To me, you hit the nail on the head when you said " I personally am not averse to some outliers but if it gets to be a lot for my personal preference, I would most likely stop perusing the sales thread." This is what I am saying, let the free market work. The market will speak. It always does. Anyway, I have said more than I intended to in the thread. It was not my intention to dominate the thread. I am just one of many on here, and I am willing to agree to whatever the forum decides. I would just ask that everyone consider the options and not be so intent on getting your own way. Besides, I've got books to ship.
  4. The problem with "this", is you don't get the same views. That's the whole point. More people shop at Wal-Mart, because they have everything. You don't have to buy everything, but it is convenient to have it all in one place.
  5. If you are going to enforce the policy, it is an absolute must to have specific dates. How can you enforce it when their is no actual date? I just think the easiest best solution is to let the free market decide. Honestly, whats the difference? We are talking about selling an Amazing Spider-man #259 (12/84) in one thread, and having to start a new thread to sell #260 (1/85). It just doesn't make any sense (or some such example, depending on the date). Does that really bother anyone? If I am watching a thread to buy stuff, whether as a collector or a guy looking to buy books to sell, I would rather be able to see everything in the same thread. When I used to buy from Foolkiller's sales threads. I might buy a Captain America #100 and an X-Men #266 in back to back posts. It was convenient. It was fun. It made it easy for all of us, buyers and sellers alike. If you don't want the book, how is that any different from any other book that y ou are not interested in (regardless of age). I can understand if someone is listing 100s of copper age books in the wrong forum. That thread should be moved. But for just a few books, who cares? Just pass over the book, and go to the next one. I've never started a poll. I'm not going to start one here. Arch asked me to post in the thread and start a discussion. That's what I've done. Anyone who wants to start a poll, have at it.
  6. I did. So did arch. We need to hear other peoples opinions. We know yours. We know mine. I don’t mean that to sound dismissive. I just think that a tiny percentage of the books in a big thread is not a big deal. This is why this place is dead. It use to be fun. Now people treat it like a police state.
  7. You could just not participate if the seller is doing something you don’t like. If enough people object, the seller will adjust. Again, why is everyone so deadset on policing everything. Market forces usually decide. I sold basically every copper book I listed in my thread, so obviously there is interest even in a thread which is 95-96 % old books. To me, it keeps the thread fun, never knowing what might pop up next. I will dare say the hundreds of people that frequent my threads, Andy’s threads, and foolkillers threads in the past would agree with me.
  8. As it is, if you read his response, Arch doesn't have a problem with people doing it.
  9. Hi everyone. After my thread ended, I messaged arch about having the rules clarified. I made my suggestion, and basically, he said he didn't have a problem with a few books being mixed in, but suggested we throw this out there for everyone to discuss. Here is how that discussion went. Let's see how the community feels about it as a whole. From me to Arch Hi, I would like to propose a change to the selling forums which would make things easier for the sellers. I don't see any reason why a seller can't post the occasional copper age book in the Gold/Silver/Bronze forum. If I have 10 books, or 100 books, or 1000 books to offer on the forums, and 90% or more of them are golden/silver/bronze, I don't see any reason that makes sense why I should have to start a separate thread for those few books. In the past, Foolkiller, October, and I have all done this to a very minimal degree. Someone recently complained in the discussion forum about me offering a couple of books which were copper age in my sales thread. I agreed to remove the books and not offer anymore during my sale, just in order to keep the peace and not violate the rules. However, it really wasn't a problem within the thread, and as I said, it was a very minimal amount of books that fell into this discussion. I think I probably offered somewhere around 800 books, and probably no more than 25-20 would have been copper age. My thoughts are this....The separate sales forums is here to help the user find what he is looking for, not to penalize the seller. I shouldn't have to create a new thread for 20 books in a thread of several hundred books. To me, a seller should be able to post what he wants, if he is willing to accept that the majority of people in the G/S/B are not looking for copper and modern age books. I hope you would consider this change. Perhaps setting a guideline of 90% book, must be in accordance with the appropriate forum, or something similar, but a few exceptions are allowed. I think this would be a benefit to buyers and sellers alike. If not, I would like to propose that specific dates and guidelines be published. If we are going to have a hard and fast rule, it seems as if we should have a hard and fast date to go by. No one seemed to know in the discussion thread, as dates ranged from 1983-1985. Thank you for your time and consideration. Dale Report reply Architecht Replied: Friday at 12:26 PM Hi Dale, I don't have a strong opinion on whether a small X% of books on threads bigger than Y books should be allowed. It's ok with me if buyers and sellers agree that it's a good idea and beneficial to both. Especially if the buyers understand that the result of saying "no" isn't that sellers will make a new thread, it's that sellers won't bother to offer those books. On the date range, I feel like any books that fall anywhere in the "contested zone" are just fine to list. In other words, if the range is 83 to 85, then let the wider range prevail. Buyers themselves won't know exactly where to look for those books anyway. That said! If everyone can agree that SOME strict date is better than none - even if individuals disagree about what's "right" - then I'm also ok with adding a specific date. Personally, though, I think there will always be a reason for exceptions - e.g. "Copper is clearly X date, well, except for this one major series, which of course is allowed an exception up to Y date, because everyone just KNOWS the art and style and story are more in keeping with Copper". Those kinds of exceptions that make sense to collectors of that era are just way too difficult to police. So if I have to pick specific dates, I would pick the widest range of each, and I would allow those dates to overlap. Either way though, to make these changes what I'd suggest is that you start a community discussion about it and link me to it. I'll read the feedback and try to choose something that looks like it will make the most people happy with the results.
  10. https://www.dalerobertscomics.com/itm/3510/sgt.-fury-1-cgc-3.5
  11. Shipping begins today! If you paid by PayPal, you can track your item through your payment. Books will go out in the order that the payments came in. Please be patient. It will probably take me a couple of weeks to get everything shipped. You guys bought a lot of books. Thanks
  12. OK, i've been working since the thread closed to get everything sorted. Its all done. I will begin PMing invoices first thing in the morning. Thanks again everyone. Dale