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  1. http://megaconfandays.com/ http://megaconfandays.com/guests/
  2. Graham Crackers is also doing the show. I think Dave Kapelka will be there as well.
  3. I've heard Valdemort will be there. I don't get why CGC is not setting up. I wish they were.
  4. I'll be there George. Bring some money. I'll send you home with some books. Hey Dale. Yeah, I plan on being there. Have to check with my usual local dealer sources to see if I can round up a badge though. My family is coming at least one day. I could probably help you out the other days though.
  5. Graham is coming. I just checked with him. I think Dave Kapelka may be there too. He's in Florida for the winter.
  6. I'll be there George. Bring some money. I'll send you home with some books.
  7. MegaCon FanDays is the weekend before Thanksgiving. I will be set up at the show.
  8. There were several quality comic book dealers there last year and no customers showed up. I was there, Comic Book World was there, Comics To Astonish was there, First Aid Comics, not to mention a half dozen other guys. If you want shows to succeed, you need to show up and spend money. People don't come back when there are no customers.
  9. As of right now, the show does not appear to have been rescheduled for 2016. Louisville is off the schedule until 2018. The convention center is being completely renovated.
  10. I would take half of that. Or half of half of that. Or...
  11. There is always more. Its just when I set them free.
  12. Got a few more starting up tonight on the bay.
  13. Nothing quite as earth shattering as last time, with the exception of a low grade copy of Teen-Age Diary Secrets which features a Marilyn Monroe cover, which I have absolutely no idea of the value. We'll find out. All auctions start at 9.99 and run 7 days. They will begin tonight about 10 EST/7 PST. Take a look and bid often. http://stores.ebay.com/COMIC-BOOK-MADNESS/_i.html?rt=nc&_sid=462329&_trksid=p4634.c0.m309
  14. Leonardo DiCaprio already did.....at least in terms of his action figures. His boxed/carded Megos were sold through a third party several years ago. I don't remember specifics, but I don't believe they brought much of a premium. Aside from a couple of Kresge's, I don't think they were top shelf pieces. I know he had comic books as well. Geoffrey (RIP) from Geoffrey's Comics in LA sold some books to him or brokered purchases for him at the very least.....at least according to Geoffrey, who never gave me a reason not to believe him. He did show me a raw Hulk #1 that an East Coast dealer had sent to him specifically for DiCaprio. If he's still into comics, I have no idea. But yeah, I certainly wouldn't pay more for something because it had passed through the hands of a celebrity. Much ado about nothing. Haven't seen him the last few years, but he was a semi regular at SDCC up until that time. He's been at my booth more than once.
  15. I'm setting up at the show. Making a little vacation out of it with the family.
  16. That's not what they are doing though. At Tulsa at the exhibitors meeting, Peter was very forthcoming. He said basically when Wizard started, there were 35 conventions a year, now there are over 900. He said Wizard is in for the long haul and that means improving their conventions. He said we had a bad September (Columbus/Pitts, etc), but they are making changes to improve. Tulsa was evidence of this. Not only was it a very nice crowd, but it was all over the place in media (newspapers, tv, what to do in Tulsa guides, etc). He said they are jacking up the guests for their conventions, better and more. He said they have done a massive increase on advertising expenditure for every show. He also said that some markets are not strong enough to support a show every year and that some shows are cannibalizing others (Pittsburgh/Columbus for example) and they would go to a show every other year in those markets. He said there were no new shows for 2016, and they are now doing a 24 month schedule which was on the website. Everything he said sounded great. Now lets see if they can pull it off.
  17. Other than kryptonite, his biggest weakness has been that he cared about people and the fact that he was a good man with lines that he would not cross. And he would never have let people die to keep his identity a secret. That being said, I can understand how he might kill Zod (a purely evil being potentially capable of ending all life on his planet) to protect the innocent, if it was the only choice. Just as a police officer should act and used to act, to protect and serve. However, generally Superman has been able to find a way around this.
  18. Do, sort of. It just comes from a place of growing up with the character and being a life-long fan. Comics, George Reeves, Fleischer stuff, Chris Reeve, the Bruce Timm animation. Good stuff. So it's tough to see what DC is doing, but MAINLY I'm grateful to have gotten the best of it for so long a time. And there's hope DC will wake up at some point. I agree with this. Make Superman iconic. Make him heroic. Make him noble and good, even if it makes him an old fogey. Don't cross lines that shouldn't be crossed. That's what is Super about Superman. You have all the power in the world, but you care too much about life and people to take advantage of that power. Ma & Pa Kent are who created Superman, not Jor-el and Lara.