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  1. Is it just me? I don't give a rat's azz about light scratches, scuff marks or marks on the plastic that I will see at certain angles with a loupe. Have you seen how slabs are handled at shows? They go up a wall, the come down a wall...some many, many times across multiple shows. God forbid they're in a box and people peruse through them like, maybe, comic books? People need to relax and live a happy existence - they're encapsulating the comic book with a protective hard shell that is exposed to the cruel world - it's doing wha it's supposed to. I don't care if it's coming straight from CGC - the label on the slab is for the comic in it, not for the encapsulation. The only exception that I will grant is if there's a poor encapsulation that either can damage the book (remember puddling? or introduces foreign material into the slab - that, I agree, is poor QA.
  2. I "need" to start a Spider-Woman collection. I guess today's the day.
  3. Well, now it's blue. I guess it's a work in progress.
  4. Is it just me? All the universal grades show up purple instead of blue on my Mac.
  5. Robert made this last VCC fun with a nice variety of books - a couple that I was lucky enough to pick up. He shipped quickly and packaged it all perfectly. Good communication goes a long way and it made the whole process smooth! Thanks, again!
  6. The purple on B&W seems pretty outrageous and somewhat cringy. It all comes together with the rest of the colors, though and fills the page with action.
  7. @SOTIcollector You certainly are the man when it comes to getting these books on the market - I got one from you a few years back. I have never been able to track one down in the wild in the last 10 years of trying. GLWTS!