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  1. I don't know if anyone else has chimed in on this one, but that's not an ink stain, it's a PX star mark - it's marked that way when it was sold in the military base and it has a Mark Jeweler insert.
  2. Star Wars #1 off the news stand. Traded it for a Marvel Two-In-One #24. I absolutely hated the art and in the Star Wars comic and the story was incongruent. Second place was a mid grade Giant Size X-Men #1 that I sold for something like $30-$40.
  3. So far we have: Tom Hanks Tom Cruise Brad Pitt Robert De Niro John Cussack Leonardo Dicaprio Rami Malek Some of them are older and may not see action sequences, but what character would you see these above doing?
  4. It looks like most major stars have appeared in superhero movies in the past few years - everyone from Kevin Bacon, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, etc. But which major star hasn't been in a LIVE ACTION superhero movie? The ones that immediately come to mind: Tom Hanks Tom Cruise
  5. 11 year old you had 1,200 comics!!?? Wow, that's some good parental support for the hobby - good for you. I remember if I told my parents that I spent 25 or 30 cents on a comic they thought I was crazy stupid on how I spent my money....don't get me started on spending quarters at the arcade - that was one step from being a pot head.
  6. I met him a couple of times at cons - he seemed to show up at all sorts of them - big, small, comics and Star Wars, of course. He was always there with his wife and was always friendly with fans.
  7. I've gone through times where I was a high grade snob, but found it unfulfilling. I've collected keys alone, as well, and that was cool but didn't much sustain my collecting habits. I preferred to be a completest fill entire runs of my favorites. Marvel Two in One, Invaders and Defenders were childhood favorites of mine and I've been able to piece together full runs, as well as runs of ASM, Avengers and FF. If I can upgrade along the way, then great, but it's not a primary goal of mine to upgrade - I prefer to have them all and read through them as I re-bag the newest arrivals. It also helps that I've found a couple of shops in SoCal that are very, very reasonably priced and have a good stock of silver and bronze age books that makes it possible to buy a few rather than just one book at a time.
  8. Soooooooo.....where is Gamora? Is that the going to be the plot to GOTG vol3 or did she get dusted? You see Quill attempting to search for her at the very end, but what's your take?
  9. The best part of Endgame was when and were at the . . I can't believe that and get into it but then they . But most of all, the part that had be in tears was when and were on the and they . Best movie ever.
  10. I enjoyed the all female scene - too bad it was missing Black Widow. Did anyone get the name of the model that Stark found was successful - the Mobius strip. I don't know if that's an intentional Easter egg or not since Mobius is known for these time traveling alternatives yet it's a physics term. One hole that I believe that the movie has which affects the first Avengers movie - if Loki picked up the tesseract and disappeared with it, I don't think it's because of the cosmic cube, but rather his own ability. Why didn't he just do that when he was prisoner of the Avengers in the first place? Fat Thor was a hoot. Cap holding Mjolnir was epic. I really enjoyed the Cap vs.Cap fight. The Avengers body count stands at - Quicksilver, Vision, Loki, Black Widow (How are they going to do a spin off with her dead?), Iron Man and soon to be followed by Cap. No leader left. Did I miss anyone?