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  1. Glad this thread was created. It's a subtle but noticeable thing that when a letterer does his job well it generally goes unnoticed. There were comics that I just could not stomach because the letters were typeset - it may have been some Charlton or something. A complete turn off, regardless of the art and story.
  2. Jamie Graham is now in Murrietta. He's the owner of the previous Ryan's Comics. I would also approach SoCal comics in San Diego - they buy big collections so maybe they have been offered something like this recently. In Orange county there is Comics Toons and Toys in Tustin and Torpedo in the city of Orange. In Burbank you will find House of Mystery - those are my main places to buy - I'm sure there's other smaller joints around.
  3. It took me two and a half hours to unpack my stack. It was like going through a Russian doll embedded in a Chinese puzzle box wrapped around a DaVinci cryptex! Alas, everything was minty fresh on the inside core! I'm gonna neg him anyway
  4. And I don't mean flipping books, which I've seen happen to quite a few. But have you ever sold, traded or lost a book that you later find?
  5. My predictions for the final hammer: The Dark Crystal : $45,000 Dazzler: $1.2 Million