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  1. If you are really wanting to get the ins and outs of pressing, you should start by reading this book. It ultimately is a bunch of trial and error and this at least gives you guidance so you don't make the same egregious mistakes and adjust your process. Comic Book CPR
  2. I can still smell it. Got my fireworks there every year.
  3. Speaking of cereal boxes, remember this gem of a shipping package?
  4. I've seen my share of comics in ziploc bags.
  5. Whatever happened to Rey? He was at one of my board dinners for Emerald City maybe that year or maybe the year before.
  6. From the collection of Jeffrey Epstein.
  7. @Fan Boy You may want to clean up your signature info... or mayor be reminiscing of better days... Going to Comic Con and Shows in 2017: ECCC show, Seattle WA - March 2th and 3rd, Two Days only Vancouver Comic Book Show - February 26th, bigger and bigger, more fun! Vancouver Comic Book Show - June 18, 2017 Fan Expo Canada - summer 2017?? - TBA
  8. I was actually talking to my wife about this yesterday!
  9. This had bothered me for years and I finally looked it up after posting. To my astonishment, the Avengers issue is a REPRINT of Amazing Adventures minus 3 pages. And to give it that "original" look the faces of Captain America, Thor and the Vision added to the reprinted cover by John Romita.
  10. You want it back in your original owner collection?