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  1. At conventions I know I am paying more for my books and I happily do it because I realize the expense the dealer has gone in order for them to be there, especially if you're coming in from out of town. I will get a "deal" and haggle a little, but generally I'll pay above market price for the shear convenience.
  2. It was good to catch up with my boardies @greggy @joeypost @VintageComics and meet @Silver and others. There was soooo much good stuff crammed into that room. I came away lighter in the wallet, yet having seen more GA in one place than I've seen at a whole convention.
  3. If memory serves me correctly, this panel came from Captain America 180 or 181. Robbins is expressing the malleable vulnerability of our hero who is going through an identity crisis as the Nomad. Nomad...an ancient word meaning a wanderer of the desert...as we see our hero navigate the desert of his existentialism through the outreach of motion and the development of additional muscle groups not found in nature. We experience with him as he contorts through life, his hands flail in a fluid motion reminiscent of a serious automobile accident after you got drunk attending your ex-girlfriend's marriage to the tattooed hooligan you used to purchase the daily paper from at the subway station. Ahhhh...poetry in motion.
  4. Frank Robbins is a comics god. Real art for the refined aficionado. You plebs just have no taste.
  5. I love to see the great collections out there. This is what makes the hobby go on - I love how eclectic some collections are and how each collector chooses their collecting style.
  6. Just looked at this site - there's no mention about a printing error like this one. Probably not the end all site, but looking through it, they do have all of the ones I know about. http://www.recalledcomics.com/VenomLethalProtector1Error.php
  7. I don't have runs that are 100% CGC graded, but I do have a few done and a few underway: Completed Amazing Adventures - 38 issues Marvel Two-In-One - 100 issues plus 7 annuals Invaders - 41 issues plus 1 annual John Carter, Warlord of Mars - 28 issues and 3 annuals Short runs also, like The Human Fly (19 issues), Infinity Gauntlet (6), Secret Wars (12 issues), Civil War (6 issues), DCs The New Frontier (6 issues) Underway Defenders (22 to go) Marvel Team Up (105 to go) - probably my main focus for the year Nova (5 to go)
  8. I loved those EN (Editorial Novaro) comics. Those were my first introduction to EC comics (mostly sci fi), the Phantom, and Fantomas.
  9. I've said it for a number of years now, and although prices have gone up steadily, you can still get a DD #1 9.0 for under 10,000. To me that's the most affordable SA key.