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  1. I saw it at a drive-in, so not necessary. Not the best way to watch this type of movie, but it's the only option in SoCal.
  2. I've been collecting since 1976 and only have 1200 or so books (which I think is a good amount). I don't believe a collector is based on quantity but on what each love to collect.
  3. It probably boils down to missed updates in CGC's database of record for each title. Otherwise you wouldn't have this happen either... graded 07/27/2020 graded 07/28/2020 CGC Needs to make up its mind on which is the 1st LL cover.
  4. Neither the Deadpool statue nor video game are included according to the video.
  5. In comparison, here's men working on a real building.
  6. To that extent, I've always had a problem with this cover - everyone is 12 feet tall.
  7. Thanks @gpanalysis, I appreciate the honest reply.
  8. Is it with any title or just ASM? It's not like I have a ton of books under that title, just about a dozen or so.
  9. It's been this way for weeks. I just tried it...it showed my comics and I started scrolling down and again I got the server message.
  10. @gpanalysis Anyone else having issues with your My Comics Dashboard when choosing one of your titles? I constantly get an error when choosing my Amazing Spider-Man. We'll be back shortly - performing a quick maintenance on our servers