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  1. Based on the jittery line work, I think Vince drank too many espressos before he inked this. Or is the seller implying that Kirby inked it himself for "Vince Colletta Thor #126"? I didn't realize that Colletta got above-the-title billing on Thor. Like "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan".
  2. This was way down on page 3. Auction opens in five days.
  3. The seller's commission listed on the HA consignment contract is 15%. The first time I consigned to HA, Joe reduced the commission to 10% because of the value of the pages I consigned. Perhaps they automatically reduce it to 10% for everyone. I don't know. Like you, I had been told that they would waive the seller's commission if you had good stuff. I asked Joe about this and he said that their minimum consignment value is $5K (total estimated value of all the pages in a single consignment), and they only waive the seller's commission for consignments with an estimated value of $100K+ or for "industry professionals". After I balked, however, he did agree to reduce the seller's commission to 7.5% for me, because at least one page I consigned will do very well for them. Have any non-professionals here consigned to HA and had the seller's commission waived entirely? Just curious if they have a "fluid" commission policy, depending on who you are.
  4. Full disclosure: I consigned four pages to the auction. Anyone who knows my collecting focus will know which are mine.
  5. There have been a few posts on individual items, but I figured it was time to start a consolidated thread. https://comics.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?Ne=1058&N=793+792+52+4294948889+1067&ic4=Refine-ComicCategory-102615 169 pieces so far ... and some stellar ones at that, especially the Krigstein "Master Race".
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robsalkowitz/2018/08/10/its-up-up-and-away-for-prices-at-the-latest-comic-art-auction/#3c6b482454f3
  7. A quarter million (with juice) for the Iron Man and Sub-Marinter #1 cover. Yowza. That's gotta be a record (by a long shot) for a Colan cover.
  8. This makes me think of Rudy Kurniawan and his forgeries of rare and expensive wine. In both Rudy's case and rare OA, the market value of the forgeries make it well worth the time, effort and skill required by the forger to pull it off. In Rudy's case the primary reason for his downfall was that he created vintages of wines that never actually existed. For such a good forger, it was a really stupid mistake. It would be like someone creating OA for AF #16 dated Sept 1962. However, with Rudy experts also began to notice inconsistencies in the fine details of the labels: typographic elements were slightly misplaced, inks were a little heavy and caused the type to swell more than it should have, etc. I expect that the same level of forensic work could/will be done with the #48 cover.
  9. It has a 1992 copyright printed in the bottom right corner, which seems odd if it were OA. Could it be a limited litho? Or a hand-coloured print?
  10. Absolutely ship to Canada via USPS with tracking. Priority Mail. As others noted, UPS will ding the recipient for duty and brokerage fees, and FEDEX will do the same (unless you check the box so that duty/fees are charged to you). If you ship via USPS, about half the time, Canada Post will deliver the pack without charging duty to the recipient. And even if they do charge duty, their brokerage fee is a flat $5. The same applies in reverse: your Canadian customer should ship via Canada Post with tracking. IIRC there's a flat rate package that is fairly inexpensive, and it includes tracking and a limited amount of insurance.
  11. A crazy amount of art and likely more to come. 109 pieces so far in the "cover" category. 46 splash pages. One example of the volume: I believe there are 30 Gene Colan Daredevil panel pages.
  12. My goals for 2018 remain the same as every year: 1) to track down more pages from Howard the Duck #9; 2) and to acquire a McCay "Little Nemo", a Herriman "Krazy Kat" and an Eisner "Spirit" page or pages. Every year I hold out hope that I'll achieve the first goal, but it has been perhaps six years since I last found a page from HTD #9 (or more accurately, since Glen Gold found it for me) and in that case, the owner wasn't (and still isn't) willing to part with it. Other than watching the auctions and posting here occasionally, I'm not even sure where to look any more. Unlike Colan art from, say, TOD which is relatively common, most pages from his run on HTD have never surfaced. As for my other goals, as each year passes I'm less likely to achieve them. Prices keep rising and I've reached an age where I'm less willing to invest five figures in a piece of comic art.
  13. Here's a short list that I'm sure others can add to. There isn't much (any?) of an OA scene at the retail level in Toronto, and even the back issue/collectible comics retail scene isn't what it used to be in the age of internet buying/selling. Still, there are some great shops run by passionate people. The Beguiling: my top pick for sequential art fans. They moved recently and I haven't been to the new location, but they were always the most esoteric store and had the best depth and breadth of sequential art-related inventory. http://www.beguilingbooksandart.com Silver Snail: is this Toronto's oldest comic shop? I believe so. Along with Dragon Lady (which closed about 5 years ago), it's been around since the 1970s but has moved locations at least a few times. Now on Yonge St in the heart of the downtown core at Yonge/Dundas. I recall their back issue inventory as being pretty run of the mill and overpriced, and they seem to focus more on figurines, collectibles and HC and trade paperback books these days. Still worth a visit. http://silversnail.com Paradise Comics: another shop that has been around for decades. The owner, Peter Dixon, used to run a wonderful annual convention, but was eventually bought out by Wizard World who abandoned Toronto after a few years. Definitely worth a visit. Accessible by subway. On Yonge St., but further north than the Snail. https://paradisecomics.com Excalibur: a small west end family-run shop. They've moved much of their business online but still have a bricks and mortar location. Apparently their hours are sporadic, so call first. Accessible by subway (Royal York stop). http://excaliburcomicstoronto.com West End Comics: I've never been here, but I've heard good things about this family-run shop. http://www.westendcomics.ca And you might want to visit BMV Books. It's a used book store but they used to have a decent selection of back issue comics. Their inventory is always changing and in the past there were sometimes some cool finds, especially if you got there soon after a new batch of books arrived. I haven't checked out their comics in 4 or 5 years, though, so I don't know if the situation is still the same. http://www.bmvbooks.com
  14. So the new fake is a fake of a fake? Sheesh. As I was prepping that post, I though the "original" auction looked familiar. I have a vague recollection of it being discussed here.