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  1. Moving, touching and worthy write up. Made me realize the wonderful people that are around in this community who you never get to interact with because maybe your particular interests don't coincide. Also makes me feel deprived that I never got to know him. RIP Sounds like a 1000% class act.
  2. I believe upon death a giant curtain is pulled back and everything is clear. 31 years old way too young.RIP.
  3. don't lie,butthole. don't be a hater, dildoholio. Fixed due to a kinder and gentler christmas season.
  4. It's happening. There are board members and other promoters building grass roots shows slowly from the ground up in many cities across the country. And to be fair, the show circuit is a lot more competitive than it used to be. Just a few short years ago, you could say that there may have been a weekend without a major show. Now you have multiple shows on every weekend. Competition means you either put out a solid product or you get left behind. It is happening.DT's Eucon was well run and sucessful.For a area with no shows in 20 years the first year attentance was really good.
  5. I got a vacation for using STF and U in a post I directed at this tool in the past. Now, are the mods going to let this fly? Big talk too. Internet mouth. Is that a threat? I was thinking about a book, but now I'm scaaaarreed. Im sure he could give you a thousand references,if you are serious.
  6. It happened to be.Just wont renew your lease.
  7. I like how it says "we" like there's more than one guy working out of his mom's basement. There is at least 3. Does this count DJBRADY4U who gets to borrow his equipment to encapsulate his own books at much inflated grades and self witnessed signatures? No he was "banned" from submitting
  8. I like how it says "we" like there's more than one guy working out of his mom's basement. There is at least 3.
  9. Wow.What a way to make a living.Mailing all those comics at 1-2 dollars each.Way to much work for me.
  10. in terms of value?The last brave and bold 28 6.0 sold for 7400.It had cream tooff white pages.What would be the premium for off white pages.Also a b&b 29 5.0 with white pages. Dennis
  11. Found a couple of his cards a while back.
  12. Just wondering what we will see first Matts pedigree book or Iron maniac scathing expose on pgx
  13. nah,he is a warm duckholio Indeed.Just dont ask about Lizards 1....