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  1. Nice list 90s Child. I'm surprised Robot Man didn't mention you overlooked one of the toughest-to-find Avon PCH books (he said he was chasing Avons 50 years ago), the remaindered Secret Diary of Eerie Adventures. Thanks for creating this topic.
  2. Take per PM: All Famous Police Cases 16, Crime Must Pay the Penalty 24 and Hand of Fates 11 and 25.
  3. Mollie, thanks for expanding the Avon Captain Steve Savage set, but you need to add points to the expanded issues of Captain Steve Savage that you've now listed; they are all at zero. Specifically, here are the books I've got listed for which the points are zero (and my suggested points would be somewhere around 75% of Overstreet for all but the nn, which should be around 100% due to Wally Wood art): nn 5.5, #6 (1950 series) 7.0, #7 (1950 series) 7.0, #6 (1954 series) 8.0, #9 (1954 series) 7.0, #10 (1954 series) 7.0.
  4. Mollie, per your suggestion let me officially request, now that show season is over and you can bear down, that the Peter Rabbit set be expanded to include the Peter Rabbit Jumbo Book. Tom
  5. Mollie, I see you expanded the Realistic Romances set to include 15, 16 and 17 (it formerly had only 1 through 8). Thank you. However, you included 9 through 14, but those issues don't exist unless you know something I haven't learned over the last few decades of trying to collect these books.
  6. Mollie, more Avons selling yesterday for more than 5 times what CGC awards for points (more than 14 times in one case): Slave Girl #1 CGC 5.0, sold for $754.80, CGC points are only 145. Buddies in the U.S. Army #1 raw fine sold for $216, CGC points for a universal 6.0 are only 22. Buddies in the U.S. Army #2 raw vg-f sold for $144, CGC points for a universal 5.0 are only 10.
  7. Mollie, ignore if you've addressed my 7/14/18 post. The Avon one-shot in my last listing (Phantom Witch Doctor) sold for nearly 10 times its CGC point rating, but I should also have mentioned the other Avon one-shot that was the most underpointed of the recent sales: Dead Who Walk CGC 4.0 sold this week on Comicconnect for $730, CGC points are only 57.
  8. Molly, some more recent sales that show prices 5-10X the points: Campus Romances 2 CGC 4.5 sold on Comiclink yesterday for $151, CGC points are only 29. Crimes by Women 9 CGC 3.0 sold on Comiclink yesterday for $280, CGC points are only 44. Phantom Witch Doctor CGC 4.0 sold on Comiclink yesterday for $483, CGC points are only 50. Terrors of the Jungle 4 CGC 6.5 sold on Comiclink yesterday for $837, CGC points are only $107.
  9. Mollie, thanks for fixing the Realistic Romances set. Can you look at the Captain Steve Savage Set? There are two series of number, a nn issue and 1 through 8 in the first series from 1950 through Jan. 1953, and a second series with issues numbered 5 through 13 spanning Oct. 1954 through June of 1956. The registry set simply runs nn through #13, one slot for each number even though there are two #s 5, 6, 7 and 8. I have both #6s, and the registry set says both are eligible for the #6 slot even though one is dated 8/52 and the other is dated 11-12/54. can you add 4 more slots for the 5-8 second series books?
  10. Could you also please create sets for four other Avon series that have several graded copies outstanding: Kit Carson 1-3, 5-8. You should include the "...and the Blackfeet Warriors," which is probably #4 since its date falls between 3 and 5. Penny 1-6. Sea Hound 1-4. Even though only 1 and 2 are Avons and 3 and 4 say they are Capt. Silver Syndicate publications, I'd lump them together. Sensational Police Cases nn, 2-4.
  11. Could you add a set for the Avon series Boy Detective? There are graded copies of every issue (the #1 with the later date in your census listing is actually #2 and I am sending it back for relabeling today).
  12. Hi Mollie, a few recent sales of Avon "good girl" type books for roughly 5 times more than the registry points being awarded: Saint 1 - a 5.5 copy sold this week on Comiclink for $666, CCGC points = 120. Slave Girl 1 - a 6.5 copy sold for $959 on Comiclink for $959 this week, CCGC points = 218. Strange Worlds 4 - an 8.0 copy sold this week on Comiclink for $5,128, CGC points = 1166.