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  1. I’ve been tempted by a couple of issues at our local one...does anyone know if they are open to negotiate on pricier books (+$100)...?
  2. snitzer


    Hard to believe that by 1941 any title was already up to issue #65! Great book!
  3. snitzer

    Comics related Halloween stuff, anyone?

    Love the Marx Hootin Hollow Haunted House!
  4. Very nice! Looks to be in great condition as well. If I didn’t have a copy already, I’d be very tempted to snag this one.
  5., if a movie is involved and Hugh Jackman is playing him, THEN I’ll worry.
  6. I’m totally fine w/ him staying under the radar. He’s one of the few GA characters, I love, and can collect without breaking the bank
  7. Can concur. At Baitmore this past weekend, UF #4 was easily bringing anywhere from $50 to $75. 2nd prints were $10 a pop.
  8. snitzer

    Comic Connect Ship Times Getting Ridiculous

    CL auction requires the books are on-site as they create/own the scans. General sales (exchange) are not.
  9. snitzer

    Thoughts on Baltimore Convention 2018

    What an awesome cross-section of material! Only thing missing is a mainstream superhero book...but who’s counting? I have to agree with others. This show, more than others, really stood out to me given how much quality material was available. The dealers really knocked it out of the park in terms of GA, SA and BA. Next October can’t arrive soon enough
  10. snitzer

    Thoughts on Baltimore Convention 2018

    Rick was somehow conveniently away at that time
  11. snitzer

    Thoughts on Baltimore Convention 2018

    That’s great! My son is 11 and was all-in on Spidey so I took him by @G.A.tor‘s booth and was like, “Look, this guy has like 100 AF 15s!” My son was stunned!
  12. snitzer

    Thoughts on Baltimore Convention 2018

    Sadly no “new” pick-ups for me BUT I did take advantage of the on-site grading and for the most part, it went off without a hitch. I only wished turnaround, and communication, was a tad better. On the other hand, the encapsulated books look beautiful! No newton rings, great centering, etc. They really look outstanding in-hand! More importantly, this Con, thanks to Marvel films and the Sony Spidey game, was the first one where my son was on the hunt for certain books. It was awesome trying to locate a few key issues with him. He learned a lot in the process from finding a good deal, to working with a budget and of course, as did I, about the current market. Who the hell is Silk and Miles Morales I kept asking him? Regardless, we had an great time together! Here are his pickups along with my fresh slabs.
  13. snitzer

    What's in your attic?