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  1. You have way more patience than I do. I usually give it two weeks at most. Never hurts to reach out and start a dialog.
  2. This! Bought a book w/ a seller who was 80 miles north of me. Figured I was safe. Damn thing was routed 1,700 miles away before slowly making its way back across the country over the course of 10 days. I should have just picked it up in person
  3. No way anything w/ a large crowd happens in Colorado this year or maybe even next. Again, it will have to be Texas, Florida, etc.
  4. I can hear it now, “I remember when we used to have comic cons - in person..”
  5. Agree. We’re looking to ditch VA for close as we’ll get (we need seasons! Lol) 👍
  6. Sadly, I agree. The calendar flipping to January isn't going to magically erase what we lost in 2020. If you're in a state like Texas, Florida or Georgia you likely have a good chance, but outside of that - forget it.
  7. Weird. Today is just like yesterday.
  8. Friend just sent me this...seemed appropriate
  9. “Stimulus” money goes towards down payments on new/used cars. 100% fact. Not saying it should but it does.
  10. Collecting “academic” SOTI material is my hobby...all 1st prints and in amazing condition