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  1. Great comics! 1975 for a “modern” is wild to think about given its a 45-year-old book (that’s longer than the Golden and Silver Age combined)
  2. Great thread. Awesome collection of keys and yes, some seriously tempting ones
  3. They are there...just need a hard return so they are more visible
  4. No one is stopping you from making an xls. Have fun 👍
  5. Book store yo. It’s a book. Don’t ask me to read it to you once downloaded
  6. The Apple Store version is not a PDF. How is a spreadsheet more modern? Did you even bother to look or are you just complaining now? 😂
  7. Pinging @SOTIcollector for visibility ...personally, I would love to see proper SOTI notations on CGC labels.
  8. There is a digital version. Heritage download AND via the Apple Book store. I have the latter and it’s awesome 👍
  9. When does your sale here officially begin?
  10. While ours in August was in a bigger hall, then past cons, the crowds were still decent nonetheless. It was a blast actually!