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  1. Agree. 4 - 4.5. Well done 👍
  2. 3.0 if PQ is decent and everything is attached. Love it btw!
  3. Other forums I visit have a no delete price policy. What exactly is the reason for deleting it? Is it done to make it clear the book has sold
  4. Agree. Great looking copy and such an underrated 1st app.
  5. Blame the holidays and family but I totally whiffed (forgot) about this Felix OA gem last night... Otto Messmer Felix the Cat #12 Page 34
  6. Saw it with my 11 and 13 YOs today and we all enjoyed it. The movie is visually stunning and the story is solid. This coming from a nerd who is NOT, traditionally a fan of animated movies.
  7. While I haven’t completely abandoned comics, I do find myself on discogs and /vinyl waaaaaay more these days 👍
  8. CGC (9.4 or lower) preferred unless it’s a killer deal on something higher. Raw OK as well. LMK what ya got 👍
  9. I’ve been tempted by a couple of issues at our local one...does anyone know if they are open to negotiate on pricier books (+$100)...?
  10. Hard to believe that by 1941 any title was already up to issue #65! Great book!