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  1. This. Results have me wondering if it’s flipped and is a seller’s market
  2. This has been Heritage’s approach for awhile now...they even push the video games in their comic-focused social-media accounts.
  3. Went to our LCS today...owner said they received zero comics for FCBD this year
  4. It’s a PIA (shipping-rule wise) but registered would be the way to go w/ that amount of books.
  5. Noticed this today. Even with the limitations in place right now, the weather is killer outside, people were out just soaking in the sun and getting out of the house. All safely of course (no shaming required).
  6. Maybe the seller isn’t the one who had them slabbed?
  7. Who are they even targeting with this idea? I told my two kids (12 and 14) and they just laughed their asses off at it
  8. Positives for Hang in there. Mrs., and I attended a major conference (10k attendees) where someone had it. Here we are, three weeks later, and there hasn’t been a single additional case identified from that same conference. And believe me, the media was looking. All will be well 👍
  9. I’ve found social media distancing to be very helpful
  10. You should have done six just to F things up
  11. Agree. Sig placement is complimentary to the rest of the artwork here. Awesome book and glws!
  12. Daaaaaaaaamn. That PL is a grail for me
  13. Great pickups! Always loved the cover on the Action and to come away with two! Well done 👍
  14. Yup. It was Storage Wars and they were “salting” the lockers with items. The Dave Hester lawsuit brought all this into the public eye including payouts for *ahem* “enhancements” to certain cast member attributes.