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  1. Get well soon Joe! Happy to hear the surgery went well...
  2. Next up is Tales to Astonish #53 - FN/VF 7.0 - $70 $60 This book looks a lot nicer (looks like an 8.5/9.0) and has fantastic cover gloss, but I've downgraded it because of the tanning. I submitted a copy of Tales to Astonish #50 that looked a touch nicer with the same amount of tanning and it came back from CGC as a 7.5, so I feel pretty confident in my assessment of the grade. Back cover scan:
  3. First up is Journey Into Mystery #105 - FN/VF 7.0 - $85 $75 The only callout of note is a small spot to the left of "with a large printing firm" on the back cover...there's no tide line so it doesn't look like a stain, but you can see it if you hold the book at an angle (the spot is about the size of the "w" in "with"). Back cover scan:
  4. Hi everyone, I have two raw books up for sale: Journey Into Mystery #105 - FN/VF 7.0 - $85 $75 (OSPG value is $125) Tales to Astonish #53 - FN/VF 7.0 (possibly higher, please see description) - $70 $60 (OSPG value is $94) Those of you who've sold raw books to me in the past know I ask a bunch of questions when I'm interested in a book, and I can say that none of these books have: Loose or detached staples Rusty staples A loose or detached centerfold Spine splitting Soiling, water damage, stains or fingerprints unless noted Tears unless noted Chipping or dents unless noted Major creases Any printing defects (printers creases, smudges, etc.) Any interior defects (tears, missing page corner chips, etc.) I charge exact shipping to ship these books insured via USPS Priority Mail, and the shipping cost will depend on your location (I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, but I know USPS Priority Mail shipping costs are high outside of the U.S.). I accept PayPal, checks or money orders. The first gets the book, but I will also listen to offers via PM. I accept returns or will make things right should you not be happy with a book for any reason, and please No probies and HOSers. Thanks for looking! Art
  5. While on the subject of FFs, Kirby's photo collage cover on #33 was pretty innovative...
  6. Great report and pics...thanks for sharing! I had a blast when I traveled east for the BCC back in 2016 (my first and only out-of-state con so far), and I thought there were tons of great dealers and books then...looks like there may be even more dealers there now! I know for a fact that Worldwide didn't set up at the BCC back in 2016... I need to make it back out to this show, or possibly check out the Charlotte show...