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  1. I'm also thinking 6.0, but could see it possibly getting a 6.5...
  2. 6.5, with a shot at 7.0...sweet book with nice page quality!
  3. I agree, and without the staple tears I could've seen it possibly hitting 6.5. Great gloss and colors on this book! Those massive Comics Code stamps always make me laugh...
  4. I considered throwing a tracking bid down on this book, but the piece missing at the lower left corner of the front cover turned me off...I wonder if that may have impacted some other bidders as well? I'd rather have a copy with more spine stress and wear than a copy with a piece missing, but I don't know how many other people feel this way...
  5. Regarding back cover surprises, I was looking at a Tales to Astonish #49 in CGC 9.0 a few years ago with the intent to buy, but upon close inspection I saw that someone drew a beard on Albert Dorne on the back cover so I passed on it... I'm not sure if it was missed during grading or factored into the final grade, but it was not noted in the graders notes. Keeping on topic, that is a beautiful copy of Daredevil #1...congrats to both buyer and seller!
  6. I also agree with this grade...great catch! @Randall Ries, I also initially thought the spine looked weird on the interior photo, but it's because the bottom staple is on the front cover rather than on the spine, causing the inside of the cover to look like it does when the book's that what you were referring to in your comment?
  7. Agreed... I can't count the number of times I've seen a book with a very nice-presenting front cover that has issues on the back cover...hope this isn't your experience when you have a chance to check it out further! If everything else is clean and it's truly an 8.0, the $340 USD price tag exactly matches the last sale of this book in CGC 8.0 on GPA...
  8. I also noticed this when checking out raw books from the Savannah pedigree, and it was a bit of a they carry a premium when they come to auction? I don't buy pedigree books unless I happen to find one at roughly the same price as a non-pedigree copy, so I don't track their activity in auctions. I'm just curious as to how the Savannah pedigree tracks compared to other pedigrees...
  9. One option would be to hold onto it until you find a nice cents copy you like and then sell it...that way, if the price for an FF #9 goes up by the time you find your cents copy you should be able to sell your pence copy for more than you paid... This is, of course, assuming a "rising tide lifts all boats" and both cents and pence copies increase equally in value relative to today's price.
  10. I totally agree, and economically-impacted collectors being able to take advantage of the current market is definitely a silver lining to the craziness...
  11. As someone who had many years to acquire an X-Men #1 but didn't (I considered biting the bullet and looking for a 6.0 last October but never followed through... ), prices seem crazy right now, and I suspect sellers are asking for the moon and settling for less considering how much prices for this book have skyrocketed just in the last month...if I remember correctly, about a month ago a few 6.0 copies were offered up for sale on these boards for between $15,000 and $17,500. I have no idea how to value this book at the moment, and it feels like I can't even refer to GPA right now to get a
  12. 9.2 for me as well...looks like there are two tiny color-breaking creases at the upper right corner of the front cover?