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  1. I'm leaning toward 6.0, but can also see it grading 6.5...nice book, and cool story of how you got it!
  2. So sad...R.I.P. Mr. Sinnott...
  3. WENT TO HIS 23RD MISSION STORE A LOT IN THE 70'S Me too! I also remember going to another store down the street from Gary's that was owned by a guy named Scott, if I remember correctly...
  4. Heh...I recently bought this exact book from Dave & Adam's, cracked it out and read was downgraded because of multiple reader's creases, but presents very nicely for the grade.
  5. 2.0 for me as well...bummer about the back cover!
  6. It actually got a white page designation from CGC! I was actually very happy with the grade, considering I never bagged or boarded it and just kept it in a box for almost 40 years before submitting it to CGC...I don't have a photo of it slabbed, but here's a (not great) scan of it "in the raw" from back in 2007...
  7. I was going to comment on how many of your books look very nice despite the paper quality being lesser than their U.S. counterparts...makes them even more impressive. The paper quality reminds me of some German reprint publications I bought in the late 70s, one of which was a Spidey #129 (Die Spinne) reprint that ended up grading 8.5 when I sent it into CGC.
  8. As someone who's both bought and sold on ComicLink before, this is correct. As a seller, if I have the book in my possession I first need to ship it to ComicLink, and they then repackage it and ship it to the buyer.
  9. @fishpaul, I have a sales thread I closed last weekend that included a Haunt of Fear #19, and this book is still available if you're interested...
  10. I'm going to go ahead and close this sales thread and move the last two books to other venues... Thanks so much to everyone for their purchases! If anyone's interested in either of the remaining two books, feel free to PM me.
  11. Hi @RobbieC, could you please add front and back cover images for the following books when you have a moment? Justice League Of America 9 CGC 8.5 $500 Tales To Astonish 35 CGC 6.5 $1150 Congrats on the sale of the Spidey #4!