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  1. I saw the above promos with Starlight and The Deep during the CW superhero shows this week...wonder what people who know nothing about The Boys thought when they saw them? I haven't read the comic, but am looking forward to the TV show...
  2. Tales to Astonish #50 CGC 7.5 - Origin and first appearance of the Human Top. This book presents like an 8.5/9.0, and was hammered because of the tanning...if you want a book that looks structurally nicer than the assigned grade, this is the book for you! Asking $100 $85 Back cover scan:
  3. Tales of Suspense #45 CGC 7.5 - First appearance of Happy and Pepper. Tough book to find in higher grade! Asking $575 $525 Back cover scan:
  4. Journey Into Mystery #99 CGC 8.0 - Origin and first appearance of Mister Hyde and first full Surtur appearance. The area at the top of the book that looks like a chip is just some of the overhang folded's not a chip. Asking $225 $200 Back cover scan:
  5. Hi everyone, I'm offering three CGC minor key books up for sale (scans are forthcoming): Journey Into Mystery #99 (origin and first appearance of Mister Hyde and first full Surtur appearance) CGC 8.0 - $225 $200 Tales of Suspense #45 (first appearance of Happy and Pepper) CGC 7.5 - $575 $525 Tales to Astonish #50 (origin and first appearance of the Human Top) CGC 7.5 (but presents much nicer) - $100 $85 I charge exact shipping to ship these books insured via USPS Priority Mail, and the shipping cost will depend on the number of books you buy and your location (I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, but I know USPS Priority Mail shipping costs are high outside of the U.S.). I accept PayPal, checks or money orders. The first gets the book, but I will also listen to offers via PM. Please no probies and HOSers. Now on to the scans...thanks for looking! Art
  6. How about these? #11 - First Stranger (could come into play if any celestial themes are covered in the movies) #19 - First Mimic (was he ever relevant though? ) #39 - First new costumes #49 - First Lorna Dane (Polaris)
  7. Bought a nice FF #18 from was securely packed and shipped very quickly! Thanks!
  8. @Yorick, thanks for the response! There does not appear to be any discoloration or staining (I would expect to see something on the inside of the front cover if this were the case), and the cover gloss appears to be consistent on the bubble.
  9. Hey everyone, I just scanned through this thread before asking my question...some great information in here! I have a copy of Atom #9 that has a bubble in the "A" of the logo, and there's no evidence of this defect when I look on the inside of the front cover...could this be another example of blistering? Thanks!
  10. Awesome reports, as usual...look like some really fun shows. Thanks for sharing!