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  1. This is what I would do for a book of this value, unless you want to get it graded ASAP so you can sell it while the market's hot...
  2. I don't think CGC will recognize signature verification done by the other guy and grant the book a yellow label, so it'll need to remain in the other guy's slab.
  3. That was very cool...thanks for sharing! Since he's a self-described completist, I wonder what runs of books he has to go along with those two mega-keys?
  4. “L@@K” always seems to magically lure me in...these sellers are smart!
  5. I totally agree with this, and saw that you just purchased the Annual #1...congrats! If prices go up, you have a lower-grade copy that's also gone up in value that you can sell to make upgrading less painful. If prices go down you can upgrade for less and still make some money back from your lower-grade copy. It feels like a win-win, provided you have the funds to buy the books you want now...good luck!
  6. Totally agree...and the scans are super-clean so the books really pop!
  7. This is what I think they are, and I once bought a copy of Daredevil #14 that had similar indentations on the front cover...
  8. I was thinking the same thing...apply minimal pressure and check often to make sure the gloss isn’t being affected and the ink isn’t getting smudged. Depending on the type of stain it may have slightly penetrated the paper, in which case there may still be something left behind when the crusty surface part of the stain is removed. Good luck!
  9. I think there could also be a psychological element, especially when seeking more expensive books. It took me almost 10 years of collecting before I made the jump from spending hundreds on a book to spending over $1,000 on a book, and I'm going through the same psychological process now as I contemplate buying some of the massive keys I need to complete some of my I ready to make the jump to spending over $10,000 on a book? That's a lot of cash, but unless the comic market completely crashes and burns in the next 10-20 years you should be able to recoup most of your investment a
  10. This is great news...about time we're getting a convention back up in San Francisco proper! @Kevin Boyd, have the other FAN EXPOs been well-attended by vintage comic dealers?