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  1. What a great video...thanks for sharing!
  2. silverseeker

    Loose Centerfold Grading

    The timing of this topic is quite interesting, as I finally found a higher-grade raw copy of Brave and the Bold #60 with a rock-solid centerfold a few weeks ago, and had this exact discussion with the dealer who sold it to me...he was commenting on how difficult it was to find a copy that was 1) higher grade and 2) free of centerfold issues. It took me quite a while to find a nicer copy that didn't have either a partially detached centerfold or a centerfold that was on its way to being detached...even higher grade copies of this book seemed to have this issue. The dealer and I also discussed how a lot of copies of Hawkman #1 seem to have a partially detached cover... @boomtown, good luck with your hunt for copies of Brave and the Bold #60 that don't have centerfold issues!
  3. I was first going to vote for Iron Man #1 or FF #48, but decided on the 7.0 Spidey #50...
  4. silverseeker

    Why are Hawkmans so cheap?

    When I first collected comics as a kid in the late 70s, I got into Hawkman because of the awesome artwork and science-themed stories, and completed a low-grade run of #1-27... When I got back into collecting Silver Age comics in 2000 I decided to collect the Brave and the Bold and Mystery in Space Hawkman issues, along with Hawkman #1-20 in mid to high grade...I have a few books to go, but at least have a Hawkman #4 (whew!).
  5. silverseeker

    Too cool a story not to share.. Enter.. Silver Surfer

    Very cool story...sweet book!
  6. silverseeker

    Fanzine and Convention Program Book Appreciation Thread

    I've never collected fanzines, but recently read Bill Schelly's book about comic fandom and really enjoyed has quite a few images of early fanzine covers and interior art: It's interesting that several (many?) professional comic writers and artists started out in comic fandom...
  7. silverseeker

    Bigger SA key: Silver Surfer 1 or Fantastic Four 49

    Fantastic Four #49 for me as well, but I'm trying to put together a run of Fantastic Four #1-60 and do not collect the Silver Surfer title, so I'm somewhat biased...
  8. silverseeker

    Stan Lee RIP

    A sad day indeed...RIP Stan. Thanks for everything you did to make this hobby of ours so enjoyable.
  9. I agree. Shipping a $150 slab from California to the East Coast via insured USPS Priority Mail costs a bit over $16, assuming postage is not purchased via a website that offers a discount...
  10. Great reports, as usual...thanks for sharing!
  11. silverseeker

    1975 San Diego Comic Con

    The 1975 price guide was the first one I bought too, right after I got into buying comics...will always have a soft spot for that price guide! As a little kid I remember being floored by the prices for Golden Age and early Silver Age books...if I would have known then what I know now... I think a buddy of mine bought a nice Avengers #1 for $30(!) and traded it for a sweet Spidey #2 around that same time, if I remember correctly...
  12. silverseeker

    1975 San Diego Comic Con

    Very cool...thanks for sharing!
  13. Totally agree...looking forward to seeing this now.
  14. silverseeker

    RIP Scott Wilson (Hershel) from Walking Dead

    Very sad indeed...RIP.