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  1. Hi I am new, if you can help guide me in what you think of this one I would appreciate it.
  2. my best friends family. Theres bins full but these two seem to have popped up alot on google so I used these as examples.
  3. By graded do you mean this site? or do local places grade too?
  4. I should specify my best friend found these and I am helping her figure out if she should keep them or sell them. We do not know much about comics. She found someone nice to help but I am getting second opinions. Anyone have a suggestion.
  5. I will try and attach pics. I am new to this and am just looking for guidance. I know its easy to get taken advantage of if you do not know what you have. Hoping someone here can point me in right direction.
  6. Hello, I found hundreds maybe thousands of comics. I found three that might be of importance. What should I do?