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  1. And that will do it for this evening. I don't believe I will be adding any more to this thread, but the way my thread over in Mixed has gone, I'm not making any promises Thanks for all who made purchases and browsed! I'll revisit the thread in the morning, determine the course of action, and either add more books or close out the thread. Maybe discounts depending on what's left. A reminder that I have a thread with a whole bunch of random clutter over in the Mixed forum in case you're really a glutton for punishment! Combine shipping, yada yada.
  2. Crime SuspenStories 5 [1.8 - $100] Johnny Craig Cover is detached at bottom staple but still holding on at the top. There is browning and foxing on both front and back, but the pages are not brittle. Book lies flat and even with the crease on the LRHC, tears at the staples on the spine, and browning cover, this book looks pretty killer for the grade (right in my wheelhouse). I did consider keeping this one too, but Vampirella is not a cheap date.
  3. Adventures Into The Unknown 24 [2.0 - $20.00] SOLD to Robot Man! I was initially leaning towards a 3.0 on this one, but the staples are starting to pull on some of the center pages (not uncommon in these 52 page books) and the stress near the staples so I bumped it down. There is a slight spine roll and wear typical of the grade including shading and creasing. Cover is not detached, but is nearly so with significant staple pulls on both. But like most of the other books in this thread, the interior is solid, good for reading, and displays well despite that crease on the LRHC (the artwork seems to mask it well).
  4. Forbidden Worlds 37 [Mangled Reader Copy - FREE] Claimed by Robot Man! Well, it's really only the cover that's mangled. Free to anyone who either has already or is about to make a purchase and claims it. I just noticed the cover is Ogden Whitney!
  5. Fantastic Fears 8 [1.0 - $100] This is one of the few I'm parting with that I thought twice about because of the cover . It's low grade, but the cover still displays pretty strongly despite the other flaws, which I'm about ready to launch into. This is one of those 'stitched' books that I mentioned above that appear to have been bound with thread at one time (see the back cover scan if you want to check out the pinpricks). Small pieces of tape on the back cover. While the cover is a bit flimsy, it displays well and the book is solid and complete on the inside. Book is detached at the top staple and might as well be on the bottom, but it's still hanging on by the edge of its fingernails (honestly, it might lose the battle before it gets to you, but I don't think that matters much with this book). Stick it in a Mylar and display it on a shelf! I should probably keep this one, but papa gotta pay for those Vampirellas he bought from Stevemmg a while back and I've had this one for a long time so it can find another loving home. It's not you, Fantastic Fears, it's me.
  6. Tales From The Crypt 42 [2.5 - $85] SOLD to Callaway29 This is another subscription copy, but unlike the 45 listed earlier, this one lies flat. Staple pull on the top staple, but everything is attached and the book is tightly bound.
  7. Adventures into the Unknown 15 [1.8 - $20.00] SOLD to Robot Man! I bought this one for the cover. It has its problems, including that spine roll that you can see, but is complete, lies flat and is still solidly attached at the staples. I'm not a huge fan of ACG, but did like the cover on this one.
  8. Break time. Looks like I still have a half dozen turds to list before it's all over. Might be an hour or two or three.