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  1. The 1981 guide was my first as well. I remember liking the Cole pieces, but when it came to the commissions he was doing, I also remember wondering why anyone would pay a significant amount of money to get Cole to recreate one of his covers for them. My thinking was that why would anyone want a copy instead of the original? I was young and clueless As it was, I grew up and was living in Montana at the time. I didn't even see a Cole cover in person until I was in my early thirties and moved to Minneapolis in 1999 where I found a copy of The Terrors in the Comic Book College in uptown. The ones I've got nowadays aren't super high grade, but his covers now comprise the best part of my collection.
  2. Haha, nah, ‘C’mon woman’ just doesn't have the same ring to it. Plus saving up for the Flash. So far. 😜
  3. Yer killin’ me, man That GL is awesome. And the PCH. Great books!
  4. It's been many years since I last purchased anything from Sharon and it's nice to see that some things never change 😀 Great books and an even better person selling them. Thanks, Sha!!!
  5. Your sales threads are always so much fun, Sharon! For most of my comic collecting life I've been a Marvel/Indy guy. Then in the last five years or so I transitioned and have been heavily weighted to PCH and just in the last six months or so I've finally branched into DC, but with a narrow focus: Superman/Bizarro covers, Batman/Joker covers, JLA 1-100, and SA Flash, with the occasional exception. I've always loved the SA DC threads because the books are just so damn weird but haven't felt the joy of buying them until now. Still bummed I missed the Batman with the black cover with all the Jokers on it, but I was lucky enough to pick up some really cool ones here to add to my stack so I'm super happy. Thanks for the great sale!