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  1. Haha, thanks brother! I suppose I'm considered an OG sales thread veteran but it's been so long that I'm really just a newb. I always remember Jon's old threads back in the day (cd4ever) who'd knock back a pint or quart or gallon of his favorite poison and list books until he passed out. You could always see it coming, usually at about 1:00 a.m. when everybody was threadkrapping and suddenly notice that Jon went missing an hour before. But when he was listing, you absolutely had better not leave the thread because he'd throw some crazy stuff out there for super cheap. Plus it was just too fun. I'd be offended if you didn't threadkrap, but it'll be a mighty small thread so you'll have to be quick about it, - unless I find more to put in the sell pile, but it's super hard for me to sell any GA, if I'm being honest. I've been buying non-stop for ten years without selling any. My Modern and SA/BA threads will definitely be good candidates for disruption however. Probably giveaways too, I haven't decided how I'm going to do those ones yet.
  2. Going to take a break here and fire up the Gold sale later unless something else comes up. (I will continue to add to this thread, feel free to combine books for postage).
  3. Stumptown 1-3 [9.4-9.6 - $45.00] These books are very solid. Apparently a TV show is to come or some other gimmick that I will use in an attempt to sell these
  4. Crackajack Funnies 37 [.5 - $5.00] SOLD to Readcomix! This one is rough, a good size chunk out of the upper right hand corner goes through half the book, cover detached, loose pages, etc., but it's a complete GA reader from 1941 for $5.00 so quitcherblitchin! The missing pieces do affect the story in spots, but you're still getting most everything.
  5. Star Wars Omnibus: The Original Marvel Years Vol 1 [$60.00] Pretty sure you aren't going to find this cheaper anywhere (but you might). Cheapest BIN on eBay is $80. Dust jacket is in a Brodart cover.
  6. Mr. A 1 (2010 2nd ed.) [9.0 $5.00] SOLD to Tony_H! Since I got a real first print, this one can go. This book is magazine sized and all B&W.
  7. Amazing Spider-Man 20 [.5 - 1.0 - $100] First Scorpion. I do not usually sell semi-keys or first appearances unless I have an extra copy, but this one is just too low grade for me now, so here it is. I'll bet I've owned this book for twenty years or more . Bought it at a shop in Golden Valley MN when I lived up there. If the grade looks off to anyone, let me know - but it seems accurate to me. I had trouble pricing this book. There are three incomplete .5's listed on mycomicshop for anywhere from $150-$237 and some 2.0's listed at around $220. Of course they are still sitting there, meaning that they are overpriced. While mine is pretty dang ugly, it is complete (with tape and amateur webbing drawn on the cover, water damage, small pieces out, dirt, etc.). The ones sold on eBay for less were all incomplete copies.
  8. Daredevil 173 [7.0 - $3.00] SOLD to echu! Book looks nice, but impact damage (or, more likely some kind of scrape) on FC spine 4" up from bottom.
  9. A couple more Omnibus coming up today and other random items (still digging for stuff nobody wants)...with Gold to come either tonight or this weekend in the GSB forum (I think around 20 books).
  10. Also, I found these but I'm not sure I want to sell them. The Squa Tront 10 and EC Fan-Addict magazine are in super high grade (at least super high grade for my collection, ). Even if I don't list them, they are still sweet to check out:
  11. So I'm going to hijack my own thread with a question about pedigrees. Maybe someone will know. I've got a copy of Tales of Suspense 92 (Boston pedigree, old label) that last sold in 2008 for $145 (I got it here on the boards from the person that purchased it at that price, Grails, who used to run contests and give away slabs back in the day). A regular 9.2 sold this year for $114, eleven years after I got my copy, which doesn't make much sense to me. Unless....are pedigreed books that big of a difference in price from those that aren't? Or did it just depreciate in price? On the flip side, the Twin Cities 9.2 copy sold for $263 in 2017. Anyway, if anyone knows, please threadkrud away!
  12. Yeah, could be. The confusing part is the '.' in the sig., because it's definitely not Campbell. Pretty sure it's not Choi either, so probably Garner or some 3rd grader they had sitting at the table
  13. Daredevil 228-229 [8.0 - $10.00] Pretty sharp copies, though both have slight diagonal corner creases through the outside bottom corner of the book that you can't see on the front cover (likely from stuffing in a box in a raw condition, I'd guess from experience). I'm guessing these would press out. Slight stacking rub on white back covers.
  14. Marvel & DC Treasury Starter Kit [$50.00] Includes the books below. I'd consider splitting it into two lots if someone only wanted Marvel or DC. The Hulk treasury is in the best shape, a VF or so. The others are mid-grade. Batman has a couple of small pieces of tape on the spine for no reason that I can deduce (it doesn't look like it's repairing any damage).