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  1. The Shadow Double Novel Series 1-4 [$25.00] All bagged and unread. These are actually very cool but I really need to pick and choose my battles and The Shadow pulp reprints are way down the list, so these have to go. I have a bunch of Doc Savage I may list as well.
  2. When David Lost His Voice - [$5.00] By Judith Vanistendael. It's been read a few times (very powerful story) and the binding isn't as tight as it once was, but still very solid and good for reading. A 275 page hardcover graphic novel for the price of a modern floppy. Craziness!!11!!
  3. I believe that may be it for the evening. Probably. Not sure if I'll be listing Thursday (depends on how work goes) but plan on hitting it hard this weekend. I'll likely keep this thread open and add more to it, along with the Gold sale. Not sure if I'll have enough energy to do the copper/moderns, & bronze/silver but maybe.
  4. Journey Into Fear 4 [1.0 - $30.00] I have purchased nearly all of my PCH books off of the boards going back 10+ years, including this one. At first I just bought what I could afford, always low grade, usually not being too picky about the title. Then I began to be a little more choosy and have finally gotten to the point where I'm going to move some of my lower grade books that helped me get my GA collection started as I move into higher grades. I've got a small stack of these I'll be listing in the Gold forum, but here is a preview. No clue if it's really a 1.0, but seems close to me. This one has a ton of flaws, including a boatload of tape on the spine and someone actually enforced the spine by sewing it (you can see the white thread in the scan). All that being said, I bought it for the cover and it displays decently. Aside from the ink in the 'F', the other stuff doesn't really distract too much from this more or less well presenting low grade PCHer. Definitely a 'get your foot in the door' book.
  5. Doc Savage: Birds of Death [$70.00] Overall, this is one solid, great looking pulp. The back cover has some problems (small piece missing at bottom and some rubbing/dirt), but in the grand scheme, she's purty, spine completely intact. October, 1941. I know there aren't a boatload of Doc fans left, but I'm one of 'em. This books lies super flat.
  6. Gen 13 1-3 Signed Lot [$10.00] So I bought a collection all kinds of years ago when I lived in Tucson and it came with a stack of signed books from various conventions, mostly of early Image creators (I listed NewMen earlier for free and nobody took it, lmao). Sigs were not witnessed, but I believe they are all legit. Problem is, I've no clue who signed them . It doesn't look like Lee or Campbell to me. Anyone know?
  7. Ye Old Lore of Yore 1 [8.0 - $50.00] First appearance of Cursed Pirate Girl; Jeremy Bastian & David Petersen (Mouse Guard). Book presents super well, but I'm having a hard time giving it a grade. Nearly all of the wear is on the spine in the form of both color breaking and non-color breaking spine tics. Pressing would help with the latter, but not the former, obviously. A very similar looking copy sold on eBay for $75 last week.
  8. Cannon 4 [5.5 - $10.00] Magazine size Wally Wood production (last issue). Adults only on account of the boobies and killing.
  9. Star Wars 1-3 Reprint Lot [$20.00] 1 looks to be about a 6.0-6.5 to me. 2 and 3 are better, perhaps 7.0-8.0.
  10. Thanks man, it's not in bad shape. There's some production creasing on the back and just general wear. It was in an old box out in a shed, so the polybag was filthy, but the book itself is probably around a 7.0. Not bad for free Thanks for the bumperoo, now I will list some junk (that nobody will want)!
  11. Y'all thought I disappeared and took all my fine junque with me, didn't you? Fat chance. I have more low grade crud that nobody wants coming up tonight at random intervals. To tide you over until I'm ready, check out this amazing find I had in the wild today. I have a buddy that works in a local bookstore and once in a great while they'll get in some comics. Purely at random, he hands me this today and says "No Charge." The really freaky thing is that I've been looking for this book for quite a while (several years) but have never run across a copy in the venues I shop. He had no idea and just hands me this out of the blue. I know it's not super rare or anything, but it's not certainly something you typically run across basically anywhere. Stay tuned for some krap.
  12. Actually, I might do my low, low grade entry level Gold sale tonight. Maybe, Karen, quit pressuring me! I do actually have ADD, currently untreated, so you can see how my decision making process tends to be a bit spontaneous. It's probably a very good thing that they outlawed online poker all these years ago because spontaneity didn't always work out in my favor But it may work out in yours if you like PCH beaters.
  13. I need to attend to several items. Likely to return sometime later, but no promises and no clue when. No, I am not afraid of commitment, Karen.
  14. Vampirella 40 [2.0 - $2.00] Waterlogged reader copy, but still good readin'. The damage is mostly limited to the front cover though, no musty smell or anything. Sanchez, Maroto, etc. This was my lowly undercopy until stevemmg's monster threads a couple weeks back.
  15. Eerie 9 [2.0 - $5.00] Cover by Dan Adkins. Interiors by Neal Adams, Ditko, Gene Colan and others. I especially enjoyed the Ditko story in which he employs a bit of a different style than I am used to with him using the grays and shading. Bought this in Tucson when I was on vacation, read it, and am passing it along to you at my price. It's pretty worn, lots of crumpling and such, but 100% enjoyable in this state to read.
  16. Heavy Metal October 1979 - $5.00 Sold to Chazgee! Lovecraft issue. I collect Lovecraft across all spectrums (but focus on the Arkham House books), which is why this is one of only two issues of Heavy Metal that I own. I cannot assign a grade to this (2.0 or something?), but it's very much an entry level copy and that's what I paid for it nearly ten years ago. It's got a significant amount of bug chew on the spine, but also plenty of other cover wear. The interior is quite solid and tightly bound. Includes material from Moebius, Walt Simonson, Arthur Suydam, and a host of other Heavy Metal talent with cover by weird photographer/artisk J.K. Potter. It took me forever to actually find a copy of this way back when and when I finally did, I forgot to sell the undercopy. You can get them on eBay all over the place for around $50 (of course those are in much better shape than mine). Thisn's for reading.
  17. Gotham Central Lot: $25.00 Most look to have been unread, 9.4-9.6ish. Includes 1-10, 12, 14, 17, 23, 25, 27, 29-32. 20 books.
  18. Savage Tales 2 (Suydam Virgin Variant) [9.4 - $60.00] 2007 Dynamite. There are two on eBay. A 9.4 for $100 and an eBay FN/VF for $70. I mean I suck at math and science (and English, manners, reading the room, etc.), but I'd get mine in place of the other two examples. I believe my grade to be accurate, but if you're disappointed, I'll take it back no questions.
  19. Thank you! I'm here to sell stuff, but tend to enjoy f'ing around just as much (or more) I've got you down for the three!