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  1. Or it might be Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.'s Superman Year One - Book One [9.6 - $5.00] I don't mind telling you that I was surprised at how bored I was with this book. I love both Miller and Romita Jr (even his stylized stuff), but this book just fell flat for me. Couldn't keep my eyes open. My boredom is your gain, though I didn't exactly put the hard sell on anyone here.
  2. I'm not really sure what to list next while everyone is sleeping. Stand by. It might be an Amazing Fantasy 15.
  3. Demonique 1 [9.0 - $1.00] Most indys from the 80's-90's just weren't....very good, in the grand scheme of things (but some f'ing rocked to be sure). But having graduated in 1986, these books are right in my wheelhouse of nostalgia, even the crappy ones. I'm not trying to talk you into buying this, I'm just saying. Also, I realize that there actually is a market out there for a book like this, so if you are a prospective buyer, I respect your collecting choices. And refuse to accept any type of discrimination levied against anyone courageous enough to grab it. I scanned this dollar book especially for you('re aunt).
  4. Cereal Killings 1 [7.0 - $2.00] I've always liked this book for some reason and just like whenever you buy a car and you then always see the same make and model driving around....I always seem to run across this book when I buy collections. It's pretty crazy how often I've seen it considering that it's rather obscurish. It's Fantagraphics, so doesn't suck at all.
  5. Except that I got bored, so here's however many more. Maybe one or thirty. Anything Goes!: [6.0 - $1.00] Neal Adams cover.
  6. Getting back into the swing of things, I think, but am shutting it down for the night. More to come tomorrow!
  7. Raw 6: [6.0 - $60.00] 1984. Art Spiegelman Treasury size - 10 1/2" x 14". Tight binding, various spine ticks. Nice copy with a small bit of wear that brings it down. Maus Chapter Five still tightly bound in the middle. Overall very solid copy with slight stacking/rubbing/creasing keeping it down. This book is slightly nicer than the number 4 without the slightly wavy bit.
  8. Raw 4: [5.0 - $60.00] 1982. Art SpiegelmanTreasury size - 10 1/2" x 14". Tight binding, 1/4" spine split, various spine ticks. Nice copy with a small bit of wear that brings it down. Flexi Disk 'Reagan Speaks For Himself' still tightly attached and Maus Chapter Three still tightly bound in the back. Overall very solid copy with slight stacking/rubbing/creasing/waviness keeping it down. I'm sure pressing would help this book if you're into that. Cover by the legendary Charles Burns.
  9. The Goon 7 TPB Lot: $30.00 All first editions that are mostly in unread condition, though there is a small bit of wear on a couple of volumes. Includes Volumes 0-5, 7, and Noir. I picked up the Library Editions a few years back and just never got around to selling these.
  10. Fright X Magazine: $1.00 Feature on Ben Edlund's The Tick. Small price sticker that I never tried to peel off.
  11. Next Issue Project Lot [9.6-9.8 - $20.00] I loved the concept of this series more than the execution, but these are super nice books. I am typically pretty hesitant about grading anything out a 9.6-9.8 unless I'm awfully sure. Regardless of the grade, these are pretty cool and I wish they'd done more with some other titles. I can do scans if anyone wants, but these are nice.
  12. Captain America Omnibus - Brubaker: $70.00 The Brodart sleeve on the dust jacket is a bit scuffed up from shelf wear, but otherwise a nice copy.
  13. So I was getting ready to list a Marvel Masterworks Variant 203 (Defenders Volume 4) but can find no pricing anywhere. There is one listing on eBay for $200. That can't possibly be right, is it? I'm aware of some of the rarer Marvel Masterworks, but didn't think this was one of them. I'll get back to this one. If it IS rare, mine won't be $200.
  14. Frankenstein Volume 3 - $12.00 Richard Briefer. PS Artbooks Hardcover, unread, very minor crumpling to upper spine (looks worse in picture). Retails for $50.
  15. Is This How You See Me?: $8.00 Sold to n2wdw! The latest from Jaime Hernandez. HC graphic novel featuring Maggie and Hopey from Love and Rockets.
  16. Pop Gun War: Gift - $5.00 By Farel Dalrymple, artist of the awesome Omega the Unknown series for Marvel in 2008. 6" x 9" graphic novel format.
  17. Vague Tales: $8.00 Another by Eric Haven similar to UR but this one is hardcover. 64 pages, same dimensions as UR. Great underground style.
  18. UR - $8.00 By Eric Haven. This is a smaller sized softcover graphic novel with a style along the same type as Charles Burns. Super weird and awesome. Contains a half dozen or so stories. Measures 6"x9"
  19. Comic Book Marketplace Special Edition: $5.00 Sold to n2wdw! Some rubbing on front and back covers is pretty much the extent of the wear. Has the Gerber Photo-Journal Guide White Space Stickers (Set #8)
  20. Death Warmed Over: $3.00 By Krystine Kryttre, magazine sized. Reminiscent of JTHM a bit, mostly scratchboard art.