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  1. Reserved for recap. As if I'll need one. Might be a bit before I start listing. Dinner is just about done and then I need to watch the Blacklist.
  2. Reserved for recap. As if I'll need one. Might be a bit before I start listing. Dinner is just about done and then I need to watch the Blacklist. So, it's been a while since my last sales thread. I'm too lazy to look it up but I'm thinking 2011? Anyway. A brief history of Annihilus on the boards: Used to be, I'd buy some collections and run some threads, a few of them 100+ pages of books, mostly $1-$10, though I have sold a couple of $1K+ books (several $300+) here and purchased many more (many, many, many more) over the years. Had a bunch of repeat customers. Lots of threadkrapping and lurking. I mostly collect PCH and moderns now, with a good dose of Warren Mags recently. So years and years of accumulation and no selling has led me to shelves bursting with stuff, much (some?) of which is pretty cool but outside the focus of my admittedly wide range of stuff that I collect. The stuff I'll be selling either came along with a collection I bought in the past, picked up at garage sales, or from my various local sources who have occasion to run across the kind of things I like and set aside for me. A bit about my threads: No complicated rules or azz-hattery. I don't have a ton of margin built into my prices, almost all of them should be cheaper than you can find basically anywhere (but I might miss on an item or two). I am organized, I pack well, open to whatever mode of shipping that you like as long as you pay for it. For those picking a side in the war, I've shipped Media Mail to anyone requesting it for probably twenty years with zero reported incidents. This includes shipping entire longboxes to MyComicShop every month for several years from 2012 through 2015 or so, when I depleted the last of the big modern collections I bought. If you don't mind the risk, I don't mind shipping. Your call. A bit about this thread: It's been so long since I've had a sales thread that I don't know how different the software is when it comes to images and such, so thought that this forum would be a good place to start since nobody ever comes here . Threadkrapping and discussion encouraged, though I don't really expect many visitors. This thread is just so I can get back up on the horse and ride around a bit. What will be listed: TPBs, magazines, HCs, GNs, a few signed singles nobody will want, random odds and ends that I've run across that don't really belong anywhere else. Look. Most of this stuff is going to be carp. Well, some of it. But hey, some of it is pretty cool and interesting and at least a few items are actually.....desirable. To the right person. Upcoming threads will be more focused...I am planning a small Gold sale (all lower grade, maybe 20 books), separate modern sales for Indy, DC, Marvel (basically a long box each), and a copper bronze sale (a long and short box). Shipping, Payment and Returns: Satisfaction guaranteed, you pay return postage unless it's my fault as long as it's not past a couple of weeks after you got the box. Paypal, checks, accepted. Shipping any manner you choose at cost, including Media Mail as long as you accept any possible risk of the package being opened in transit, including upcharge, if any (I've never had a problem). I have tons of packing material, including USPS Priority, so take your pick.
  3. Here's the page in question from Empire of Monsters
  4. I've seen this done with some old Lovecraft paperbacks from the 70's that I ran across. It's pretty distinctive once you know what to look for and not terribly uncommon...though I've never seen a Mad before. I kept my Lovecrafts because I thought they were cool.
  5. Holy carp those masks are full of creep factor!
  6. I mean, it really kind of is considering what came between the PCH Senate hearings and the Warren mags. I really don't need any help with reasoning
  7. Thanks, man...though the last thing I need to be doing is joining more folds, I already don't have enough money for all of the PCH books that seem to show up here every 5 minutes. I absolutely love my Vampi mags and no ragerts, but I had to make some difficult choices in a PCH thread or two over the last couple of weeks.
  8. Thanks for all the info, guys! Just from doing a little research, it reminds me a bit of counterfeit Cerebus #1 where it does have a (mostly historical) value, but is not free. I thought about getting a counterfeit just to have it (and still might) but am probably still a long way away from ever getting an original, if ever. If you can believe Google, 'around 400-500' of the original were printed and while that is not a ton, it is also much more than something like 10 or even 50. It would be interesting to know where/how all of those were distributed in the half dozen cities they were sent to. I know they 'went to news stands to be sold', but surely there is more to the story. Been reading a ton of Warren this week. Some good, some not so much, but enjoyable either way.
  9. The Area 51 gift shop used the Amazing Stories with 'Empire of Women' on it as a souvenir t-shirt (they replaced the verbiage with an ad for tattoo removal service). Love the Venus Flytrap cover and the Finlay below it. Nice looking stack of books!
  10. You got my #2 J/K, I'm super happy with what I did get. You got a most excellent pile as well!
  11. You want to know what's embarrassing? I didn't even know that the #2 is essentially the #1 until I started looking at the book in Steve's sales thread and did some research on it (also, around the same time as reading about it in Bill Schelly's biography of Warren. Just goes to show you that you can be around something for 40 years and know very little about the subject. I wonder if anyone here has seen an actual copy of the #1 (ashcan)? I've always loved the mags, but never gave much thought to their history until a couple of months ago. All kinds of interesting stories about Warren and crew.
  12. Echoing these comments, I've learned so much about collecting from the pros on these boards during the 12 some years I've been here. Any time I'm out in the wild discussing comics with anyone I happen to run across in shops or whatever, I ultimately drop nuggets I've learned here over the years. Usually several. These boards are one of the single biggest repositories of comic knowledge anywhere (if not the largest). Sure comes in handy, especially with the libraries of false knowledge you can find pretty much anywhere on FaceBook.n Also: the trifecta I was able to acquire from Stevemmg's sweet, sweet sales threads!
  13. If I had already had a #1 and perhaps more of the 1-10 run, I would've done the same but I was hoping to get a nice mid-grade #1 so the gamble paid off. Plus I noticed early on in this Vampi thread that the competition for those higher grade copies was going to be pretty healthy, so that's another reason I went the way I did. No wrong choices here, though!
  14. Definitely, super awesome and fun thread to take part in! I had a decision to make...whether to get a couple of high grade books or fill as many holes as I could with mid-grade copies. I chose the latter and am pretty happy with that decision. I'm at the point now where I can legitimately kill off the run with a little luck and then worry about upgrading. I'm still more of a 'well presenting mid-grade' kind of guy though, so am super happy with what I was able to pick up. I wanted that #5 really badly and was itching to pull the trigger but my wallet told me absolutely no way