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  1. Deadline for submissions May 10, 2019 Bust - (Black and White) - $150 add color - $25 Single Figure - $200 add additonal figure - $75 Add color - $25 + Fast Track Grading - $10 Price includes BLANK w/Top Loader Shipping to Khoi Shipping to CGC Grading and invoice fees Return Domestic Shipping Paypal payments must add 4% paypal fee, check and money order also accepted. We have a variety of blanks in stock, if we dont have one and you prefer to send one in please deduct $5 from the total price Pics from my 2012 sketch opp which were all BUSTS, this is the first time Khoi has offered full figures as part of one of my opps
  2. HOW ABOUT a Blast from the past? Setting up a sketch opp with my Buddy Khoi Pham, details posted shortly
  3. Ill be at the show 5 days with my witness if any one needs assistance getting books witnessed for CGC
  4. Correct, I will have my team at the show facilitating ALL CGC signature series and non-signature series submissions. For more info hit up the planet website here
  5. @Kenny37 yep ill be there