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  1. Gorkem has been doing some really great blanks for us, I just wanted to make sure we could get them to Turkey and back without any issues. He is a pro when it comes to packing and really love the blanks he has done for me this past year. Thanks @ivdyer
  2. Gorkem has done some incredible sketch covers for me and is now offering a public sketch opp through us. His art has been featured on several Turkish variant covers of Venom and Spider-Man. Sketches will be done in Mixed Media, including Acrylic paint, marker and airbrush. Examples can be seen below. LIMITED to 10 SPOTS Deadline for submissions November 11, 2019 Painted Bust - $300 + Fast Track Grading - $10 Price includes BLANK w/Top Loader Shipping to Gorkem in Turkey Shipping from Turkey to CGC Grading and invoice fees Return Domestic Shipping Some of the blanks included and recommended are Spawn #300/301 Batman Who Laughs Joker #1 Purple (add $10) Ghost Rider #1 Black Amazing Spider-Man #1 Venom #1 (add $10)
  3. I do these here and there for LCS stores, but it really has to be worth my time (name that will almost guarantee at least 50 books being submitted during the signing) and that is for a show my witness and I can drive to.
  4. Looks good, again its just not a RED as paint pens
  5. Been using them for the past 8 months, Red is more of a pink BLUE IS AWESOME Green works well The only problem I have had with these is that they need to be broken in, ie tested a couple of times and even in some cases I have had to push down on the markers to get them to work. I really love the blue, I just wish the red was more red Here is an example with blue metalic
  6. Sure hit us up at
  7. At MotorCity comicon there were 2 options to get Jim Lee books done for signature series. 1. Drop off books at the CGC booth 2. Submit books directly after they were signed at the @Agents Of Slabsbooth set up in the same room at the Jim Lee signing. Books that were not submitted at the show this way would not be eligible for signature series
  8. @austinhg that is up to the show. Not sure yet.
  9. for some reason the hulk did upload. Next step are watercolors for several. Hope to have this wrapped up by next week. Dan
  10. I will be set up at the show accepting CGC Submissions with witnesses on hand.
  11. Keep in mind CGC ships the books after the show to Sarasota. Once they arrive they will process all the boxes which can sometimes can take up to 1-2 weeks after the books arrive. Depending on the volume of mail and boxes they have waiting to be processed it can take a bit.. We are right now in the heart of convention season. CGC is probably getting 100-150 boxes of mail a day in addition to show shipments. They have a dedicated staff whose sole role is to open mail and input them into the system. Hope that helps. Dan
  12. Deadline for submissions May 10, 2019 Bust - (Black and White) - $150 add color - $25 Single Figure - $200 add additonal figure - $75 Add color - $25 + Fast Track Grading - $10 Price includes BLANK w/Top Loader Shipping to Khoi Shipping to CGC Grading and invoice fees Return Domestic Shipping Paypal payments must add 4% paypal fee, check and money order also accepted. We have a variety of blanks in stock, if we dont have one and you prefer to send one in please deduct $5 from the total price Pics from my 2012 sketch opp which were all BUSTS, this is the first time Khoi has offered full figures as part of one of my opps
  13. HOW ABOUT a Blast from the past? Setting up a sketch opp with my Buddy Khoi Pham, details posted shortly