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  1. Seriously the way prices have moved just in the last few years anyone could have made good profits with the right choices. 100% correct
  2. and with major restoration, 50x that $6000 .................. I don't see any down side however you look at it.
  3. Just reading this and adding another thought: I think another reason to slab big ones might be to "help" family members (heirs) in the event of passing suddenly ...... if it's items that are only thousands, not sure I'd make a big deal about them, but tens or hundreds of thousands, may just make it that much easier to have value established immediately at less cost to the beneficiaries ...........
  4. I honestly don't know how this thread doesn't just close when Rick has answered the question. He is so "in the know", when he answers then I'm good.
  5. I'm working through this thread and only on page 1, so I'm sorry if this gets addressed later in this thread (which I will finish today I hope as it is VERY interesting), but I need to comment here that maybe, just maybe, those that have raw copies of GA keys are very sophisticated collectors. They have done their own resto checks and grading. And they probably know that the big auction houses will take care of the slabbing themselves if or when they were to sell, so there is no urgency to slab for these collectors. Just my 1 cent
  6. fishbone

    Golden Age group shot

  7. fishbone

    What the F is going on with FF 1 ?

    This link is for a 1.0 that sold for just over 4K .........................
  8. fishbone

    Golden Age group shot

    Actually, it's only my non-slabbed Actions. I have 1 to 100 (Superman-only covers). I may just leave most of these ones in picture un-slabbed, still love thumbing thru them from time-to-time.
  9. fishbone

    Golden Age group shot

    Before the CGC Slab Monster devours them, one last group shot of my remaining free-range Actions .....
  10. fishbone

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    Really ? A mod/ext restored Action 1 cover is worth $125,000 ?! Does anyone else agree or disagree with this? Again, my mind is getting blown here and I just want to make sure I'm the crazy one here ....... BTW, I would be so happy if this actually was a current market truth
  11. fishbone

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    That's what I'm thinking would have to be the result. Nothing else is logical. But, if that is the case, then another move forward in the conserved/restored world of GA mega keys.......for those of us who care
  12. fishbone

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    The thing about this thread that I'm trying to wrap my brain around [and no, it's not who is going to win the upcoming James Johnson v. sfcityduck lawsuit] is that it appears that this book is going to hammer around 200K ( to 250K ??!!) according to those in the know here. How is it possible that a Tec #27 8.5 mod(P) just sold for 242K, but this book, which clearly would supposedly grade out as a 0.5 mod(P) Action #1, will sell for the same $$ ? That's my dilemma. I get that there is an aggressive bidder who has a coverless copy who wants the cover. This cover will get him what? If his coverless copy is unrestored, how would he approach the cover. The cover is restored with pieces added and colour touch I believe. If one believes this restoration could be reversed, at least the pieces added, does he get a conserved copy? and at what grade with pieces missing from the cover? And then there is the issue of his second copy, now coverless, which has value either as is or selling off individual pieces of the Superman story. So I'm trying to do the math, but it probably all depends on how much the guy originally paid for his original coverless copy. If he paid , say, 50K for the coverless copy, then pays 250K for this one .... that's 300K. And the work to add a cover to a book, and do a bit of resto removal.....not much expense there. I don't know, does the math work? What am I missing....maybe it does if his (now) complete book gets a conserved designation and he has an incomplete coverless still to sell if he wants... I'm trying to understand this game, and when I think I do......then all of a sudden I don't
  13. fishbone

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    yes, noticed that. But I would hope that bidder on a six-figure book would know that no way this is a slightly restored book. But certainly it was originally a tad deceptive.
  14. fishbone

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    But an 8.5 moderate wouldn't be 242K - it'd be more. I think you are getting your Action 1's and Tec 27's mixed up