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  1. might be one of last Romita SS 's ...... don't think he's doing well
  2. Absolutely. Comparisons in this crazy world we live in, if Bitcoin can go up 450% past year, if Tesla can go up 750% this past year, well 233% for a comic isn’t exactly out of reach. Regarding comics, other comparisons could be TMNT1, ASM300, UF4 in the past year probably over 250% gains in many grades. Yeah, everything is running now. Look at how many Copper and Modern books in 9.8 are selling for several thousands now after being in the $200-$500 range last year. It is a great time to be a collector with a lot of inventory in all sorts of different hobbies......
  3. To answer OP question: with regards to Superman, I sure hope so -- 15 years now and hardly a move upwards in many of my early Actions ..........
  4. Who knew in 1964 that there would be a thread dedicated to this book in 2021?
  5. You can keep the tins, but can I have the stacks of Silver Age in the backround ?
  6. Just to be clear - I do know of the couple original art Speed Comics covers, I can see them on Heritage. But what I was wondering was 1) any classic Timely covers ? (Cap, Torch, MMC, Submariner .........) - and I see Cat answered with the one that seems to have survived, but is that truly all we know of ? For the record, I am not shocked if that is the case, as any GA cover original art is extremely rare, I was just asking cause of how freaking incredible his original art is/would be 2) any interior pages - I'm under the impression he was a cover guy mainly (only?) - just wante
  7. Whoa! There is one ! $167,500 ask in 2003 ??!!! Can't imagine what this would bring in an auction in 2021 ..............................
  8. yes, the Speed Comics ones ........ which are incredible. But I mean MMC, CA, HT ...... those covers or even pages ?
  9. not sure if here or Original Art is best place for this topic/question, but I thought I'd get better info here
  10. 1) TEC #31 any shape, just as long as front cover is complete 2) same with Tec #33 3) Cap #46 ( holocaust) - mid-grade