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  1. Congrats !!! Had a poor condition Supes #1 about 10 years ago that Matt turned into a PLOD ext. P 5.5 - did a beautiful job and I kept it up until a year ago when I sold it to a boardie. It's a great book to have, great feeling. Good luck on an Action #1 - an ever better feeling once you obtain one!
  2. Seriously ? This show is frickin' hilarious dude, give it a try! Too bad Opa can't get a major Hollywood roll, he's the real star of Kim's Convenience.
  3. I see this as an outlier as much as the $50K for the 5.0 a few years ago .. that's just too cheap. Must have been a really poor presenting book...but still
  4. It's why we all love the 27-37 Tec run, no Robin! Not a fan, but gotta admit I love my Batman #11 and that cover!
  5. I included tax implications in my percentages ....
  6. ......of course having said that, my IH#181 just scored me 700% as well, but from a purchase 10 years ago with a lot of luck thrown in . There are only a few post-1970 books that one can get lucky with timing and patience, but GA keys and grails have been bullet-proof for a long time
  7. I can put that doubt to rest. My Action 1 and Tec27 (albeit both restored) purchased 9 and 10 years ago respectively, would give me a return of 200% on both initial "investments", where my house I bought at the same time in a very hot market (Toronto) right now would get me a 75% return if I sold today. I sold my Action #13 last year and made a 750% profit from original price in 2008!! No real estate, and very few investments at all, could out-perform the grail GA market over the last decade I would respectfully suggest. The reason Batman#11 doesn't outsell ASM#300 and IH#181 is because there AREN'T MANY OUT THERE. If there were, it would sell like crazy.
  8. I wondered this myself. Even if this was the case (the "reverse-psychology" thing), I would assume one would wrap those boxes in water-proof material at the very least (maybe a couple big garbage bags all the way around each box). I personally would rather pile two CGC boxes and cover with a velvet throw and, voila, instead bedroom side tables!
  9. I am in my 6th month of a 6-month time payment for my sold book with them, apparently I get zero until the full 6 months is up , the payor's check clears, and book is shipped. This for a book that sold on March 13, 2019. I thought there was something a bit wrong with this, but who am I to complain. But, it would have been nice to have been sent some $$ after each of the checks cleared (and also not an insignificant amount of money either) Oh well.
  10. I've got my last 18 Actions (mostly between between 24-52) , and then pretty much all of my GA will be slabbed....took a few years, but guess it's worth it But I'll definitely miss thumbing thru them