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  1. that's just not fair!! incredibly lucky dude !
  2. Awesome man !! Just getting into these, I envy your collection ! I have these as well .... again, just getting into these, but so cool (the Hendrix is 2nd printing BTW, but still awesome!)
  3. I am 100% with you here. My age was 12ish when I discovered ROM and bought and devoured issues #1 to about 25 - then I guess I just became to "cool" for kiddie comics. But now later in life, I have never forgotten the very cool premise of his story and I just recently finished collecting the whole run (including annuals), plus a beauty 9.8 first issue ( my original is a solid 7.5-ish). Also, Catskill Comics was recently selling OA pages from the first few issues, I was late to the game to get a page from issue #1 but did score the last page of issue #2 - AND I have Sal working on a cover commission as we speak ...... I'll post some of the above a bit later today.
  4. So happy that I got the full “Todd” treatment !!
  5. I had requested the front AND back cover of MCC#1 be signed and I'd pay whatever they wanted, but sadly only front was signed and only the T.McF sig -- also the copy I sent in was already slabbed, so I accepted their fee for de-slabbing - but still only got a T. McF and I guess I will never know the "window" that CGC left for Todd to sign in ..... whose fault I will not know ... I did call about the back cover not being signed, and they said that with the overwhelming volume they could not do special requests. So I'm guessing your ink request would get the same response. I saw one ASM #316 signed for someone 1) in black and 2) across the "Amazing Spider-man" lettering at top of book -- my god, I hope I don't get something like that on my 316 !! nice white marker with full name just below half way down - please!
  6. WOO HOO !!!!!! Christmas came late this year, but it’s OK
  7. I just think it would be nice for CGC to shoot us all an email to update us as to what's happening ... guess that is just a pipe dream though