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    Wowzers, I spend a weekend away from Silver Age and the F-bombs start flying.......AF15 sure do gets them emotions goin some don't it (shout out to Barrie anyway, just white-knuckled it past there to Rama yesterday in freezing rain, not fun)
  2. Reholder Fee

    I will
  3. Reholder Fee

    Think I will, thanks i would think a new designation would have to be used, but I’d think a whole new assessment would have to be done to get an A-1 or B-3 , or whatever ...? or could they get that just from previous grader notes?
  4. Reholder Fee

    Hello ? Is there any way to get an answer to this? Thanks.
  5. Hake's Feb Auction Detective #27 CGC 5.0

    sounds very interesting ... I'd seriously consider it
  6. I believe it's Mantio yeah, he's still alive I believe but messed up from a car accident many years ago ... ?
  7. This might sound stupid, because I did collect a couple dozen FF's in my youth, but I've just noticed what incredible covers the 1-100 run has I'm seriously thinking of completing that run....
  8. It's actually a great read, at least my young self thought so
  9. I want to say 6.0 after the press, but that may be a stretch to far .... good luck
  10. PGM Avengers 16 and CA 100

    7.5 Avengers 8.0 Cap both very nice
  11. 50 years old in Canadian years .............. what's that, 43 years in American ?
  12. and how did you complete it, how long did it take, how hard was it to do, how satisfying was/is it ?