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  1. fishbone

    The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    a year ago my 1.8 brittle got me an amount just a tad south of the recent 1.5 being talked about here, but of course I became very upset when I saw the 1.0's sell for so high .....but I guess if you get 6 times what you paid for it not 10 years ago, you are somewhat satisfied as a seller. Just always wishing for more and more us greedy humans ....
  2. fishbone

    X-MEN #1 club

    Yes, I believe that is true. I tried to offer bids several times and have been re-buffed each time, as if owner is saying "are you kidding me, leave me alone to enjoy my book"......
  3. Can someone explain the whole story about the Action #7 - I was wondering what had happened to it as it just disappeared from the CC auction......
  4. fishbone

    Action #13 4.0 Blue

    Holy SH....T!! THAT"s a 3.5 ??????? Not even a GA bump? weird ....
  5. fishbone

    Action #13 4.0 Blue

    37.5 was the hammer Guess the washed out top half kept it more in the 2.0 range rather than the graded 4.0 that it is ....................Heritage one alreay at 24k, with 16 days left , wonder what it will end at ?
  6. fishbone

    Action #13 4.0 Blue

    I suppose that’s the give and take of collecting - I need an Action #13 to complete/add to my collection , is this acceptable and at what price? The basis of collecting from the beginning of time, otherwise maybe we should just burn the books that don’t present perfectly
  7. fishbone

    Action #13 4.0 Blue

    And you know what, I bet someone is very happy with your former book - it IS a #13 after all !!
  8. fishbone

    Action #13 4.0 Blue

    Of course, absolutely! i just wonder , given how rare this book does seem to be, what sort of multiple of guide a 4.0 might go for. And how much more the Heritage than the CC will be i think it will be interesting....
  9. fishbone

    Action #13 4.0 Blue

    definitely "scuffed" at top edge of book, maybe that's why 4.0 instead of higher ?
  10. fishbone

    Action #13 4.0 Blue

    Rare mid-grade copy in upcoming CC auction .............. with some recent low-grades selling strongly, what could this one go for ?
  11. I, for one, have had it done to a minor-key solid 1940ish book - raw mind you- and it worked out beautifully ............
  12. fishbone

    The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    That's it -- "Buddy"
  13. Yes, good point, it would have had to done before it’s first slabbing and the rust would have had to be limited to staple (s) only
  14. fishbone

    The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    My former copy - just sold it to him great 1.8 with awesome PQ, believe it or not I never took a picture of it