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  1. Wow, proud to be a father today, thanks for posting
  2. Just to finish this post, since I just got it back from CGC 🥰
  3. still thought the AC1 , although also trimmed, would go closer to 250K indicating a bit of an increasing price trend for the King of funny books, but didn't happen
  4. After years of resisting, the stabbing of my Actions has started. Here are the first 10 back from CGC today - gotta admit , they look pretty sweet in their new prison cells .....
  5. Hey, just finished that FF 1-100 that I was mentioning last year!! So happy, and all in 6.0-7.5 range.
  6. Thankfully, I made it a point to grab all SA keys about a decade ago....only wish I would have got triples of everything knowing what I know now
  7. Or logistics with respect to weed transport, that's big too
  8. The 8.5 in Aug 2018 was actually an A3 (and trimmed as well) , so either the 261K was a weak showing or this current Exp (P) 6.5 is showing strong early........or both. So may get there (to 250K+)
  9. You could be right, just wanted to put it out there as trying to predict restored prices for keys is a krap shoot it seems....