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  1. Anyone else waiting forever for their book(s) to be signed ?
  2. Doesn’t hurt to ask ... he’s pretty chill
  3. I lost out in the Fall CLink auction, but it came up again last month on Heritage and no way I was gonna miss out a second time 🤟
  4. 3 from Mr. Frenz the Great for 2020 !!
  5. I don't agree - I think it's a great comparison. What is being said is that Action#1 "transcends" any popularity of the player/character/story etc. that is contained within such collectible. That book, that card, has now come to represent something much bigger than any pure like or dislike of the character/player/etc. It now has a special "aura" around it that may never go away. i think the Mona Lisa is similar - whether you think it's a fantastic piece of art or not (I am in the "not" camp), it transcends art - I could give examples of thousands of pieces of art I "love" way more than the Mona Lisa, but they will never be more valuable than the Grail of all art. My 2 cents
  6. who woulda' thought back decades ago that the bottom little corner off is worth a ding of mucho $$$$$
  7. I have always had a great experience with CLink and with Josh
  8. I think you are one lucky member of the AF#15 Club !! I think the grade by CGC is spot on (from just looking at the cover and PQ), and you should have no problem having this valued at the top end of the going rate for a 3.0
  9. Just mark your original customs invoice clearly when sending to CGC that you are sending "books that are being graded and being returned to sender" - there will be no extra customs or taxes coming back to you
  10. I'd take my $1000 and buy a nice page or some nice pages of original art of my favourite character. Or you could get an awesome sketch done on a ASM#1, #800, Action #1000, or some other blank variant cover by well-known artists for a couple hundred dollars . But that's me.