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  1. It just keeps on getting worse. I really crying inside. Two Iron Man 1. one fine and the other vf, two Marvel Premiere 15. Captain America 100 vf and one vg, I'm afraid to look any further. I think some were stolen out right instead of switched out. My comic stash has taken a big hit. If you plan to sell at a con, you need to be more careful. Please don't learn the hard way like me.
  2. There were literally crowds around my booth. What I should have done was not allow people to open the bags. Next time, I will not allow people to open the bags themselves. Also, there were cheaper books on the floor that were obscured by the boxes and tables, I didn't realize what was happening with the view being blocked. I found mylars with high prices and $5 books in them. I'm sure they weren't that way before the show. I found some bags literally torn because they couldn't get the tape off easily.
  3. This thread is a cautionary tale for others. A painful lesson learned.I'm not absolving the thieves. I just should have been more careful. The act of thievery is on them. I just wished I hadn't made it so easy for them.
  4. I haven't lost faith in humanity. I still think most people are honest. I just can't be so trusting. I was busy. There were a lot of customers at my booth. I had one helper who knew comics, a boardie. My wife and a friend helped and they know nothing about comics. My guess the two weren't familiar with comics and just collected the money, Of course, I wasn't as vigilant as I should have been.
  5. Honestly, I can't blame the person with all of it, although, I do believe he switched bags. There were probably others that took advantage of the situation, I provided the opportunity for dishonest people to cheat me. I shouldn't have left the more expensive stuff within reach of the thieves.
  6. I'm literally sick to my stomach. I went thru my inventory and discovered many cheap comics in bags that were labeled with comics for much more. They included 4 X-Men 94, vf or better. I'm finding more and more. In one day, I've lost thousands. Now I can't be sure how many people were doing it. I know it's my fault for being so cavalier with my comics, but ... I've been collecting comics for over 40 years and I love comics. This is enough to give it all up.
  7. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  8. I would rather handle it discreetly. In this hobby, reputation is everything. I'm not out to destroy somebody's reputation. I just wished he would come clean and settle up.
  9. I have 2 witnesses that observed him doing it. I understand it would be difficult to prove. But I did keep the empty bag which must be full of his fingerprints, just in case. Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if he was reading this thread. I seriously don't think he'll show his face at my booth again.
  10. You're right. When it comes to selling, I've been incredibly naive. But this guy bought $thousands of books from me in the last 2 cons I sold at..
  11. Chalk it up to being too trusting, disorganized, and not being more careful. I’ve collected for over 40 years and am now selling a lot of my comics. I’ve been selling at the local con since last year, a total of 3 times. The last time I discovered how vulnerable I was to thievery. And not just inventory shrinkage. A good customer took advantage of my trusting nature and really shafted me, What he did was switched comics in different priced bags. Without really looking, I took his money for what the prices on the back of the bags. I later discovered an empty bag with a price tag of $550. One of my Incredible Hulk #180. There were other empty bags, So I know he cheated me out of more stuff. A couple of people mentioned to me that they observed him switching comics, but I really didn’t want to believe it. Stupid me. I just had to vent.
  12. Isn’t this the period that Marvel “tricked” Dc into increasing the prices on their comics from 15 cents to 25 cents? Marvel increased the page count and price to 25 cents for a month and then went to 20 cents; while DC made a long term commitment in their 25 cents increase.
  13. Notice the sunken staples? Especially the bottom staple.