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  1. jaeldubyoo

    Newton Rings

    Why should anybody be put into a position to take less money, especially when it's not their fault?
  2. jaeldubyoo

    Comic books that rock

  3. jaeldubyoo

    Comic books that rock

  4. jaeldubyoo

    Help identifying an artist.

  5. jaeldubyoo

    Comic books that rock

  6. jaeldubyoo

    I went to a comic book store today and saw...

    Please give my condolences to the shop owner for the destruction of his comics and a swift kick in the behind for his stupidity Absolutely inexcusable.
  7. jaeldubyoo

    Comic books that rock

  8. There are plenty of folks with a t-shirt press happy to pancake your books for $10 a pop.
  9. jaeldubyoo

    Chuckles mourns Stan but needs your help

    You don't like the Chuck Roast here?
  10. jaeldubyoo

    FF 49 Jury is in...

    It's fun to guess grade, but unless you have it in hand, under the right light conditions and angle, it's easy to overlook those types of defects. Based on that picture, you really can't see those flaws.
  11. I honestly believe your methodology is flawed. A difference of a few degrees can make a huge difference. The pictures would have to be taken at the same exact alignment, distance, and height to match up perfectly for your method. Also, the lighting is different. That's science. You will find that experienced collectors can tell whether or not a comic is the same one in different pictures, Especially on these boards.
  12. Did you allow for the slightly different angles the pictures were taken at?