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  1. Got these yesterday. Thanks, LordRahl!
  2. I think you have to consider that printing was more of a manual process back then. A lot of the variations were simply human error.
  3. jaeldubyoo

    DC 100 Page Giants Walmart exclusive

    Remember, WalMart is not in the market just to sell to collectors. They sell things for profit, not to cater to collectors' interest. Having said that, if this venture is successful, maybe comics will be more readily available in places other than comic shops. I don't think comics will ever gain popularity as it did in years past, but maybe there will be more a more widespread distribution than it is now.
  4. I'll take #57. Thanks, LordRahl. And again, Thanks to ThirGreenHam and sckao for all their hard work.
  5. Definitely Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 and Avengers Annual #7. Starlin at his best.
  6. Sounds like the old run-down theater my buddy and I used to go to in the 70s and 80s. It was an adult movie place before they start showing martial arts flicks. The floor was so sticky I was afraid my shoes would come off.
  7. Here's my prize
  8. jaeldubyoo

    Catching up last 35 years

    Did you get the Dark Phoenix Saga in X-Men comics which started around 1980?
  9. jaeldubyoo

    Any experts on Spire Christian Comics out there?

    Let's not forget this one....
  10. jaeldubyoo

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    We combine all our finances. What's mine is hers, and what's hers is hers. Wait a minute...I need to talk to her.
  11. jaeldubyoo

    1% of books are 40% of the CGC Census

    Although I am loathed to admit this, this is exactly what happened to me, I bought multiple copies of ASM #200 and it didn't go anywhere, so by the time #300 came out, I only bought one off the shelf.
  12. Placeholder.
  13. It's hard for me to understand why so many prefer shelling out money for current comics when there are lots of good old comics available for the same or less money.