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  1. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    Chamber of Chills #3
  2. jaeldubyoo

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    ?!?!?! Acceptable percentage? Do you go to a service to get something done only to find out they screw it up about one-third of the time? Is one in three acceptable anywhere else?
  3. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

  4. Disrespectful? To whom? "Non-professional?" Is a graded comic to be only bought and sold by a professional? Sure it may not make economic sense to break a graded comic out of its slab, but it's yours to do whatever you want. Being "disrespectful and unprofessional" is your prerogative. Ain't nobody's business but your own.
  5. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    Dang! I just got back to the hotel and saw this, I'm out of the country, so I don't have access to the internet except at the hotel.
  6. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    Planet Comics #42
  7. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    john Romita, Jr,
  8. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    Vicente Alcazar
  9. jaeldubyoo

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    McDonald's, KFC, and Pizza Hut have a major presence in China, especially in the larger cities. When I was in China last year, these restaurants were all over the place. There's plenty of opportunities to chow down on burgers, fried chicken, and pizza. But you're right in that Chinese food, in general, is more healthy than the junk food you get here.
  10. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    Comic Cavalcade #13
  11. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    Epic Illustrated #1 Edit: Oops! Didn;t see the above. I'm just killing time in my hotel room.
  12. jaeldubyoo

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    Tales to Astonish #89
  13. jaeldubyoo

    My favorite Craig's List Comic listing...

    It really depends on the condition of the house and location. Key comics would be more liquid than a fixer-upper in a bad location. I would just offer boxes of drek.
  14. jaeldubyoo

    Went to a con and didn't buy a comic book

    I go to conventions. Not necessarily to buy, but to enjoy the experience. The thrill of the hunt in the dollar boxes. Being able to gawk at the wall books. Hold a key that you probably will never own. Check out the cosplayers. Talk comics with fellow collectors. Maybe get a signature or two (the free ones). And maybe splurge a little on a comic that I just had to have (of course, I going to haggle). There you go, cheap entertainment for the day, assuming the admission is not too high,
  15. jaeldubyoo

    Stan Lee - No longer doing public signings

    How many fans is he meeting at private signings?