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  1. @40% off ASM 142 (a), 147, 150, 157 (9.0)
  2. per pm Peter Parker 64 and 70 Dardevil 158 and 163
  3. diestler

    Top City Comics' Feedback Thread

    Adrian is great to work with. $1k trade, no problems.
  4. Taking a bath on this one, not sure what happened here, but this was in a 9.4 slab - there was a non color breaking bend, so decided to roll the dice and send in to be pressed. Well it came back a 9.0 I've seen plenty of 9.6s in slabs that don't look this nice. I am firm on the price, if it doesn't sell, maybe I'll roll the dice again and hope for my original grade back? Werewolf by Night #33 CGC 9.0 C/OW pages - slab displays rainbowing - $200 shipped in a priority box. Nobody on naughty list, first wins. No returns. US only, PayPal only. Before Front Scan:
  5. diestler


  6. diestler


    Just one book. Too lazy to scan it so apologies for pics. No buyers on naughty lists. PayPal only. US only. No returns. Avengers Annual #7 CGC 9.8 - slab brand new. $400 shipped.
  7. diestler


    Found. Thread closed.
  8. diestler


    Not me - still looking. Remember I’m mainly looking for a 9.4.
  9. diestler


    lol - thanks for heads up Spyder! I'll be bidding, coffee stains and all.