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  1. No probies or HOSers. First in thread wins over any PM discussions or takes. US only (no international). No returns on slabs. Check (must clear before I ship), Money Order or PayPal. Slabs are fresh and in great shape. Shipping is included - will be boxed and shipped securely. If these don't sell here in a few days I'm going to ship them off to auction. Update 5/25: 5% off listed prices through Monday. Firm at those prices, if they don’t sell here by Monday I’m sending to other venue. Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 8.5 OW/W - $4,600 (the book that never seems to stop increasing in value) Strange Tales #110 CGC 6.5 OW/W - $3,200 (this was in a 7.0 CBCS slab previously, resub opportunity?) SOLD X-Men #94 CGC 9.4 CR/OW - $2,300 (last sale was $2,450) Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 9.2 W - $2,500 (this was in a 9.4 slab previously, resub opportunity?) Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.5 OWW great wrap - $1,500 (last sale was $1,700) Edited 14 hours ago by RedGiant
  2. I realize this is a silly question and I tried searching for answer, but can't seem to get a hit. After a submission is marked as shipped/imaged/finalized - where do you get the images if you paid for scans? Do they come via email as I don't see them anywhere in my submissions links.
  3. Maybe I'm being inpatient but isn't walk through service same day? Books arrived early this morning and now it's 8:20pm FL time, thought grades would be available? They are not. Or maybe the graders are working really late tonight? Is it same day or 24 hours? They've been at grading/qc status most of the day.
  4. Final bump. Moving to other venue after this weekend if no takers here.
  5. Those colors on the scans seem a bit unnaturally bright to me, so I’ve also included a front pic from phone as well.
  6. No probies or HOSers. First in thread wins over any PM discussions or takes. US only (no international), PayPal only. No returns. $225 $200 shipped. Spellbound #4 7.0 Qualified - coupon cut out of last page, does not affect story. Atlas 1952. Used to be in a CGC slab, I cracked it out - book does not come with label. This thing looks great in a mylar. Classic cover.
  7. Thanks for tip. Worth a shot.
  8. Indeed, tough to track down some of the older boardies - but glad to see you and others still on here. I think the email address I have for Nelson must be 10 years old by now. How the time flies.
  9. Doesn’t seem Nelson (Count) on boards much recently. Tried emailing him, although email I had was from a number of years ago so not sure if he is still using it. Tried a couple PMs here. Crickets. Anyone know him outside boards and able to send him a message, hoping he still has a few books I’m looking for - still in his registry’s. Thank you.