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  1. Bullet proof packaging, good communication, easy to work with. I would buy from Austin without hesitation.
  2. Just in case anyone else has their eye on this, it’s been claimed.
  3. Beautiful books. I don't even collect Dr. Strange, but those ones look so amazing (and seem cheap). Hope they end up in a good home.
  4. In 20 years of dealing in CGC slabs, I've never participated in the registry - even though I've built some great sets over the years. But one set continues to elude me - I've PM'd a bunch of known CFD collectors, they either have moved on, aren't selling, or their books aren't nicer than what I already have. I'm looking for Universal Blue labels of the original Cry for Dawn run that are higher in grade than what I have in my registry (link below). I will even consider raw copies if they appear flawless (including looking at staples in centerfold - rusty?). Please let me know what you have and asking prices. In summary, looking for the following: #1 - 2nd print 9.8 #5 - 2nd print 9.6/9.8 #5 - limited 9.8 #7 - limited 9.6/9.8 #8 - limited 9.8 #9 - limited 9.8 Compilation Prevue - blue label (unsigned) any grade, also interested in a green label 9.8 (signed, but not the signed and numbered edition) if you have one
  5. Baltimore was a great show. Worth traveling from Oregon? Probably.