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  1. Hayward was a type: the authority figure [aka white male top cop] the culture teaches us we're supposed to suspect, then hate. Why is it OK for the superheroes to be vigilantes but not Hayward? If he were Matt Murdock sending in WV, we'd all stand & cheer. #haywardwasright
  2. Wanda is an absolute villain of the highest order. She may be sympathetic but needs to be sympathetic from prison, not out in a sweet cabin, in a comfy hoodie, with a warm cup of joe, studying deadly black magic. She kidnapped & tortured [raped?] some 3K folks. Hayward was right. How exactly does he qualify as a bad guy or deserve FBI arrest? So long as he was acting in his mandate, under legal authority when using the killer drone & WV, what crime did he commit? Was it trying to kill the magical children? What is a jury supposed to do with that? Ladies & gent
  3. Thanks, Bird It wasn't working on my phone but did now that I'm on my PC.
  4. I've loved TM's art online. This thread just inspired me to buy the SSB trade.