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  1. Yes, but only in the sense of can we agree Monday morning, with the prescience of hindsight, in retrospect, retroactively, positing today the presuppositions of yesterday, an après-coup, a sort of inverted prolepsis and vice versa, an uncanny temporal displacement. the signifier falling into the signified, the predicate displacing the subject, the enunciated formulating the enunciation, &c. The tautology is as such: Bran the Broken is Jamie Lannister. A Lannister always pays their debts.
  2. Yes or no or maybe or remains to be decided or undecidable, depending upon the reader's hate du jour.
  3. no tv in my life. I only read books 1-4 in 2012 to impress a chick and Chrisco. HBO's tomfoolery was a shoehorn.
  4. Lichtenstein was playing an intellectual game with art, the art market, and you earnest folks.