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  1. The best line of E7-9 was Finn's in TFA: I'm just here to get Rey. The Rey/Finn relationship was the only interesting relationship in TFA. Finn was pushed aside in the sequels.
  2. For all his flaws - including the ones my friend attributed to Byrne [and his predecessors] - JB's FF run contributed in a significant way to my adolescent love for comics and has given me lifelong joy. Comics are lifelong joy.
  3. Very interesting. She's reading Byrne FF Omnibus V1 and hadn't read FF before. She felt Byrne shifted the blame to Sue and away from the writers; which I told her meant Stan. She was unhappy with Byrne for doing this to Sue. She was defending Sue against Sue's creators. I found that fascinating. It raises interesting issues about art and imagination and reality and so forth. It also indicates how real Byrne, one of the creators, had made Sue in her imagination or as she put it: she was invested in Sue. I'm curious what the letters might say about this issue. I'll pull my OO books on Friday if I have to research this item myself.
  4. Yes, sir. It is a great book. Hope you're well
  5. & yes, as chrisco might observe, this is a signature Tupenny feminist thread.
  6. A lady friend just read Byrne's FF245 and had some remarks about Byrne's treatment of Sue. I am curious if the letters page in a subsequent issue addresses her thoughts. Could someone please post pics of the letters page concerning FF245? Thanks!
  7. The superb question from our financially oriented Canadian friend is this: Was JEJ, as pure voice actor for DV, a creative or financial decision? My supposition is this: True, SW had no budget and voice is cheapest. True, JEJ didn't cost much, one way or another. Lucas is, I think, I believe, please help me you SW historians, on record as admitting DV was modeled on DOOM. This leads me to believe, on balance, that we are talking about a deliberate creative decision: the mystery of a faceless villain [with a compellingly villainous voice] Marvel readers [forgive me, but I think our Canadian friend is a DC chap] know the long history of the dramatic power of a faceless DOOM. SW fans know DV and that voice, even better. DOOM. VVD No Tom Cruises or RDJ's, please. God Bless.