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  1. The superb question from our financially oriented Canadian friend is this: Was JEJ, as pure voice actor for DV, a creative or financial decision? My supposition is this: True, SW had no budget and voice is cheapest. True, JEJ didn't cost much, one way or another. Lucas is, I think, I believe, please help me you SW historians, on record as admitting DV was modeled on DOOM. This leads me to believe, on balance, that we are talking about a deliberate creative decision: the mystery of a faceless villain [with a compellingly villainous voice] Marvel readers [forgive me, but I think our Canadian friend is a DC chap] know the long history of the dramatic power of a faceless DOOM. SW fans know DV and that voice, even better. DOOM. VVD No Tom Cruises or RDJ's, please. God Bless.
  2. True. But do you think JEJ cost that much money? Really?
  3. Please. No fancy Doom actor. Please. James Earl Jones is Vader - we [quasi]never see his face. Where did Lucas get that superb idea?
  4. Doom should be played by a voice actor. His mask should never come off.
  5. high kickin and cryin next wolverine, please thanks, disney
  6. Now he really is that old baldheaded British guy they've got playing Kirk on Star Trek we used to hear about back in the late '80's. That's one old baldheaded British dude playing Kirk on Star Trek.