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  1. This is where career sellers market their virtuous refund policy with obligatory condemnation of those unscrupulous weekend warriors who won't refund.
  2. All Boardies either press or pay for it.
  3. Harley was there -- from him I purchased some Eerie's. Terry was there -- from him I purchased a set of 1977 Marvel pins. James Owen was there - from him I purchased his Starchild hardback edition -- he did a free sketch in it for me. Matt gave me a free pass. Thank you, sir. Phoenix is a great town. This is an enormous show.
  4. Even so, Daisy Domergue [like Daniel Plainview] are as good as Hollywood has gotten in 20 years.
  5. Typical exploitation film from this chap. It reminds me of 'who killed JFK' cultural cannibalism. This is the corrupt core of all that we call commercial fun -- or art.
  6. The smoking thing, in any form, is a sin, in the far greatest part, beyond the borders of the US. Think about the stench.