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  1. There are also a bunch of marvel novels for juniors and adults at this time and most had images at the start of each chapter. It could be one of those or from some other activity book.
  2. This show Collectors Call show on METV had an episode with comic art last night. You can see the full episode and extras below. https://www.metv.com/collectorscall/videos/episode-8-extra-marie-severin-marvel-cover-art
  3. I was just searching Youtube for comic art collections and watching some artists do drawings and I came across this bizarre video about a stolen Avengers 1 splash that was bought at a garage sale and almost colored by a child. Does anyone have any details on this story?
  4. https://www.motorcitycomiccon.com/
  5. Rick O'Shay Strips 4-7 from top to bottom. 100 dollars each.
  6. Rick O'Shay Strips 1-3 from top to bottom. 100 dollars each.
  7. Kamandi issue 51 page 10 and 12 lot. Kamandi battles his robot son from 1977! Ayers and Alcala. 250 for the pair.
  8. Hello fellow art collectors. I am listing some art by ink master Alfredo Alcala. I am listing these on behalf of Alfredo's son. That is who you will be paying and that is who will be shipping the art, if a deal is made. If this sales thread goes well, there will be more to come exclusively here on the boards. I have bought multiple pages from him with zero problems. He asked me to help him out and I suggested these boards as an option. Sorry, sales are USA only. Shipping is 20 dollars for single or multi page purchase. Payment is postal money order and MUST have signature confirmation/ tracking from you the buyer. Shipping is USPS and will have signature confirmation/tracking. The art is in the United States. To start with today, I will be listing Rick O'Shay western strips and DC Kamandi art. Check back for more updates. First "I'll take it" wins.