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  1. Although an expensive book, there are still a ton of them out there. If you really enjoy the character, I would recommend trying to find a nice published page of original art with him on it for around what you would spend on the book or get a commission from an artist you like for the character. I know Ron Frenz does some great spidey-universe commissions and there are many others! I encourage all comic fans to own at least one published page or commission.
  2. BWS. I hated his art when I first got into Conan. I am still a Buscema guy, but I like BWS more and more each time I see it.
  3. Thank you all for helping. There seems to be a pretty good chance it's unpublished. I will try to hunt down some issues at a future show. I tried to track down Tod on facebook and the internet and only found a few broken links or no real person that matches. Anyone know a way to get ahold of him?
  4. Hello All, I have been researching, but I need help. Thank you! 1.) This could have never been used. 2.) This could have run in Action 602-635. Green Lantern removed from the book after 635. 1988/1989 3.) This could have run in other DC books 1988/89. Green Lantern volume 1 was canceled with issue 224 in May 1988. This references Action 601, May 1988. Signed Tod Smith 1988 Tod Smith worked on Green Lantern in Action Comics 606-614 and the Green Lantern special 1. All in 1988. DC art board. No rear stamp. Any ideas? Anyone have the
  5. Thank you for sharing. Ernie Chan is one of my favorite artists. I have over 20 pieces by him. Sadly, I never met the man. Sounds like he was a great person!
  6. They run about 15-20 bucks each frame on ebay. Many different styles and makers. I prefer the ones with a full back and screw holes. I swap my art in and out every couple months.