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  1. I don't mean to derail this thread or to bash the owner or the art in anyway, I actually do like it, but I laughed out loud at the Ma Hunkel because my mind went right to this image.
  2. These are my favorite panels from the only 2 Sal B pages I own. Would like more some day.
  3. I never did reach him again. Do you happen to have the Ebay ID? Thanks!
  4. The internet says John Buscema Pencils, Ernie Chan inks and written by Roy Thomas. Nice page, but late in the run (1993), no babe, no monster, no enemy, no horse and no sword. I would value this at 300-400 dollar range.
  5. Do NOT cut the published art!!!! Just buy bigger bags or a new portfolio. If you ever sell, you will need to mention that you cut it and many will not buy it because of that. Anything that you do is amateur restoration and will degrade the value.
  6. There are also a bunch of marvel novels for juniors and adults at this time and most had images at the start of each chapter. It could be one of those or from some other activity book.
  7. This show Collectors Call show on METV had an episode with comic art last night. You can see the full episode and extras below. https://www.metv.com/collectorscall/videos/episode-8-extra-marie-severin-marvel-cover-art
  8. I was just searching Youtube for comic art collections and watching some artists do drawings and I came across this bizarre video about a stolen Avengers 1 splash that was bought at a garage sale and almost colored by a child. Does anyone have any details on this story?
  9. https://www.motorcitycomiccon.com/