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  1. 1 minute ago, sfcityduck said:

    I don't know your budget, but if you're traveling with an 11 year old son, I'd stay in mid-town, near Times Square.  Kids like that area as it has fun and diverting things going on (the lights, toy store, Midtown Comics), it's got kid accessible fast and sorta fast food, and it is convenient to pretty much everywhere else you're going to go either by taxi or subway (for kid recommend the Central Park area attractions of the Met - especially Egyptian temple, Museum of Natural History, Zoo, etc.).  Adults like that area because it is near the theaters, has good restaurants and bars within walking distance, and you can find nice hotels.  Personally, I often stay at the Sofitel, but there are places for every budget including a giant Marriot.  

    If you want someplace more hip, try the meat packing district.  It's got the high line, the Whitney Museum of American Art, lots of good bars and restaurants, and is near some of the touristy stuff on the Hudson warterfront (Chelsea Piers, etc.).  I tend to stay at the Gansevoort Hotel in that area, but the Standard Hotel High Line is supposed to be good.  

    Thanks sfcityduck, exactly the advice I was looking for, really appreciate your comments 

  2. Not sure if this is the right section to post  this but potentially looking to book a trip to NYC from the UK for 3/4 days in October and wondered if anyone could recommend -

    a) areas to stay and

    b) good comic shops

    3 of us incl 11 year old son but I’m hoping to negotiate a bit of comic-hunting as well as the usual sightseeing stuff. Any advice welcomed!

  3. Re Newtons rings...

    Be good to know if the problem is 

    Comic v inner encapsulation


    Inner sleeve v hard plastic casing

    I suspect the latter, but that's just an assumption

    I think there must be a slight moisture or oiliness issue.

    The CGC should investigate and confirm, in my opinion.

    It shouldn't be hard as clearly one part of the 'process' or materials is lacking.




  4. Thanks 'Burnall', interesting that things like that (stapling & spine) are quite important to me, but others are concerned about other aspects of a comic's condition.

    I suppose it's great for everyone (or CGC) to say your comic's a 9.0, but if it has a badly wrapped cover with no other faults in particular, does it make it a 8.0 for you? All part of the joy of collecting I guess!!