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  1. These two came back from CGC a couple of weeks ago. I am very happy with the grades.
  2. I am making a mental note to give you a call before the next big convention.
  3. Yeah, these selfish crybabies demanding their "rights"! If this was 1850, these selfish crybabies wanting their freedom. Didn't they realize the southern economy was more important. If this was 1942, these selfish crybabies not wanting to go the internment camps. Didn't they realize the country's safety was more important. Today, we have these crybaby dealers complaining about conventions being cancelled. And we have low wage workers complaining that mass transit is running on a Sunday schedule. And we have nail salons and hair cut places afraid to open for fear of getting f
  4. OK, this happened in 2005. The wife and I were at the San Diego convention for Preview night, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The hotel we stayed at was packed and filled with noisy Con goers, so I got very little sleep throughout the convention. Sunday morning, I was dead tired and we were waiting for a table at Cafe 222 to eat breakfast. I was so tired that I was sitting down and I had my eyes closed. I felt a light tap on the side of my face -- sort of a light tap as to wake me up. I opened my eyes and Bob Storms and Ted VanLiew are standing over me. They had just finished breakfa
  5. Later tonight I will revisit an incident that happened at SDCC 2005 with two well known dealers.