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  1. I plan on going. If it gets cancelled...oh well. I can't control that. But if you do go, be aware that people might be stealing the toilet paper out of the convention center bathrooms. The sheer insanity of people hoarding TP is mind boggling.
  2. I'm planning to attend WonderCon. Tickets were bought the day they went on sale. If nothing else, parking should be a little less hectic.
  3. I think the answer is yes, as I expect a few attendees will be dressed up as the "Coronavirus". Or at least, their interpretation of the virus.
  4. Here are my personal observations of the convention: Pros: 1. Bigger dealers room, spacious aisles, very nice hotel. General area is very nice, upscale and clean. 2. Plenty of parking right across the street at the covered garage or some free parking across the street at South Coast Plaza. 3. Quite a few restaurants in the area. 4. If you get bored, head over to South Coast Plaza and see how the ritzy people shop. As an example, there is a store called "Forever Twenty One Hundred". OK, not really, but that isn't too far from the truth. Very nice mall, though. 5. Lot's and lot's of books in the room. I sometimes wonder if SDCC was like this in its heyday. 6. Lot's and lot's of great conversations with fellow boardies. Cons: 1. The room could use more light, but I get the impression it will be corrected for next year. 2. I brought plenty of cash, but it wasn't enough. I guess this isn't Terry's fault.
  5. What an awesome convention. Terry, thank you very much for your efforts and contribution to the hobby. Here are some general pics of today's event:
  6. Great time at the Collector's swap. I'm beat, so I will post a few pics Sunday evening. The only way I can describe today's event is as follows: picture a bunch of women going nuts at a shoe sale. Well, the parallel scene was a bunch of fan boys going nuts over comic books. I had a blast today!
  7. Last year, I was able to bypass the line outside and get in about 9:00 AM. But, I had to wait in the lobby until 9:30 before entering the dealers room.