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  1. When this book starts to explode, the end is nigh....
  2. They’re superheroes. If they can survive being hit by the Hulk, surely they can handle the cold.
  3. Never blocked a buyer before ( don’t even know how ), but this will definitely be my first. Sent a $17 offer on a $25 listing I accept the offer and about an hour later get a notification that they want to cancel the purchase. Not worth bothering with...
  4. ASM 238 is a great book I was thinking you could post the list of the books in this thread, and we could isolate the top 10 Welcome to the boards
  5. There’s no such thing as “typical price fluctuations” in a market that is anything but typical.
  6. Enough with the tired “doom-and gloomers” comments. I don’t think the market will crash. But this exponential growth is unsustainable, and books will inevitably hit a price ceiling. Once prices start to flat line & the easy money is no longer available, many will start to unload these books and move into something else. Whether or not the market can absorb these books remains to be seen, and will determine the degree of price correction.
  7. Meh Much worse books are breaking the 5K barrier. Terrax rocks