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  1. 24/1000 DD 182-191 DD loses it over the death of Elektra, and begins to question if she really died. The Punisher escapes from jail, and goes after the drug dealers of Hell’s Kitchen. Miller does a great job with this anti-hero. With issue 185, Janson takes over all the art duties on the book. DD’s super senses go haywire, and he once again seeks out his mentor Stick. The hand resurrects their top ninja, and assigns him the task of killing Stick. The hand kidnaps the body of Elektra after Matt digs her up ( ) to confirm her identity. All in all, DD 169-191 was a gre
  2. How long ago did CGC change their slabs? It’s been at least that long. I watch a ton of slabs on EBay, but they’re so over-priced I rarely even bother making an offer. Broke my dry spell yesterday, and pulled the trigger on this book.
  3. What are your thoughts on the Quasimodo book?
  4. 14/ 1000 DD 181 Completely agree. Just finished reading it, and it’s still the best. Always loved the brief Punisher appearance in the yard. The book is great from start to finish.
  5. 13/ 1000 DD 177-180 Always hated the cover to 177, which is probably why I don’t remember reading it before. DD searches out his old mentor Stick in hopes he can help restore his radar sense. This issue could have been done better, but not terrible. Powerman & Ironfist show up in 178. Again, could have been better. I did enjoy the interaction between DD & IF though. 179 & 180 started to deliver the goods again building up to 181. I was blown away by 181 when I plucked it from the stands the day it came out. Almost the whole book is burned in my br
  6. Don’t forget to check for double covers as well....