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  1. Appreciate the clarification. I think at this point you have to wait a few days. Maybe they come back with a counter, and you can then pass.
  2. This But, if you’ve been waiting 3 weeks to hear back and want out of the the LCS and rescind your offer. How long are you expected to wait?
  3. SCS is my main consideration when it comes to red labels. Doesn’t matter if the book is unpressed & tightly graded if the book suffered damage post-slabbing.
  4. My main gripe with PayPal is the delay when transferring money to my bank account. How is it not instant?
  5. No need to move it. We might not be done roasting you yet...
  6. I apologize if my snark was misplaced. As mentioned, we get posts like yours all the time by people that are trolling for private offers on their books, and use comics general to reach the widest audience.
  7. At least once a month someone tries to be clever & posts a “where is a good place to sell these” thread in general advertising their wares.
  8. I suggest posting some pics of the books you’re looking to sell in comics general for maximum exposure and to solicit offers via PM. Oh wait.....