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  1. The early 1990s were a great time to buy older material, as a lot of people were chasing brand new books. I can remember trading tons of new material for great Bronze and Silver books at the San Diego ComicCon!
  2. Yes - the upcoming 9.6 is a superb copy. Not *quite* as nicely centered (as the just-sold 9.4), IMO - but pretty close. It should do pretty well!
  3. Bob - congrats on the picture frame sales! Just some gorgeous copies! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them as you release them into the wild. Just curious - and maybe you've addressed this elsewhere - but are you actively collecting anything else?
  4. It already has bounced down in most grades - from the speculation peak. Now is a very good time to look for a deal. I would think it will remain above pre-movie announcement values for quite awhile, as this is a character with some fun potential on the silver screen. If the movie does well, expect prices to bump up a little or a lot. If the movie bombs - you'll be able to get a good deal... but probably not quite as good as before the movie announcement. Just my 2 cents...
  5. Starting some new ventures & trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing. Hope you're doing very well!
  6. This copy sold in the CLink auction last night for $651. Gorgeous example of a book that is extremely hard to find with good centering. This is one of the nicest copies I've seen. Congrats to whomever picked it up!
  7. I just spit coffee on my desk, thanks to your added parenthetical.
  8. Unless I'm missing something - not seeing a recorded sale in 9.8
  9. Dan, Which issues are you missing in 9.8 at this point?
  10. Wondering if anyone likes Golden's cover version any better (than Milgrom's) ?
  11. I've been well, Rich, thank you for asking! I've always loved Swampy 20 & 21 - they blew my mind when they came out. The two you posted are terrific. I think I was able to get my copy of 21 through a special offer via Comics Buyers Guide when I got a subscription wayyyy back in the day. The 37s are outstanding! I don't know how many "official" Alan Moore signature series are out there, but it can't be very many. I don't have any Swamp Thing books signed by Moore, but would love to someday...