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  1. Make it so... https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/vietnam-hang-son-doong-cave/index.html
  2. Absolutely agree with Red Circle and the Charltons. Red Circle Sorcery has some terrific Gray Morrow covers (#5, 6,7, 9). And I love Tom Sutton's artwork for Charlton during this time period (check out the covers to Ghost Manor #23, Haunted #17, Monster Hunters #5, and Ghostly Haunts #41). Mike Zeck did some cool stuff too for Charlton (Ghostly Tales #123, Creepy Things #6, Monster Hunters #7 & #9, and the Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #56). Enjoy!
  3. Several early Marvel annuals are generating heat. They are amazing books! Huge page count. New stories with Kirby & Ditko art. Pin-ups, origins, crossovers, Marvel universe 'details' & more. Helluva bargain for 25 cents! I love the Strange Tales Annual #2 and Spidey Annual #2 the most, but the first 3 FF Annuals are awesome, as is ASM Annual #1.
  4. That is Skrull gas - from a late night, legume-driven dinner at the local diner.
  5. It looks like kimik is going to list an FF3 in his sales thread today(?). Don't know what grade he's got, but it might be worth sending him a PM!
  6. One of my friends got to see the pilot this past Tuesday. He said it captures the vibe of the book very, very well. "Sick and brutal." Keep your eyes peeled for a certain 'Simon' as well. I was a little shocked at some of the scenes he described, as they are almost panel-for-panel. Buckle up...
  7. Very cool! Did the ring come with the tpb?
  8. Very nice looking FF #2. Incredibly clean front cover.
  9. My LCS has been gone a long time now, but (back in the day) if you asked the owner if you could have a promo item, she would lightly write your name in pencil on the back of the poster or somewhere non-invasive on the item. She was great about reserving/saving things for her regular comic people. Incredibly cool store that also doubled as a used book store and some other collectibles. The owner knew a great deal about antique dolls, clothing, signage - you name it. Every time you came in the store there was something new (old) there.
  10. very nice promo items! I like the Arkham 3-D pop-up looking piece! I don't think I have that one.
  11. Juuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside (GPA & current expectations)!
  12. Well, I can tell you that the Fantucchio HOM books got some VERY strong bids on the CLink auctions tonight. Wow! I got murdered on some of my bids. Some tremendous looking copies of some tough issues - they looked like they deserved the juice. I very much hope some boardies were able to come out on top with some of them!