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  1. Well, I can tell you that the Fantucchio HOM books got some VERY strong bids on the CLink auctions tonight. Wow! I got murdered on some of my bids. Some tremendous looking copies of some tough issues - they looked like they deserved the juice. I very much hope some boardies were able to come out on top with some of them!
  2. #18 is a great book. Toughie in high grade too.
  3. Love the Avengers 97 - outstanding copy! And Suspense 70 - my favorite cover on the run. What's on your want list now, Rob?
  4. opinion: overlooked (except by Cal!) for awhile. People notice it again & say, "Hey - this is a bargain & is just as old/cool as Subby #1 and Iron Man #1" I really enjoy the book. It's an oddity. Has a nice cover too!
  5. Not sure, but like Sinescu said - ASM 124 has been slowly bubbling for awhile now too.
  6. Wow. That is a ton of copies of that book! Love that cover...
  7. Such a great copy! Very nice! I completely agree with you about the Simonson run. I have it. It's just that 300-336 is kind of a black hole in my collection!
  8. wow. Looks like there's been a shift 'up' in the asking prices this past week or so from 9.8 down to 9.0
  9. Tremendous copy! Greens are so nice - I felt like I just had a salad!
  10. Well this thread took a turn, didn't it? I remember seeing the previews of the new Spidey costume, and I was actually looking forward to the red and black concept. I was pretty disappointed when the black and white version was the actual final design. I don't mind the b/w design now. It holds up pretty well!
  11. I love Thor! The run up to about 300 is really pretty fun with some terrific art. I've been enjoying the 200-250 era a lot lately, as I've been upgrading. Romita's cover to #229 in particular. I was wondering how difficult finding a nice (9.0 or better) copy of #134 was for you fellow Thor collectors? That is one that has eluded me for now, and I really love the cover.