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  1. I’ve always loved the Kirby covers in the 170s. Nice books!!!
  2. Here you go... Had to steal the logo from FF #11 to make this work. I was tempted to put a more spectacular/colorful Kirby space scene in the background, but decided in favor of keeping it simple, like many of the backgrounds were early on. Enjoy.
  3. April should be Fantastic Four month, shouldn't it? I see what you guys are doing... a SIX for the sixth! Keep it up!
  4. Here's FF 3 with a slight color shift to a green background. Shows the blue costumes much better and the Torch's two left hands. "The Greatest Comic Magazine In The World!!" really pops too.
  5. Yes. I enjoy tweaking color concepts on covers sometimes. I think I did a Batman 232 on here several years ago.
  6. I've always wondered what FF 4 would look like with a slightly different background color. I like the blue, as I think it helps pop the Torch & Thing & it brings Namor up a little bit. (of course I'd probably have to change the background color of #3, since it was primarily blue!)
  7. Very crazy! I'm sure most of it speculation, as there are 70 copies in 9.8 currently. This kind of pricing is sure to bring more out. Question for @FlyingDonut: What is the dollar amount for this book to trigger you selling your copy OR even unleashing your entire 9.8 run? Maybe you don't wanna disclose that. But lets say the book hits $2,000 mid-summer of this year. Are you a seller?
  8. I knew you were gonna say something like that when the auction ended. Seemed like that one had jumped to around $600 pretty quickly. I find myself being surprised didn’t finish higher!
  9. Great Starlin artwork. I love this book also!!! And yes - creepy as *bleep* I always thought the Hulk matched up well with horror stories.
  10. Just look at the Superman vs Spiderman treasury that was out in 1976 for reference - I'd say the signature is legit. Can I guarantee it? Nope. But I'd pony up for it in this case, if another FF #1, unsigned, was right next to it
  11. That is defiant for sure! Many congrats on the sale!!!