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  1. From The 'M' File

    Ow, my head. The Mac messed me up every step of the way and it was not a pretty sight getting this going. Over 200 books. Enjoy.
  2. From The 'M' File

  3. From The 'M' File

  4. From The 'M' File

    The Mighty Thor continued
  5. From The 'M' File

  6. From The 'M' File

  7. From The 'M' File

  8. From The 'M' File

    Hands of Kung Fu continued
  9. From The 'M' File

  10. From The 'M' File

  11. From The 'M' File

  12. From The 'M' File

  13. From The 'M' File

    For Sale is my Silver, Copper, and Modern books from the 'M' File box. Almost all are Original Owner-Bought from the news stands and comic book emporiums of Southern California. First wins and immediately trumps all PM negotiations. I accept check or money order. No PayPal or cash. No Hall of Shamers. Payment expected in 72 hours unless we work it out ahead of time. US only. Shipping is $15. Insurance for shipping will need to be determined prior to sale. Three days' return shipping from receipt. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost back. Please do not commit to buy unless you intend to follow through.
  14. CLOSED

  15. CLOSED

    Now $16,000!!! YAY!