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  1. BustedFlush

    40Yrs is now 50Yrs!

    Captain America 11 and Action 34... uuhhhmmm. Great books and great stories.
  2. BustedFlush

    40Yrs is now 50Yrs!

    You mean BustedFlush!
  3. BustedFlush

    40Yrs is now 50Yrs!

    Must mention "Drippy Duck And Lil' Iffy."
  4. BustedFlush

    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    For Harlan...
  5. BustedFlush

    RIP Harlan Ellison

    I didn't know him but I sure did liked his style. Comic book collector too. For my college final I illustrated his short story 'Life-Hutch.' Ended getting a B. He took a meeting with that 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' guy, Irwin ... Allen... and threw the model of the SeaView out the window during a tizzy fit? Married about five or six times. Feisty guy! RIP
  6. BustedFlush

    Okajima pedigree

  7. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

    Ow, my head. The Mac messed me up every step of the way and it was not a pretty sight getting this going. Over 200 books. Enjoy.
  8. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

  9. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

  10. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

    The Mighty Thor continued
  11. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

  12. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

  13. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

  14. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File

    Hands of Kung Fu continued
  15. BustedFlush

    From The 'M' File