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  1. Started this 2 years ago, so, most were sold a long time ago. I honestly don't know if any are still left.
  2. You live in Illinois, that streetlight would be out for months and you'd run over a toddler that you can't see above your windscreen.
  3. Here is my feedback for @DR.X If someone really wanted to give back to the community, they wouldn't have some thread with "look at me" posts and broken links. They'd have a thread with "look at me" posts and working links.
  4. Don't hate those of us who have created POPULAR posts. We can't all be Canadian stoners. Or.....can we?
  5. Surprise. They aren’t the only three boardies in that camp.
  6. Fair data point. I could see AvP being in a $1 box.
  7. Aliens #1, AvP #1, and DD 163/165 are NOT dollar bin books. Generously, they MAY have been 10-15 years ago.
  8. Thread necromancy, but I was thinking about how cool this poster is and decided to bump it for others to see.
  9. I know. Seriously, I do. But Mike explicitly said if you don't like it why not go somewhere else. Hyperbole perhaps.
  10. Love it or leave it, eh? So no criticism of CGC or its products or practices should be tolerated, right? Newton rings? Shut up. Ewert trimming slipping by? Shut up? Sig series shady practices? Shut up.
  11. Sorry I can't bump up one of the old threads on this topic. The search function just sucks so bad now. Do you believe that you should be treated like a customer when you access these boards? Are the boards an ad for CGC? Do they serve as a place for CGC to sell ad space? Do you think CGC makes money off of you being here and participating? And should you expect any minimum level of service as a result, much as you would at a store of any kind?
  12. I thought you were making a joke at first, then I realized it's not you.
  13. Only the finest moustache wax for a post this fine.
  14. Now that we've had Newton Rings for a while, anyone seeing any long term damage to books that are slabbed with Newton Rings?
  15. When you say paradigm shift do you really mean "opportunity to encourage resubs?" @seanfingh