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  1. What about the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum?
  2. Silver Surfer 4 is an awesome cover. I don’t think Stan Lee has any influence over how people see JBs art.
  3. I don’t think these types of conversations are mostly focused on dumping on artists. To me it feels more like a group of collectors objectively trying to sort out or explain current after market pricing trends.
  4. How about Frazetta or Bernie Wrightson ? They each would each get a few GOAT votes without anyone being able to say that Marvel was the reason it happened. My vote is worth very little as I didn’t read comics in the 60s and 70s. Some 80s but mostly 90s. That being said now that I’ve started collecting art you just can’t help but learn a little bit about these guys outside your comfort zone as you go. When I scroll over auctions on HA and CL several images that I’ve never seen before will stop me in my tracks.. !! WOW !! That doesn’t ever happen to me on Bucema’s pieces. Perhaps he is an acquired taste or you had to be there to fully appreciate his work. To me it looks good but doesn’t wow and stop me in my tracks. I think what Bronty is saying (if I may put words in his mouth) is that if every fan voted for 5 or 10 favorites for GOAT that JB might rate well in the rankings. However, if people only had 1 vote for GOAT that JB wouldn’t rate nearly as well.
  5. Who is 3D? Tried to google but that won’t get you anywhere.
  6. That is interesting. Never heard that rumor before. If something like this was ever confirmed I wonder how the marketplace would react.
  7. March 7-10, 2019 at the Four Points by Sheraton 8110 Aero Drive San Diego, CA 92123
  8. That would be my guess as well. He did the cover and that looks like his scribble.
  9. Curious where this transaction took place. Im guessing Facebook?
  10. To be fair I’m quite certain that the offer of 2.5M came before the ask of 6.5M. The ask is in part based on not only other sales but the ever increasing private offers on the Lotus.
  11. You won't ever get that. If you don't want to believe it that is fine. You aren't a buyer or seller of this material anyway. That being said all I can tell you is to wait. Most transactions in this market at these levels are private and will continue to be that way. Still one day an item from this field is bound to have a public sale and that public sale will raise eyebrows with everyone outside looking in. When it does just know that it didn't come from nowhere. The MTG art market has been moving along quickly behind the scenes without the high profile public sales that you are looking for.
  12. For sure I'd do the same thing and in part that is what makes this situation so interesting to me.
  13. I understand why you would feel that way. However, it is not being priced like a Frazetta. It is being priced like the most desirable Magic card artwork. Those guys don't care what Frazettas sell for. They care what other Magic items sell for. If less desirable items sell for 750k or 1M then they want multiple millions for the best piece available.
  14. I would if I could. Far too late for that.
  15. I understand what you saying but there is a difference here. The difference is that we have multiple sales of several different grades to go off of when we figure out what a comic book it is worth. You can with some degree of accuracy determine the value of any comic book for insurance or otherwise. Paintings are one of a kind and harder to value but there are some things that we do know. When it comes to Magic the Black Lotus is clearly the top of the heap. No one disputes that and #2 #3 #4 etc are a good distance away. No matter what it is worth one thing is clear the Black Lotus artwork is worth more than any other Magic artwork. So when lessor examples sell for 750k or 1M it isn't that far of a stretch to say that the Black Lotus artwork is worth more than that at least in the mind of the seller. So what it is worth in todays market? Clearly more than any other piece of Magic art. How much more well who is to say? Could the entire market burst like the Bitcoin market of 2017? Sure that is possible too. Personally I don't own any Magic art but I think that these things are fun to watch.