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  1. Hello all, just got sniped on a nice copy of this book on E-bay. It looked like a 4.0 possibly (raw) with some slight color fade. So, Im bummed and hope that someone here can help out. Anyways, looking for a nice structurally sound copy in the 3.0 range and looking to pay based on some recent sales of this book around 2200.00. I prefer raw, but depending on price I would consider a slabbed copy to break out. Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. Those are great editions,but looking for the archives in color. Thanks for your response,!
  3. Looking for the complete set,all titles. I’m hoping to purchase these from a couple,or three sellers to make this easy on shipping. I would prefer the dark horse printings,but would consider the Gemstones as well. Factory sealed in shrinkwrap is not hugely important, but they do need to be presentable. I also may be interested in the softcover annuals as well,I’m looking to compile for reading the complete EC comics line of books. Thanks.
  4. I'm seeing a couple coverless AF-15 up on Fee-Bay, the slabbed copy is at 6000.00, the raw copy at 8000.00. Any guesses if those will sell at those prices?
  5. I used to bind a lot of my runs, that is about 150.00 to 200.00 at most in binding fees. Something is seriously off about that sale.
  6. Would love to see the scans of 5 and 6. I never knew the series continued beyond issue 4.
  7. Very cool! I have a lot of my comics bound, and have considered dressing them up with Dust Jackets, like you did with the Atlas set. How did you go about getting those DJs made? I followed this tutorial for the 1975 books - Dustjacket Tutorial Phil Very cool site, I had no idea so many people love doing the same thing I am doing in binding their runs. Its giving me a lot of great ideas, thanks for the link! I've been a mod on the site for 10 years, and it's a pretty polite board with lots of helpful people and informative info. anyone that is i