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  1. I'm a big Everett fan so ST 150 for me. I'll take it! Mark
  2. 2 and 6 had 2 stories each so 4 total of 8 - 10 pages each - did they break up both stories per issue? My page never made it to my CAF Mark
  3. Ms. Marvel - nostalgic sweet spot Ms Marvel 18 interiors inked by Ricardo Villamonte...not Cockrum Mark
  4. Did the DD #1 page sell - didn't see it when I paged through? I feel it is a cardinal sin to set reserves above market price - there are pages here that did not meet reserve with bids above market....very discouraging to bidders.
  5. Wow - Agree that this auction seems to be bulging with great art!
  6. Must say I saw at least a few prices which looked strong but reserve not met - really discourages bidding...if you are going to have reserve at least it should not be above market
  7. When I look back on 2016, I didn't acquire many trophy pieces so decided to enter only affordable art. I was shooting for all 5 to be under $500 each and got 4 of 5 with the fifth under $750. All together these 5 pieces cost comfortably under $2K so you can collect this stuff without being totally flush. I also consider my Lowry entries to ensure they represent my interests as I am always after more if you are considering parting with any art like this please let me Everett, BWS, Jones or Kirby here this year but change that for me in well over $500, I know. Link: The Five: Two Published: Interior Panel Pages >> John Buscema / Joe Sinnott - Nova Powerhouse...1st Powerhouse in Costume (sans cover) >>Joe Colquhoun - Paddy Payne (Lion, British)....British WWII Fighters are so cool One Published: Strip >> Darby Conley - Get Fuzzy Daily Strip!...Tops for me in 2016! One Unpublished: Commission >> Nick Cardy - Batlash and Babe first Cardy One published: Other >> Dave Stevens - Bettie first Stevens Thanks for looking and voting! Happy Hunting
  8. Cool book! Has anyone argued with fewer new sales = fewer survivors?
  9. Spine, especially from back doesn't look like a 6.0... Arrival date not an issue...Say 5.0
  10. I doubt he'd expect this letter to be offered for $4,000 either...
  11. I am curious of the motivation - does the family feel that folk that bought art that was returned to Jack should be 'harassed'? Are they only going after 'stolen' art? Or is it lawyers or just no clear communication?
  12. I've used Gordon as well so feel appropriate restoration is worth spending $ on. Frankly, if you push that in general restoration is bad you are placing comic art with comics (as we know there it is quite taboo), if you feel appropriate, well-done restoration is fine then comic art is more like 'fine' art (where restoration is well accepted) Which do you prefer? Mark