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  1. I sometimes think you and I are the only that still refer back to Keltner's at times. I hit GCD first but if not indexed, I try Keltner's.
  2. I hadn't thought about that but yeah, why would you erase the original price.
  3. Original Swamp Thing #7 - "Night of the Bat." You've got the Wein/Wrightson creative team, Batman, Swampy (of course), and even a cute puppy.
  4. Geez, Jeff, if you need to raise money to offset what you paid for his gift, that's one lucky boy Amazing books! And Happy Birthday to your son.
  5. Melvin Monster to Universal Monster
  6. That is a great story. I would have loved to have met him. Definitely a pioneer in the hobby. I remember discovering The Warren Spirit reprints in the 70s and thought my god, this is so good and different than the super-hero books I usually devoured. I have posted before but some time ago, I picked up a National Comics #4 with an Eisner sig on the Uncle Sam splash page.
  7. I saw that lot and what the bid was at and wondered what the heck but after reading the description, I understood. @PopKulture, were you the good Samaritan?
  8. Am I the only that sees a young @MrBedrock on this cover - both equally handsome, I might add