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  1. telerites

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    Worst restoration ever. The story behind this is incredible - sad on different levels - not only a ruined piece of fine art but because of what happened and who did - I remember reading it when it happened. If you haven't read or remember -
  2. Take these per PM - thanks, Shane, Showcase 100 CGC 9.8 W $100 $80 $60Superboy 9 CGC 2.5 OW $150 $100 $80Superman 60 CGC 4.5 OW-W $350 $250 $180
  3. This one both disturbs me and excites me but what I really want to know is how she can run through all those skeletons and bones in bare feet.
  4. telerites

    (closed) thx!

    I think they are really cool in real life too
  5. telerites

    Okajima pedigree

    I just don't follow that closely - I love the pedigree and have just the one camp coded book (Black Terror 6, purchased long ago). It is amazing how the appeal of this ped has escalated and I do believe in the power of the boards. Normally, I see the generic airplane focused covered Wings as being not that popular but again this one is special. Thanks for setting up the spreadsheet and granting me access, btw.
  6. telerites

    Okajima pedigree

    No doubt, I'm on the wrong side - this is why I don't invest in the stock market anymore or play Texas Hold 'Em - I tell everyone take the other side of my bet if they want to win
  7. telerites

    Okajima pedigree

    A non-GGA, non-Nazi/Japanese FH, blasé airplane cover with 3 higher copies on the census plus a 9.2 just selling this month for a paltry $375 but geez camp-coded books are blazing - I am going to say it sniffs it but not over.
  8. telerites

    'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Wow - such bright colors. Great book.
  9. telerites

    Question on GA Books and glue.

    I had thought it was a subjective call by the graders based on amount and degree or intent of improvement? So you wouldn't be able to really know until it went through the grading process. Or just it to PGX and they won't even notice the glue.
  10. telerites

    Church books on Heritage

  11. , Gino. You're tempting me to get back on a SA kick. Great looking 2.0 and white pages to boot. Like Jimmers and William said, Gino is one of the good guys.
  12. telerites

    Show Us Your Beach Covers

    Have never seen this one, Corey. Good luck with an upgrade but this one is a keeper too.
  13. Jayson Disbrow or Virgil Finlay?