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  1. One of my favorite books (I grew up with Scooby and the gang). I have three copies but no 9.4. Two at 6.5 and one at 3.5. And one Charlton #1 at 9.0. Good luck on the quest.
  2. I knew that, William Glad to have you back and in full force. Hope all is well.
  3. I have a 109 - really looking for a 105 but still need a few others too.
  4. telerites


    true crime cases to strangest crime cases
  5. Jon, do I get a discount for being in your thread and not Andy's?
  6. telerites

    Notification Settings Emails?

    Yep I always check the spam and nothing has ever shown up there from CGC. All but two of my settings are toggled yes to email and notification list. Strangely I used to get them immediately and then it just stopped. It very well may be a yahoo thing like BriD said above so I will try a different email to test it. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, Jack. Another I have had for a long time. It wasn't I who had Simon sign it. I bought it that way. This may have been a Wooley's win.
  8. Thanks - and yes, CGC won't recognize the signature as authentic but should notate on the label something like "Joe Simon" written on first in ink which works for me. I was thinking a 1.0 with the stain and cutout.
  9. telerites

    Notification Settings Emails?

    Interesting, I have a yahoo account also. I always check my spam so they aren't going there. I'll try it. Thanks.
  10. telerites

    Marie Severin

    Post in the OA forum. They may have an idea.
  11. telerites

    Notification Settings Emails?

    Maybe CGC is trying to tell us something
  12. telerites

    Notification Settings Emails?

    I am unsure what I did but I no longer receive emails for notifications as I did before for such things as being quoted, mentioned, and replies to followed contents. I do get notifications when I visit the site. I may have missed something on this but I mainly stay in the GA forum so apologies if this has been touched on. I have all the emails toggled in my notifications page and I don't see anything else under Notification Settings that I can toggle to get emails. Anyone know what I can do? Thanks so much.