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  1. In Lonestar/Mycomicshop's current weekly auction. Great covers, stories and writers represented. One has a cover by Bundage. They are good - fair condition but they are complete. I think the Planet Stories cover is just amazing. Thanks for looking. Fantastic Adventures Lot of 2 Fantastic Adventures Lot of 2 Fantastic Adventures Lot of 3 Pulp Lot of 2 Pulp Lot of 2
  2. ComicConnect 11/13 auction

    Isn't the collection name -"Hidden Valley," an oxymoron? I mean it's not hidden anymore since they found it so "Found Valley" would be more appropriate
  3. This takes me back to my first and only exposure to Fantazia Comics and Daniel Dupcak via an ad in TBG. It only took one order but that was enough. Ordered a few GA books which for me at the time were pretty costly being a college student. It had to be around 1980s. All grossly overgraded. One had bright shiny new staples to boot. Never could get him to call me back - go figure.....And each call to him was a costly long-distance - obviously. A few snail letters went unanswered as well.
  4. 1 lot closes tonight but have others listed and am trying to get at least 2-3 per day. A few that are listed include different lots but also: Babe, Darling of the Hills #9 Baseball GGA Cover Complete Lot of 20 Bronze Age Comics - Fantastic Four Iron Man Superboy Cartoons and more And tonight will include: Headline Comics #28 (1948 Prize) Simon/Kirby Precode Crime Complete but poc Master Comics #100 Complete cvr detached and split Bulletman Tom Mix All start at 99 cents. Thanks!

    Chesler to Chesler

    Jungle Girl to Moon Girl

    Swamp Phantom to Western Phantom
  8. Help with Miss Fury comic pricing

    Since these are raw, you might take a look if there any past sales on Ebay which is likely doubtful. However, go to Heritage and if you have an account, sigh up - it is free and they have their past auction archives resources that may be helpful. For instance, I did a search for Miss Fury #6 and a raw sold May of last year for #143.40 andf the gradewas G/VG so close to your copy. It will at least give you a gauge if they had a fairly recent sale(s). A VG/FN of #7 sold just a few months ago there for just $400 and another lower grade for $262 in January, 2017. By the way, they also have high quality scans of at least the front cover. So based on these sales, I would think the offer price is fair and not a steal but still pretty well aligned with at lesst these sales. I would ensure as best you can there is no restoration.
  9. Seems like those who bought and knew the pattern of the seller shouldn'treally complain as they knew what they are getting into. I don't buy these types of books but I have seen the pattern of the seller and unless I was willing to tolerate his slowness and sporadic communication, I would not even bother. With that said, I hope everyone gets their books and the seller hastens his follow-through on his committments.
  10. I am slowly adding some Golden Age book lots - these will be mostly low grade readers but there are some good titles that I will be listing. Some are incomplete, some are complete, some covereless, etc. There will be all kinds of genres from superhero, romance, humor, sci-fi, horror, etc. Somewill have covers as well. I will start almost all if not all at 99 cents. Take a look if you want some good reading material or parts. There will be nothing overly extravagant like key covers or books but again some good art and stories. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM. Thanks

    To another death-producing control panel

    To another dealing out Justice

    Daredevil/Little Wise on cover to Daredevil/Little Wise Guys Inside