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  1. Someone should jump on the Blackhawk 20. Too much for me and I have a mid grade copy which by the way was purchased from Rick in an earlier sale. I've seen very low grade copies go for 2-3 bills on EBay. Great books as always, good sir.
  2. That dude has a hairy set of knuckles and forearms
  3. Boy Comics

    I'm not sure that's politically correct
  4. Closed

    Great books, Nik. That Richie Rich is magnificent.
  5. Love Cheslers. I'll go with 8.0. Very nice book, Jon
  6. Most valuble PCH Book.

    Black Cat Mystery 50 was the first one I thought of.
  7. The Amazing Covers of Mac Raboy

    agreed, 3 ain't a classic. it's not easy in grade, tho'--very nice copy here. I actually like the cover - more for the dynamics of the boy's parade - Raboy made it look like fun and who wouldn't want shorts like some of the kids are wearing. It is a nice copy for sure.
  8. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    A beauty, Jack
  9. Four Favorites 1 & 6

    My thoughts as well, Claudio. Both wonderful books. I feel fortunate to have a #1 albeit restored. That #6 is awesome. Where did I leave that extra $5K throw away money I carry around.
  10. Sub-Mariner 1 6.5 12/17 sale info?

    Unless it was reslabbed, it is a different copy as the GPA sale you mentioned has a different cert number. It also had light tan - ow pages and was graded in December of 2012. The Ebay listing was graded June of 2016 so it could have been resubbed as all I am going on is the cert number and no scan of the GPA sale.
  11. First GA purchase of 2018

    I hadn't been able to buy much recently but treated myself to a book yesterday. It was the last one I needed to finish my Captain Science run to have all seven issues. Can't do a group shot since this is in transit and two issues are in for grading but I made a collage of my run below.
  12. Bronze Justice League lots closing tonight. Many issues from #117 on up, including #137 Superman vs. Captain Marvel.