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  1. I just wanted to say that Janet (jsilverjanet) and Donna (comicdonna) are two of my favorite boardies.
  2. I never ran many sales threads but I had one where Ken did his thread update. I was elated and humbled. I remember thanking him profusely in the thread and saying that my status had elevated with one his updates. He was so nice and a great boardie. Miss his presence here.
  3. Amazing books, Leroy! Just stunning on that Punch. Just dripping with colors both literally and figuratively.
  4. I like the statue idea if the OP is monitoring her thread but if you really want to make him happy, get some Clea lingerie. I bet that will put a smile and hex on him.
  5. ComicConnect Nov auction

    I figured you would have eyes set on this, Peter. Elvis Presley 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac is up for auction.
  6. GA Reading Copies Everyone Should Have

    Kind of related - I started with all the Alan Light Flashback reprints including the Special Edition volumes such as the Ray and Black Condor and Cap Marvel Jr. Lots of great stories and art albeit when they were done the reproduction was not the greatest and some b/w mixed with color but still a good starting point. I was full blown GA after reading back in the 70s.
  7. Newly discovered romance!!!!

    That was my first thought too, Jack.
  8. Ssshhh, some of his legal clients he is representing may be listening. Great grab on the Cap, CC.
  9. Thanks Richard. I still wonder how many treasures are stowed away and will eventually turn up at some point. Always fun to see.
  10. Wow - that's cool, RE. When was this, recently?

    I wonder if folks know you can tell when they visit the boards even though they don't post. I purposely used @freecharlie so he most received an email saying he had been mentioned in a post (if he is signed up for notifications like this) but regardless. He posted last 10-9 and visited 10-26 maybe assuming he as stealth if he didn't post. He is now tarnished unfortunately until he makes amends and pays for what he claimed and that stigma of PL may follow him even if he does eventually pay his debt.
  12. Captain America Comics #1 Club

    There is a lot of urban legend around the Batman/Green Hornet crossover during their run in the 60s. Below is a little excerpt from a book about different TV tropes. When you search for it, there are tons of stories and such. There are also many stories where Bruce Lee during the shooting acted like he was really going to use his skills to kick Ward's behind since Ward had been bragging about how good he himself was at martial arts. Lee didn't speak at all before the shooting and stayed very stoic and evidently really scared Ward into thinking he was going to be Robin, the Bloodied Blunder. All of this is up to debate but I don't think there is any doubt Bruce Lee would have sent Ward home with a "who's your daddy now, pretty boy?" look. As for Robin, I totally understand the reasoning for adding him with Bats but for me a dark, solitary Bats in the best. Although the 50s Bats with the sci-fi and more oddballish stories with both Bats Robin are some of my favorites. By the way, did anyone know that Bruce Lee was considered for the role that David Carradine got in the "Kung Fu"Tv show. That would have been pretty interesting with him in that role. Robin is still a dweeb though

    I was actually going to ask about this yesterday since you had thought you might post again with an update and when I didn't see anything, I was hopeful @freecharlie had taken care of his debt and purchase. It appears he would prefer to have his reputation spoiled here. It is such a shame to so easily sever one's ability to buy and sell here or really even participate in discussions with a PL label attached. Again, sorry for all of this Sha.
  14. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    good gosh i need another round of lasik.