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  1. Yeah I said I doubt and kind of glommed onto the thread hoping someone could identify what it is from. Didn't want to or intend to hijack your thread at all.
  2. Thanks TLD. Yeah I wouldn't even think of a regrade. Not worth the cost and even this wasn't worth it. It was more curiosity than anything. Take care.
  3. I had this graded and wasn't sure how CGC would grade it. I assume even though this is a manufacturing/production error which is sometimes not considered a flaw by CGC that since this makes the comic incomplete by not having the original inside covers, it receives a GLOD. Not that I should have subbed it in the first place but curious on thoughts if I resubbed, could it receive a universal grade with a lower grade if that flaw was considered? Grader notes: Comic Description:Fight Comics 44 6/46 Fiction HouseGrader Notes:light cover tanning light creasing to cover light spine stress lines to cover moderate wear to cover very light pieces out to cover very light tears to cover
  4. I doubt this is from the book but I have this OA by Disbrow that may be from it. If it is in there, please let me know or if someone happens by and knows what book it is from, I would like to know. There is an entry in GCD for it and I do agree with @ArkhamCastle on being Disbrow.
  5. Not that it helps much but if you right click on the larger image (before you have clicked on it) and then select open image in new tab, it will sow the larger image. However, it appears they are saving as 511 x 800 which really isn't that big. And no, you shouldn't need to do such a work-around to see a larger image. I wouldn't mind the magnifier if you could still open larger images like before. It is really confounding how Metro could not have had a better job done. In my opinion, they went from bad to even worse. I wonder if they did any usability testing and since they have server issues before, one can only hope, that at least has been shored up, but going from up to a 200 page view to 100 doesn't give me hope that their back-end infrastructure was upgraded. Searching still sucks and I think it also worse.
  6. Love your group shot, RM. Oh I do have them all including multiples as well as complete runs with multiples of ABC, BT, Exciting, FY, Startling, and Thrilling. All CGCed. I had a thread after I completed all of those. It took me 20 years to run them all down. I had received a submission that had a few of the WC 9 in it so I pulled them all out for that group shot.
  7. I had a beat rag but I sold it in a group lot last year. I was scared I would have the urge to sub it
  8. CGC made some money off me with this book. Two or three were already graded. The others I subbed. I just wish they were Action 1s
  9. I like date stamps. I wish I would have kept some organization of all my books that are stamped and the date. This one is special. It is my DOB (day/month) although four years too late of my birth year.
  10. It's this one, Mike. Hope you are well. US Navy -
  11. Not much here - some FCBD with a few kid friendlies - the Conan is a flip with Star Wars so total five books although a dupe of the one. A few with store stamps. Again, US only please.