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  1. Oops Meant to quote Ed. Love all your pistings RB. I never tire of GA sci-fi. Thanks.
  2. March 20 may be the first day of spring but more importantly it is Extraterrestrial Abductions Day. Let's see some GA ET covers...
  3. Someone went Timely crazy. Awesome books, BP! I am both awed and humbled.
  4. Fiction house anyone?

    Yes he was.
  5. Closed

    That is such a killer cover. Congrats on the pickup. As always, great books, Rick.
  6. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    You're right, BP, it's garbage now. Send it my way and I will dispose of it so you have to look at that hideous thing any longer!
  7. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    I am sure I do but finding them is another story. Mine are probably boxed up with the TBG/CBGs I saved and how I first discovered them. The site remains up from 2011 and if I remember correctly parts of the catalog was listed but bidding remained via mail at least as I remember it.
  8. List of GA dealers online...

    Very nice books! I am sure everyone realizes that is @nearmint site who I believe also still has a Youtube channel. I bought many a Nedor from Jeff in the past.
  9. Gulp. That's a "NICE" price too. #120 is the only I lack to finish Blue Bolt #102 through #124 (knowing the title changes through this run). Guess I need to start saving up.
  10. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    Yes I remember that. I'm sure I left some of my salivating juices in those binders. @Cat-Man_America does that as well - maybe they started doing that together? I enjoy looking through Cat's binders of his collection at OAFCON every year.Man_America
  11. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    Oh wow, sad news. Such great memories of the Comic Heaven auctions even when online dominated, it was a refreshing blast to sub my bids like I always did. His and Wooley's were my two favorites. I had the good fortune to meet him at a convention and he was so pleasant and an engaging talker. He remembered me from the auctions, what a memory and nice man. RIP.