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  1. Oftentimes, it is better to just say, thank you for your comments, I appreciate it; instead of continuing to try to validate your actions. Again, I wish you the best.
  2. Forced, no; but I bet they would. A different analogy may have been better than a car dealer. If I had been your place and the timing presented is accurate, I would have immediately taken the book off the market right after letting mm know your intentions. That wouldn't have taken but seconds to do so and it would have been in public sight instead veiled in a PM. It is unfortunate but it would seem from the comments that you have damaged your reputation here as a seller and my experience from being on the boards for over 13 years is that folks here have a long memory. As others have said, it is sometimes better to forego potential financial gain and instead add credibility to your reputation (especially as a newer seller here). I remember posting a book for $10 that should have been $100. Someone took it and actually said they knew the mistake and didn't expect me to honor the sale. I said it was my mistake and sold the book for $10. I couldn't blame the buyer for my mistake. Lesson learned was double check before posting but I had no qualms about following through with the sale at all. I was happy the book went to someone who wanted it. In any event, I wish you the best here and mean that sincerely. I also hope you learn something from this experience and make efforts to prevent similar events from happening again.
  3. @shadroch @Buzzetta There was a place on the old boards to see strike records and suspensions but can't remember the timeliness of the postings. You can't access it any longer but I think this is it. I guess we lost this with the new boards.
  4. You may have seen it already. I noticed Ritter has one. Western Mass Copy. Raw listed as VG. For some reason, his site doesn't always load scans any longer unless it's me but here is the link.
  5. You can but it is a pain in the arse. I tried it and it does work.
  6. Sallisaw - yeah that was it. I'm from Coweta originally - born in Tulsa. Before I retired, I worked for the state for 30 years - we had 40+ local offices all over the state that I would visit. I think Sallisaw and Stillwell are still set up as itinerant points out of Tahlequah. But I have been retired for just over five years now so not sure. Anyway, happy to see you posting and selling some books. Take care,
  7. @tigers comics Always good to see one of your sales thread. Weren't you in Tahlequah or someplace NE Oklahoma? We would always visit when we were both able to come to OAFCON. Hope all is well.
  8. I saw this on Bleeding Cool
  9. I think it is on the underside of the right wing - light pencil.