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  1. It was either 1988 or 1989 that I stopped buying new comics and haven't bought one since then. I actually got out of the hobby entirely until 1999 or so. I did keep buying an OSPG since I had bought a copy starting with #4 and still buy one even though I don't even open. And I kept up my subscription to CBG as I had started that back in the mid 70s with Alan Light when it was TBG.
  2. I don't have a BC scan and still not sure if it is a match for Tec 27. It does have the same on sale date and cover of the Tec. And to be honest, I do not remember if I bought it slabbed or subbed it myself. Like I said I do not collect DCs much but did All-American so complete the three issues that have Ultra-Man cover appearances.
  3. I don't know he is Captain Marvel after all - he likes to show his big guns off.
  4. But then he couldn't allege slander, er, I mean, libel, or is it product liability or medical malpractice or ....
  5. @AmbassadorSlip I have a copy of this book although I do not collect DCs generally. It seems that when I posted my book years ago, someone said it has the same back cover as Tec #27? I don't have mine handy to look at it but maybe someone can verify. If so, that may be something to keep in mind. EDIT - SORRY, I just checked my scans and I am pretty sure I am thinking of All-American Comics #2. But I could be wrong of the BC match even so with the #2.
  6. Be kind. He did at least teach us a few things about the law as well.
  7. You probably saw it but there were a couple of Magic: the Gathering offerings that are sold out which along with the AF 15 show under "See all offerings." I didn't sign up to see the coming soon offering but it has a MTG heading so assume AF 15 is all for comic books right now but @Mythic Markets can verify along with the other query.
  8. Okay, is it me or is that pistol aiming low and is that Wells Fargo trying to protect the rest of his body with a pelvic thrust?