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  1. Not sure if this is grade you are looking for but Ted @Superworld has one listed on his site, No scans up but he is always great getting them to you.
  2. Always great books, Nik. I think the sig on the cover is Clark Cable but imagine if it was Gable
  3. Yeah well-read and well-loved. a 1.0 CGC grade but a 10.0 emotional attachment grade. As a youngster, that cover with Calizuma gave me nightmares. Too devil-like for my innocent eyes
  4. That is classic, Paul. I have told you so many times how we have so much in common and are kindred spirits. Mine was Defenders #2 which I think I have shared with you before. I still have have it and posted it in earlier threads of this vein.
  5. Thanks. I personally think the percentage is bad. If I see below 99%, I normally do not bid unless it is lower total feedback seller with just one or two negs which can more impact the percentage but when I see a trend like on this seller, it raises my red flag and I move on. Just my opinion and wary nature, Even with buyer protection, just not worth the potential hassle for me.
  6. Does ebay ever suspend or ban a seller for poor feedback? I was looking at book and noticed the seller had 83 negs in the last month, 399 in the last six months and 789 in the last year. Lots of neutrals as well. I won't be bidding on the book but that seems horrendous but I assume as long as folks bid, then ebay is happy.
  7. Unless something has changed, what @csaag is correct. Here is my understanding - If sent in for reholder, then the same serial number is kept but it is transferred to the new label. The book would not be regraded unless there is an obvious defect that has occurred to the book since it was last graded. If a book is submitted for a regrade (or a book is regraded for whatever reason) a new serial number is given to the book. CGC will remove the old serial number from the census if the book is sent for regrade while still encapsulated or the book is sent in raw along with th
  8. Agree with @Sqeggs tough book. I sold a lower grade copy of Super Duck #1 with the CF missing plus some of the puzzles had been worked on Ebay for $175 (another SD Hitler cover - maybe those are the only two?) . I was actually surprised it reached that amount with the missing pages. A pic below. Love your book.
  9. @Fedoraman did/does them. I am not sure how active he is here now. Here is one of his old threads. I think thee are newer ones than this but it was the first one I landed on when I searched.
  10. I swear this never gets old Happy T-Day, Mike
  11. Hi Nik. Love that #30. Hop all is well. Happy T-Day!