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  1. Here is a Superman #4 with an arrival date. (It looks like an arrival date to me.)
  2. Very nice comic and shipped lightning fast. Awesome seller and board member!
  3. That is one of my favorite DC war comic covers too. Realistic or not, it's totally BA, and I don't mean Bronze Age.
  4. Years ago I had my comics in storage for awhile and I stacked them in two layers, but I set the top boxes perpendicular on the bottom boxes. That said, I would avoid stacking them at all if you can.
  5. Marky Ramone replaced Tommy Ramone sometime in 1978, so not an original member but still played with them for years. Anyway, sounds like a disappointing show for a comic collector.
  6. I've figured out how Avengers: Endgame is going to begin. It came to me this evening when we saw Mary Poppins Returns and I asked myself a Tournament of Nerds question: Who would win in a fight, Mary Poppins or Thanos? Sure, Thanos is ruthless and has the Infinity Stones, but Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way. I think she could kick Thanos' butt. Also, if there are going to be some kind of timey-wimey things happening in Endgame, (spoiler alert!) Mary Poppins stops Big Ben and sets it back five minutes in the new movie so time travel is probably within the scope of her powers. Since Mary Poppins and MCU are both Disney properties a cross-over event is not only possible but likely inevitable. So....I think Endgame will open with Mary Poppins floating down from the clouds onto the streets of Manhattan. She'll land next to the pile of dust that used to be Nick Fury, mutter something about having taught him better, and start singing a song of hope and doing impossible things. Fury will be restored and she'll chide him a little for leaving such a frightful mess, but then they'll sing and dance a duet that will bring back everyone who got dusted. Mary, deciding that her mission is accomplished and the MCU heroes will be able to fight Thanos on their own, will float away. I'm confident this is how it will go. You read it here first.
  7. I think I saw this at the Ultimate Comic Art and Collectibles Show in L.A. a couple of days before SDCC. I was in the original art room looking through a stack of autographs and came upon it. I think the price was $500. The signature seemed like it could be authentic but the drawing looked questionable to me and after looking at everything else I moved on. There was an elderly man behind the table who was very nice while I perused the items but I didn't ask if they were his or if he was just minding the store for someone else. I kind of thought it was the latter. Maybe someone got Jack's autograph on a blank paper and then added a fake drawing later? I really couldn't say for sure.
  8. This looks like an interesting project and I wanted to give this thread a bump.
  9. I meant to quote the 3rd post but I guess it didn’t work. I haven’t gotten the hang of doing this on my phone.
  10. 900 for a Detective #27 in 1989? I would have paid that in a heartbeat. Any details you’re willing to share?