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  1. Your first AF15? I remember my first one. 1986 in a Little Rock, AR comic ship. Poor condition for 75 bucks. Slept with it for days!
  2. very clean book and eye popping colors. wish I had a book like this raw to enjoy.
  3. Next year on this day will be 60 years. Time flies.....
  4. How do you un-"pieces added"?
  5. Hey GK Nice book but I wonder what criteria CGC uses to separate Slight, Moderate, etc. This H1 is Slight but there is a narrative a mile long to accompany it.
  6. AF15 has highs and lows like any collectible. Long term this book has done extremely well. It will bounce back.
  7. Ever thought that maybe collectors are being more frugal in their buys (money)? Lots of uncertainty going on nowadays.
  8. Cool. It's like we were going in circles.
  9. If I were buying a 6.0 I'd get one without MC.
  10. And something is going on with the big toenails. Could be smoker nails
  11. and the feet are showing, that's a no no.