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  1. It's ok for any collector to decide whether to open the book of his/her choice, original or repro. I like the smell of old paper and ink and just the feeling of "being there". I wish I had a low grade AF15 to enjoy. The value of 1st editions has prevented the average collector from enjoying the books but my first preference would be to open an original not a repro. To all...
  2. It is. Re sub I think. If so someone will find the older version.
  3. Ditto. I love opening the comics I love (within reason). Again, that's why I broke open a 7.5 years ago and caused panic here. Feels like you just crashed into that year in HG Wells Time Machine.
  4. yeah and that's a tough one in fairness to them. OW and C/OW is splitting hairs.
  5. That's my point. You pay them $$ = a sticker.
  6. Nice book GK. You mean if I click on the book I get a FREE QES sticker? Wow can I pull off the sticker and put it on my inferior 8.0? I see some toning on the cover. At the bottom inch it's clean but you can see the transfer stains above the inch line. Not knocking it at all. Sweet.
  7. I broke open a 7.5 WPs about 10 years go here on the Boards. I had to see those pages. Gorgeous (it is my avatar). Bought it for 42k before the spikes. Resubbed shortly after and luckily came back the same grade and PQ. Would I do it again? Probably not due to the current values and stricter resubbing.
  8. Interesting, the book I purchased in 2011 was purchased by an original owner who died in a terrible auto accident in 1973. Most of the Marvel keys were there in high grade. The parents and siblings left the books in an upstairs closet until 2003. Case in point; it could takes a long time for books to come to market, if at all.
  9. Some may stay where they are for years. Yes, some will be "cashed in".
  10. Too big of a risk I think. It could teeter totter either way.