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  1. I think there are too many tick marks on the spine for a VF but I think it's well worth the hammer price. What a damn clean back cover, almost as clean as mine.
  2. If Doug bid it up he did a poor job. I think this book could (and shoulda) push 150k with the potentiality in it.
  3. That book is smoking. The whiteness and clean grays are unmatched. Sometimes you bid to resell and sometimes you bid to own. I would have bid to OWN this rascal.
  4. Pressing can help corners. Is that a dust shadow on the back bottom?
  5. Gorgeous! I always thought the grading scale should be 9.0, 9.4, 9.6, 9.8, 9.9, 10.0. A book is either a 9.0 or 9.4 IMO. 9.2 seems needless.
  6. Very nice book. I love ungraded AF15s, even better in my possession.
  7. The grays and white streaks on that book are ultra super clean.
  8. Marv Wolfman was there, so cool. I think he did some Bronze Spidey (Marvel Team Up?).
  9. I've seen 1000s of gum cards but never these. Cool cards.
  10. Don't know if I would release an expensive book for another sticker. CGC is enough for me. I can pretty much tell if an 8.0 is better than another 8.0, etc. Just another dollar sticker IMO but it does enhance value.
  11. I agree with Roy. There's enough markings on books already. A company will now mark your book "the better 8.0...". Weird I think. By the time you read the label, you're exhausted so I'll just view the book later.
  12. Unless we're missing something, it sure looks alot better.