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  1. Leonard Nimoy was like that. Could not shake the Spock syndrome. He never really found a fit after that although he will always be remembered for that role.
  2. Yeah the truth is AF15 since it's purchase at 12 cents in '62 has been a sold book with a solid future. For those who need to plot the trends, it's a simple one. A steep upward curve.
  3. Spidey has always been popular among collectors and in the media. He, Superman and Batman are here for the long haul. We're simply seeing spikes in demand & prices. That's all.
  4. Yeah, I smoked many of these candy sticks. Always had to touch the red end to see if it really burned.
  5. Rest assured your book will increase in value over the years. We're seeing short term swings in the book. More important, enjoy it.
  6. Hey you gotta start somewhere, very nice. Welcome to the Boards.
  7. Bought this issue of the stands. My fave FM was issue #100 and i bought it off the stands. A jam-packed issue. The order pages were better than the pics! Remember Captain Company?
  8. Best one was Cool Hand Luke as the "Captain". "What we have is a failure to communicate." Classic line and it still lives on today.
  9. Heckuva flick. Don't forget Strother Martin (he played in many of those spaghetti westerns). I still have bad dreams about King Cobras.
  10. Anybody remember Frute Brute and Yummi Mummy cereals?
  11. Man you got screwed. Just got mine at Kroger for 2.50 per box.