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Found 42 results

  1. CLOSED. Pep Comics #26 3.5 ow/w pages (very minor amount of color touch) Universal label. $8500 shipped (via no fee method) 1st appearance Veronica Lodge. Tough book. color touch was removed from spine (if you couldn't tell). I will probably be adding books to this list through the week. cheers, TW REFERENCES My Kudos Page ACCEPTED PAYMENT Check, or MO. Zelle, wire, bank to bank transfer (Wells Fargo) TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in either the thread or PM wins, by time stamp. No returns on CGC books. Shipping is including in the price, in CONUS ONLY. USPS 2-3 day priority express with tracking and signature confirmation.
  2. Hi! I am going to be listing a few things for sale over the next week or so. Payment is check, MO, or PP personal. All raw books fully refundable if notified within a week of receipt. Shipping is USPS priority $10 in the US, all others exact shipping amount. I haven't sold much lately but have been on the boards a long time and have a feedback thread out there somewhere. Thanks for looking!
  3. Sanya Anwar's Prebook Commission List for C2E2 is now OPEN! Sanya is taking a very limited number of 11x17 full figure commissions (these are at home quality commissions) and 9x12 (show quality commissions to be done at the show). She may also take a few smaller commissions at the show, time permitting, but the only way to guarantee being on her list is to book in advance. Commissions are to be picked up at the show. 11x17 full figure (at home quality, done in advance) Ink $270 Gray $330 Color $420 9x12 inked headsketch (convention quality done at show) $60 9x12 full figure (convention quality, done at show) Ink $140 Gray $170 Color $220 Please email me at or pm for inquiries, thank you!
  4. Archie Hostess Ads

    Here are the copies of Archie ads that I own and I still need to get A LOT more!
  5. Rules: PayPal only please. Shipping is a flat $14 for slabs $7 for raw books (in the US only, sorry) unless stated otherwise, shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box for slabs. Nobody from the lists. First wins (including over PM discussions). No returns unless I have overlooked something major, so please be sure before you purchase. References: I don't have an official thread, bought I have bought plenty here and sold some too. Please feel free to pm me with offers. Archie 78 - GD 2.0 - Classic innuendo cover. Has a lot of wear and some water damage on the back cover and pages, but everything is still readable. $50
  6. LINK to the Li'l Jinx page on eBay ending soon Ending soon on eBay, here is a nice signed Joe Edwards single page story from Archie/Laugh comics with a winter theme! Currently BIN $100, considering offers. Check it out! Remember you can click through on these CGC images for magnification, even better than eBay. Questions and comments welcome, David S. Albright
  7. Spine split at top. Color breaking crease diagonally across cover (bottom to top thru Betty). Having trouble figuring out how much to downgrade this nice book base on a couple of defects.
  8. Have some nice new listings in my ebay store: EBAY STORE INC: Top Rated seller, 100% positive feedback, cheap and combined shipping, all comics come with BRAND NEW sleeves and boards. CHECK US OUT~!
  9. I've ended up with some under copies and extra slabs, so I'm putting them up here to see if there is any interest. Paypal only please. Shipping is a flat $14 for slabs $7 for raw books (in the US only, sorry) unless stated otherwise, shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box for slabs. Nobody from the lists. First wins (including over PM discussions). No returns unless I have overlooked something major, so please be sure before you purchase. Please feel free to pm me with offers.
  10. Here:
  11. Looking for a mid grade copy of Real Life Comics #5 and a upper mid-grade or high grade Archie Comics 48. Prefer raw for both, but would consider a slab. Let me know if you have or know of someone who is selling one of these, Thanks!
  12. Here:
  13. ID artist signature?

    Hello all, I need a little help ID'ing the signature of an artist who provided a handful of Archie-style con sketches. One is dated '98. Here they are: Andrew
  14. Hi gang, Here's an unusual but kinda cool offering: a lot of 31 Coverless readers from the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages, including a truly rare book and a few keys. First, the rules (this post). Then, the descriptor. Post #3 will be the pix, completing the offering. Price will be for the entire lot shipped within U.S. (Medium Priority Flat Rate box). If you're not in the U.S. But gotta have it, PM me and we will try to work out shipping, attendant risk assumption, payment, etc. to make it happen for both of us. Payment is money order or check -- I do not have Paypal. No listy sorts. Returns -- Sure, just notify me within three days of receipt, return them in same condition on your dime. First in thread gets the lot, but PM's welcome as well. Next, the offer....
  15. Here:
  16. Hey everyone! Looking to buy Archie's Pal Jughead #79. Seems to be very difficult to find anywhere and wondering if a boardie had it in their collection they were willing to part with. Can pay with PayPal right away, looking for any condition as long as its complete nothing missing, thanks! Here's a pic for reference:
  17. No HOS/Probation All-Stars First TAKE IT gets it Domestic shipping included International you pay No returns Archie Comics #32 2.0/2.5 Al Fagaly ice cream cover. GPA shows a 5.0 that sold for $450 in April. Get this one for $150. Staples secure although lower one starting to separate ever so slightly.
  18. Summit Comics will be hosting a clear out winter sale for all golden age lovers! The following rules apply, PMs & offers are welcome, but the first gets the book in time order. No charge backs. Payment via paypal. Insurance comes at the cost of the buyer. Shipping is not included in purchase price. Refund ONLY applies to purchases over $500 *Refund Policy* 4 Days after arrival, must be in same state it was bought in, and shipping is covered both ways by buyer. So lets get right into it! CGC 4.0 blue label, light-tan/off-white pages, from the Jon Berks collection. Rare AMF's don't come up often! Asking $2000 USD. SOLD Amazing Mystery Funnies V2#3 CGC 7.5 blue (old)label, off-white pages. Classic archie cover, gotta love it! Asking $1900 USD. SOLD Junior Comics #11 *DELETED* Not CGC. CGC 5.5 yellow label (signed by Stan Lee,) off-white pages. Classic hulk book, awesome signature! Asking $165 USD. *PRICE DROP* The Incredible Hulk #102 Raw 0.5 book, missing ALL superman pages. Real bummer but good show piece for someone looking for a cheap version of an awesome book! Asking $285 USD. *PRICE DROP* Action Comics #18 Well that's everything available at the moment! Will continue to update this post as more books arrive! Enjoy the cool weather, Warm regards, Josh.
  19. WTB Early PEP comics

    Looking to buy any early Pep comics at reasonable prices. Pre or post Archie up till around Pep #60. Thanks for looking and please let me know if you are looking to sell!
  20. Newly listed in my store some nice higher grade Uncanny X-men including: Uncanny X-Men #161 (Sep 1982, Marvel) NM Uncanny X-Men #160 (Aug 1982, Marvel) NM, 1st app. adult Illyana (Magik) Uncanny X-Men #159 (Jul 1982, Marvel) VF/NM, Dracula Uncanny X-Men #158 (Jun 1982, Marvel) FN/VF, 1st app. of Rogue in X-Men, KEY! Uncanny X-Men #157 (May 1982, Marvel) NM, Dark Phoenix Uncanny X-Men #170 (Jun 1983, Marvel) NM, Storm vs Callisto Uncanny X-Men #169 (May 1983, Marvel) NM, 1st app. of Callisto and the Morlocks Uncanny X-Men #168 (Apr 1983, Marvel) VF/NM, 1st appearance of Madelyne Pryor. Uncanny X-Men #167 (Mar 1983, Marvel) VF, Guest-starring the Fantastic Four Uncanny X-Men #166 (Feb 1983, Marvel) VF+ Uncanny X-Men #211 (1986, Marvel) NM, HIGH GRADE, 1st full app. the Marauders Other 1st APPEARANCE ISSUES in store Sleepwalker #1 (Jun 1991, Marvel) NM+, 1st app. Sleepwalker Detective Comics #1 (2011 2nd Series DC 1st Print) VF/NM, 1st App. of Dollmaker Lois Lane #70 (Nov 1966, DC) VG-, 1st Silver-Age App. of Catwoman. Penguin App. Swamp Thing #67 (Dec 1987, DC) NM, 1st App. of John Constantine, HIGH GRADE Incredible Hulk Annual #6 (1977, Marvel) VF+, 1st Paragon/Ayesha/Her/Kismet Detective Comics #478 (Jul-Aug 1978, DC) VF+, (1st Clayface III) Back to the Future #1 (1991 Harvey) FN/VF, Gil Kane cover, 1st Marty McFly & Doc Detective Comics #639 (Dec 1991 DC) VF/NM, 1st Sonic the Hedgehog Preview insert And for the ARCHIE fans I have just listed many Betty and Me, Betty and Veronica, Josie, and other Archie titles. I also have a wide range of raw comics from Golden to Modern age. TOP RATED PLUS SELLER EBAY STORE
  21. EBAY STORE Some nice issues on sale atm, buy it now with best offer. Also a number of $0.99c auctions Inc: Lois Lane #70 (Nov 1966, DC) VG-, 1st Silver-Age App. of Catwoman. Penguin App. Incredible Hulk Annual #6 (1977, Marvel) VF+, 1st Paragon/Ayesha/Her/Kismet Tom Mix Comics #8 (Apr 1941, Ralston-Purina Company) GD, GOLDEN-AGE RARE WESTERN Katy Keene Fashion Book Magazine #22 (1957, Archie) VG/FN Archie Meets KISS HC #1 (2012 Archie 1st Print) VF/NM, SIGNED BY DAN PARENT My Little Margie #29 (1960 Charlton) VG, Rare Falling in Love #83 (May 1966, DC) FN, SILVER-AGE ROMANCE First Romance Magazine #44 (1957 Harvey) VF-, HIGH RES SCANS Popular Comics #114 (Aug 1945, Dell) GD/VG, Golden-Age The Adventures of Bob Hope #55 (Feb-Mar 1959, DC) GD/VG, Rare Detective Comics #478 (Jul-Aug 1978, DC) VF+, (1st Clayface III) Detective Comics #1 (2011 2nd Series DC 1st Print) VF/NM, 1st App. of Dollmaker Groovy #1 (Mar 1968, Marvel) VG/FN, The Monkees, Johnny Carson, Bob Dylan Uncanny X-Men #211 (1986, Marvel) NM, HIGH GRADE, 1st full app. the Marauders AND MANY MORE. TOP EBAY SELLER. COMBINED SHIPPING.
  22. Archie comics

    Having read Archie, the title, since a young age, I still pull it to this day, I am curious to know if there are any other Archie addicts out there that still pull the title after the reboot. I, for one, was disturbed when I found out that Archie was to be reset and considered calling it quits there and then, yet I find it impossible to live life not knowing what the gang is up to! Naturally I continued with the series, but I detest the new Archie. Gone are the jokes of old, the flirty innuendo, Archie being a total klutz, and even Jug pigging out all the time! I find it hard to read the new series yet I am not able to take it out back and shoot it just yet due to habit. I keep hoping that one day I will pick up my books and the old art, and the old Archie, will be there waiting for me. . Anyone else having Archie problems in their life? Anyone care to share how the new Archie has affected them in negative ways? Or not? Also, I have been waiting and waiting because I was told that Archie Comics was going to re-launch their GA characters, but have still seen nothing. Anyone know what's going on?
  23. Finally! A thread absolutely nobody in their right mind is asking for! This stuff is NOT for everyone, but if it's for you....well, there's medicines....seriously, there's some fun oddball stuff coming. Enjoy! Shipping is actual, except where a lot is listed with a shipped price. I don't think there's anything here that someone wants to ship across a border, plus this stuff could be defined as an act of war, so U.S. only. (If ya gotta have it, PM and we will try to work out terms). PM's welcome; in thread trumps, time stamp rules. No nefarious listoids. Payment is money order or check. Returns accepted; notify within three days of receipt and send back in same condition, on your dime -- unless I missed something.
  24. Hey, guys, I need help with grading this Betty and me 16. My biggest problem is that I don't know what the rips in the comic book make it down to as my guess is 1.0/1.5 Thanks in advance.
  25. CLOSED

    Listing some Golden Age books/pulps today, may add more tomorrow. Shipping in the USA is flat $6 for any amount, flat $16 if outside the US (unless otherwise noted). Paypal is accepted, if you are in the USA a check or MO is great too. Returns are fine if you notify me within 48 hours of receiving, buyer pays shipping. in the thread trumps all PM negotiations. No HOS'ers or other delinquents please. Thanks for looking! my kudos thread